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Become a Pro Gamer in 10 Easy Steps

Today’s professional gamers participate around the world in Esports competitions like the International DOTA 2 Championship and the Intel ® Extreme Masters Grand Finals for big prizes and renown. Meanwhile, Blizzard * built a dedicated Los Angeles arena to host and broadcast games in the Overwatch League. Many universities offer scholarships on Esports. Looking to make the perfect gaming pc? must read all the reviews before buying from Black widow games.

Look for your inspiration

As with anything in life, for the right reasons, it is important to play Esports. All valid reasons for playing are the love of competition, the excitement of developing as a player, and the feeling of contributing to a team and community. Positive motives in the long run are what keep the players engaged. Players, on the other hand, who are driven by cash, popularity and fast success, are likely to burn out before they ever turn pro. Loving the game during daily practice will make a world of difference as you slowly acquire the skills to turn pro.

Choose Your Game

The next step is to find out what your game is. There are two think tanks here: either choose an up-and-coming game, or go with a well-established game. The value of choosing a game which has been established as an E-sports is that the infrastructure and resources are already in place to support pro gaming. Whenever a game is up and coming, gamers have a chance to help excavate the game and develop the meta, which at first appears to be more fluid and accommodate different styles of play.

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We advice is to try out a few and stick to one you really enjoy. You’re going to play it a lot.

Gearing up!

Play on the right gear, beginning with a good gaming mouse, and topnotch mechanical keyboard. There are plenty of options when it comes to peripherals — varying in size, shape factor, and sensitivity — but the one that fits for you is best to choose. It’s good practice to use the same mouse and the same keyboard every scrim, every game, no matter what peripherals you choose. At the gaming house, the equipment they use is the same equipment they’ll use when they start competing with on-stage.

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Consistency, in hardware, is also a factor. Your gaming laptop or Gaming PC’s output will follow suit.

Join the Community

Just as pro gaming is about individual talent, so is the culture that surrounds the game as well. Without investing too much time in learning a specific game’s nuts and bolts, spend some time browsing in forums and other places where players meet. The exposure will provide a better indication of the path ahead, and you will be able to judge whether the trajectory of the pro player aligns with your personal goals and motives.

Furthermore, community is a powerful motivation to remain invested in a long-term game.


Firstly, they learn the fundamentals of the game. Focus on learning game-specific skills until they get ingrained in your muscle memory. Whether it’s the last hit in an MOBA, aiming accurately in an FPS, or optimizing action-per-minute in an RTS, these skills never lose their importance. When you develop your skills, start researching the overarching strategy of the game. A successful E-sports has many strategic layers, ranging from situational strategy — like the position of a jungler roaming between lanes — to top-level meta. Still, there’s a great deal to gain from watching top players. All videos and live streams are great resources for learning good in-game behaviors, and provide a point of reference for how to play the game.

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Later, as you get better, reviewing your own match replays will let you break down your style of play and learn from your mistakes.

Up the Ladder

It implies topping the leaderboard in group pick-ups, rising through the ranks in matchmaking, and being the last team in tournament play. Educate yourself with the competition level hierarchy, since each E-sports has its own system in place to bring new players into the fold.

Climbing the ladder lets young players make their own name. It can also help them create a spot on an amateur team that can, in effect, be a stepping stone to a pro gaming organization.

Creating a Team

Once you have built a reputation for being a serious competitor, find a team. One of the most valuable experiences a player can have is playing alongside others — especially those who are better than you, or who have different skill sets.

Team-based games like CS: GO and Dota 2 require the learning to play well with others. So find a role you like, and a group of players with whom you’ll gel. But even for solo games like Hearthstone or StarCraft 2, interacting with a similar-minded subcommunity gives value.

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Compete and Get heard

Better gambling is just half the fight. The other half creates relations that will help you scale the competitive ladder. Start networking, once you have found your foothold in more competitive lobbies. Make the most of your position as an opponent of quality to connect with better players.

Developing relationships with better players will lead to bigger things like invites to private Discord channels, where you’ll have the opportunity to play with elite players in exclusive scrims and rub shoulders.

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Stay Balanced

While in E-sports the grind mindset is looming large, pros need to learn how to balance their practice routine and off-screen activities. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will allow you to remain inspired for as long as you can to develop the skills that will eventually attract pro organisations.

Live As A Pro

It takes years of hard work and practice to become a pro gamer but there is more to it than constant grinding. It is important to take a well-rounded approach to training to improve as a player — one that involves learning social skills, improving your game knowledge, seeking positive sources of inspiration and having a balanced lifestyle.

But before this, you need to start and have your own gaming rig right? A gaming rig with sit stand desk converter is a good start for your dream of becoming a professional gamer.

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