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How You Can Database Platforms & Automation Tools To Enhance Your Lead Generation Process

Best free lead generation tools

This post will explain Best free lead generation tools. The future of marketing is automated and data driven. Picking and carrying out the right tools for your service will permit you to optimize procedures, bring in more leads, and boost earnings.

How You Can Database Platforms & Automation Tools To Enhance Your Lead Generation Process

In this article, you can know about Best free lead generation tools here are the details below;

Marketing automation exceeds deserted cart emails and scheduled newsletters. Now you can utilize automation to improve marketing e-mails, social networks presence, lead generation, advertising, and CRM procedures. HubSpot and ZoomInfo workflows make it much easier than ever to supercharge your marketing efforts with lead generation. Also check Best free security app for Android

 List building

The initial step to lead generation using a database service like ZoomInfo is to specify your ideal client profile. ZoomInfo uses a great deal of filter alternatives so you can really drill down to your potential consumers. Some filters to consider:

– Company location: pick your perfect geographic place( s).

– Contact department: Only looking to reach IT or marketing? Select that here.

– Contact management level: Are you trying to find decision makers or information gatherers?

– Contact info: Are you going to be calling or emailing these leads? Ensure they have the required contact details.

– Contact Accuracy Score: Play with this number to cull down your list.

– Job titles: Looking for a specific title? Look for that here.

– Company industry: This is necessary. Select the industry that you want to target.

– Headcount & Financials: Is your product only pertinent for Fortune 500 business and above? Filter by headcount or financials.

 Exporting Lead Generation List.

As soon as you have your list, you’ll likely do an export into your CRM like HubSpot. This will provide you an excellent bulk starting location for leads. But wait! ZoomInfo is constantly updating their database and brand-new leads reoccur. You’ll want to set up a ZoomInfo workflow to capture these new leads as they fit your conserved search. Save your search, then create a workflow from the exact same page. There are 2 paths you can take here. You can set up the workflow to send out an email alert to you each time a lead is contributed to the list, or (my favorite) you can set up the workflow to immediately export brand-new result in your CRM. The more automation the much better!

So you have your leads in HubSpot, and brand-new leads are being added in automatically. What do you do now? We suggest producing customized lists for your result in segment them based on industry, job title, or department. That way you can develop marketing material that is specific to each group of leads, which transforms greater.

 Creating Emails.

Produce your marketing emails! Tailor the messaging in each email to strike the pain points of the group that you are targeting. Set up your 3-5 e-mails, select the recipients, and schedule them for delivery. After this is where the enjoyable automation can begin.

HubSpot enables you to produce really sophisticated workflows based upon many actions taken by leads on marketing e-mails. What we recommend is first developing a sorting workflow that sorts leads into a ranking system. Did the lead click a particular link in your email, did they respond, did they open the email but not click a link, did they mark your e-mail as spam or did the e-mail bounce? Select how each of these actions best identifies a specific lead ranking within your own business and system. Then create a workflow to immediately designate leads that complete that action the matching lead score.

The possibilities from here are unlimited. You can produce a batch of follow up emails that automatically send out to leads that are on the fence. The greater competent lead ratings can instantly be appointed to a salesperson with a task for direct follow up. The lower competent lead scores can instantly be filtered into a list that goes through another batch of marketing e-mails for more touches, and after that are re-sorted from there. Also check Car wash booking app

 Marketing Funnel.

When automating it is important to keep the marketing funnel in mind. Your job as an online marketer is to fill the top of the funnel and work leads down to the bottom as quickly and effectively as possible. Ask yourself at each step in your automation procedure, “Is the lead ready to move down in the funnel, or do they need more work?”.

If they are ready to move down, automate a process that assists with that. Assign them to a salesperson for direct follow up or send them an e-mail with a meetings connect to set up a demo or call. If they aren’t all set, figure out what they need.

Are they still cold and need a couple of more touches? Send them back through another batch of marketing e-mails. Have they been engaging well with your marketing materials? Send them a couple brief direct follow-ups. As your leads work their way down the funnel and complete more actions, don’t forget to establish procedures at each level that re-sort them into the proper lead rating!


Automation is not a one-size-fits-all guide. Each company is special with significantly different consumer bases and target profiles. It helps to start with the client journey without automation in mind, and when you have actually developed the process from top of the funnel to bottom, you can start to look at each action and see what you can automate. All the best!

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