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All you need to know about Antena View APK


All those people who love playing Garena free fire know their ways to turn the game around as well. This year there have been more than 500 downloads of the Garena Free fire, so you know there are a lot of people in the lane to discover some fresh and compelling hacks to enjoy this game. While you are trying to find and locate your enemies, you will not find it easier when you are playing the Garena Free Fire. However, you can use some hacks to locate your enemies. The Antena View is the one best tool that comes in handy while you a gaming enthusiast.

If you are trying to spot enemies while playing Garena Free fire, you may need to use the Antena View app. This app is a tool designed to help gamers for better enemy visibility. Continue reading to find out more about the features of Antena View APK.

The Antena View is an application that has been in the market for a long time. Still, the scale of popularity increased at the end of 2019 as more people started playing Garena and wanted to escape the enemies.

Highlights of the Antena View APK:

A hacking app you are looking for

An app with the compatibility of all versions of Free Fire

An app perfect to play Garena and to locate the enemies

Quick and easy updates

Multiple login features

User-friendly interface

Available on the app store


The Antena View provides the user with the visibility of the enemy. You will enjoy playing the game as the enemy hand view raises to give the player a chance to spot and shot the enemy from a long distance. The skin tone of the enemy will provide you with an even better spotting power.

This app does not require a lot of space. Therefore, you do not need a lot of space to download the app. The device or the Android app, even with 2-3 GB space, can help you with the installation of this application on your phone.

The app has a super easy and user-friendly interface. Moreover, this application does not require you to register for the Free Fire username. You can easily access the app and play FF with the Antena View APK without any permission required.


If you are planning to score more on the game and locate your enemies, these tools will be your savior. You will not only score more in the game, but you will also be able to unlock more powers in the game. This application will make your gameplay even better, more interactive, and even more exciting.

While you are trying to find out the cool hack to play and score more on the Genera Free Fire, this Antena View is your way to go. You will enjoy playing a game with this application installed. Moreover, there are no alarms or red flags that come with this application.

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