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3 Best PS2 Emulator for Android in 2020

Are you still missing your old days when you use to play your favorite games on Playstation 2? To be an instance, when SONY launched the PlayStation gaming console over the market then it created a next-level hype over the internet and world and yet I am talking about the 2000s. This is the second version of Playstation and also the first gaming console to provide support for high definition and 3D gameplay. Sony Playstation 2 has gained a lot of reputation and also the competitors over the market and after that, companies like Microsoft started manufacturing the XBOX gaming consoles.

These things were of 2000 and currently, we are living in 2020. In a couple of decades, the gaming industry went through massive change. Nowadays, there are newer gaming platforms and even high-end PC are available to support the high definition and 3D games. Moreover, even the android phone users can now play such games on their device.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Playstation 2 Emulator. Most of the people even had used this emulator on their computer for playing PS2 games on the PC but to be an instance, you can also use this emulator to play those games on your android smartphone as well.

How does the emulator work?

We know that Playstation 2 was released in 2000 and it is now 20 years old. Therefore, there are many alternatives and emulators which are available for this gaming console over the internet. Even the PS2 is old, but it still supports some high definition games like God of War 2, Dragon Ball Z and many other games.

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PS2 emulator not only helps the PC users but also does helps the android smartphone users as well. Nowadays, they do not need to afford this console or high specification PC. They can simply install an emulator that works on your device, load in the rom and start playing their favorite PlayStation games on their device.

If you go through the Google Play store and search for Playstation 2 emulators then there are 1000’s options will be available and almost 90% are the fake ones. That is why we are going to list some of the best and perfect PS2 emulators for android which actually works.

Best PS2 Emulator for Android

#1 Emubox

Emubox is two in one emulator which not only supports the PCSX2 games but also does support the Gameboy and other platforms. Its specific and unique design makes it better among others. Moreover, It is easy to install and control.


The biggest and one of the best gaming emulators you will ever find in your android smartphone. PPSSPP is on the go emulator for playing PlayStation games without any hassle and using the same graphics. However, you have to bring an ISO document file for the particular game to play games using the PSP emulator. It not only supports the PSP video game files but also does support some PS2 games as well.

#3 RetroArch

The third and possibly one of the best emulators for playing Playstation games. It also enables to discover and sweep the latest games into the console. However, there is only one problem in this emulator that you need to download the module for every game you play using this emulator.

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Playstation 2 games are still in the trend. Most of the people still search for the ISO files over the internet. However, as I mentioned earlier that not everyone nowadays purchases Playstation 2 console as many alternatives are already available over the internet. In this article, we have added detailed information about the PS2 emulator for android and how it actually works. Do let us know in the comments section if there is anything left to ask.


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