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3 Must-have Gadgets for the Office

A modern office is usually full of electronics already, even if the concerned company is not a tech business. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, etc. are so commonplace and essential to modern office work nowadays that mentioning them would be stating the obvious.

Therefore, we are going to skip the usual and dig in a bit deeper. Stay with us as we take a quick look over some of the must-have portable gadgets which may not seem like the most essential things, until the time they are needed and thoroughly missed!

External SSD

Even the oldest SSDs are many times faster than regular spinning hard disc drives, not to mention the fact that they generate less heat, consume less power and SSDs in general are more reliable as well. The only con about solid state drives is the price tag they come with.

However, since an external SSD is going to be used mostly for data transfers, and you don’t really need 1TB+ space on it for that, just go with a slightly older last gen SSD to get higher storage for a lower price. It will be slower than the latest solid state drives available in the market of course, but they will still feel lightning fast as compared to regular hard drives!

Portable Power Banks

Power banks are also called power packs, portable battery docking stations, portable AC/DC battery packs, etc. but they are all slightly different versions of the same gadget. Which type you need depends entirely on the kind of electronics that you use in your office, or carry while traveling.

During emergencies, power cuts, storms, business trips and other scenarios where there may not be power available to recharge your smartphone or power the laptop for a few hours, a power bank can prove to be a figurative lifesaver!

Go with something around the 8,000mAh – 10,000mAh mark, and do keep them fully charged before setting out on a trip, or as soon as you hear about an upcoming storm. Bigger power banks are better, but they might become too heavy or too big for easy portability.

USB Adapter Hubs

There are so many different types of USB ports and heads these days that it can become a real problem to connect two pieces of electronics without a converter/adapter hub.

For example, USB Type C is the new norm, and if we are discussing a thunderbolt port, the possibilities are excellent. However, a great deal of accessories such as keyboards, mice, etc. are still coming in with older gen USB heads.

On the flipside, even your two-year-old laptop very likely has more legacy USB ports than USB Type C ports, if any at all. This would make it difficult to connect newer gen accessories that do come with the faster Type C heads!

Beat the confusion by simply getting one or more adapters for each type. For example, a simple, multi-socket USB A to USB C hub can connect multiple older gen accessories to a single USB Type C port on your laptop or tablet. USB C to A adapters are also available and serve the same function, but only in reverse order.

There are so many other gadgets that could improve your work from home experience as well, but these three come out on top because of their usefulness in solving real-world problems effectively. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that a wireless keyboard and mouse combo can do wonders for saving desk space and preventing wire clutter.

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