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Top 10 Best Help Desk Alternatives In 2024

Best Help Desk Alternatives

This post will explain best help desk alternatives. If you’re 1 of the millions of people who use Salesforce’s helpdesk software, you’ve probably already heard that will be phased down in 2020.

Because of the end of life announcement for, you may soon need to hunt for another helpdesk and/or customer support solution. Salesforce, on the other hand, is working on a new solution to replace, which the firm thinks will be more competitive in terms of features and pricing, although no specifics on this tool have been released yet.

Top 10 Best Help Desk Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about best help desk alternatives here are the details below;

Of course,’s closure provides more opportunities for competitors, including major platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Wix Answers. Newcomers to the platform should also be aware that, as of March 13, 2018, is no longer accepting new clients. There’s no need to be concerned, because there are other support desk software solutions available.

In this post, we’ll look at some excellent alternatives to get you started on your search for a suitable platform for your business. Some of these choices are among the best help desk software for small businesses, and some of them can even scale to enterprise levels. is being phased out by Salesforce, six years after acquiring it from Assistly.

For former users, the most pressing worry is not just finding a competent replacement, but also ensuring that the move causes the least amount of disturbance to their firms’ operations.

Below, we’ve listed ten options and discussed their unique qualities to assist you decide on a possible replacement. Additional resources will be supplied if you need to broaden your options at any point.

What are the best alternatives?

1. Zendesk

The Zendesk support apps let you turn your customer care into a powerful customer retention and lead generation tool. It offers one of the most adaptable plan configurations, making it suitable for companies of all sizes.

Zendesk offers various upgrade options for support, chat, contact centre, and knowledge base modules. The basic versions of chat, contact centre, and knowledge base are included in the support plans, so you’re covered on all fronts straight away. Also check Toll-Free Number

Zendesk enables a startup or small business to establish an industry-leading help desk without burning a hole in their budget. For more sophisticated support tools, they can upgrade to more advanced tools like CSAT surveys, online SDK, IVR phone trees, and answer bot as their business expands and becomes more complex.

Take advantage of Zendesk’s free trial.

Why Zendesk is a better option than

  1. It’s not simply about selling tickets. Zendesk integrates with CRM, allowing you to structure procedures, workflows, and customer interaction tracking. It may also transform your massive amounts of support data into a gold mine of leads, possibilities, and market intelligence. Zendesk interfaces with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot and Zoho CRM to fully exploit CRM. This implies that the information you collect in Zendesk can be pooled and used to create marketing campaigns and funnel new leads into your sales pipeline.
  2. Make the most of your content. In the Guide module of Zendesk, you can use an AI-powered bot. As users type their inquiry, the bot brings up relevant items from your database. If you have an archive of useful instructions and articles on your website, you can now use this bot to add value to your customer support. That means you’re getting a better return on your content investment.
  3. Make contact with high-value prospects. Proactive live chat with an automated trigger allows you to engage and assist visitors who are lingering on your website or checkout page. You only have a short window to convert these prospects while they’re still interested in your product, and live chat allows you to communicate with them in real time.
  4. Increase your customer service capacity. Zendesk is a comprehensive set of customer service software that you can extend as your company grows. You can use it as an end-to-end solution, with a help desk, live chat, knowledge base, call centre, and community portal built around it. Alternatively, you can begin with the main support module and work your way up the support architecture according to your budget. The Lite version of chat, contact centre, and knowledge base are included with the main support module. These free add-ons prepare you for more advanced features in the future.

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk, an award-winning cloud-hosted service built to satisfy the demands of both small and large enterprises, is the next best option to on our list. Multichannel capability; integrated game elements to boost agent productivity; varied SLA policies, smart automation; and self-service portals are among the key features.

Standard services such as help desk ticketing, knowledge base, and community platform are included in the platform. Freshdesk converts your support emails into tickets that you can track for quick and accurate responses once you’ve set it up. Additionally, the solution allows you to link forum queries to tickets and vice versa, allowing you to construct a more streamlined set of responses and responses.

The provider provides a thorough free trial to familiarise you with the features.

Freshdesk offers a free trial period.

Freshdesk offers Live Chat, Phone Support, and Game Mechanics all intertwined. When you need to get customer information, it also works with legacy productivity products and your CRM. It also integrates with major help desk and multimedia programmes like Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare, and other widgets to provide variety to your knowledge base.

Freshdesk provides robust mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Why Freshdesk is a better option than

  1. Expand the capabilities of your helpdesk. The Freshdesk Marketplace, which includes over 300 apps like as G Suite, Mailchimp, Slack, and Trello, allows you to share information across all of your tools, boosting cooperation between different company divisions. Customer discussions can be personalised based on contextual data from your CRM, marketing software, e-commerce platforms, chat tools, and other sources. You may also use the Freshdesk Developer Platform to create your own apps and tailor the helpdesk to your specific requirements.
  2. Create workflows that are specific to your requirements. You can customise Freshdesk’s support centre software with your own changes, workflows, and fields to fit your team’s specific needs. You can establish custom statuses to pinpoint exactly where a ticket is stuck and then define rules to reply appropriately. You may choose what each agent on your team sees in the helpdesk with bespoke roles and selective permissions. You may also make your support centre software look and feel like your brand, giving your consumers a seamless experience.
  3. Handle tickets with care. Freshdesk’s automations make it simple to structure your ticket flow and streamline your support operation.
  4. Ticket distribution is automated. Every incoming ticket should be prioritised, classified, and assigned to the appropriate team or agent.
  5. Supervisor with a timer. Periodically assess the state of your helpdesk and take appropriate action.
  6. Observer of events. Automate chores in your tickets based on key event changes.
  7. Automatic ticket distribution. Agents should be assigned tickets depending on their talent, current workload, and availability.

Scenario automations number eight. With just one click, initiate a sequence of connected actions on the ticket(s).

3. Wix Answers

Wix Answers, a popular help desk add-on, offers a free all-in-one help desk software solution. Its help desk, ticketing system, and call centre, among other features, are all embedded within the Wix system, which Wix designed and uses to support its users.

Setting up Wix Answers is simple and quick because it is a module of Wix, a powerful overall website builder. You can customise your own help centre, handle tickets from numerous support channels, assist customers from anywhere on your website, manage a built-in call centre, streamline all communication, and receive actionable business insights for informed decision-making.

Wix also features significant customization possibilities and a user-friendly interface, making it a smart, efficient, and dependable system for any company.

Wix Answers offers a free trial period.

Why Wix Answers is a good substitute:

  1. Customer service. Offer everyone phone support to alleviate your clients’ problems. Customers can now request a callback and make and receive calls from your own 1-800 number. What’s more convenient than that?
  2. A comprehensive customer service solution. In just a few minutes, you can be up and running with Wix Answers. You can easily connect your help centre with your brand by selecting one of many themes, adding a few thorough articles, and you’re ready to go! You’ll also achieve valuable insights that will help you better understand your clients’ wants.
  3. Intelligent ticketing system The user-friendly ticketing system is ideal for organising, tracking, and prioritising support tickets received through various methods. Whether customers contact you via social media, email, or phone, you can now easily respond to them using your customer support software. You can also distribute articles directly from your knowledge base, receive automatic article recommendations, and customise contact forms for more accurate client data.
  4. A database of information. All of your unique and useful lessons, guides, FAQs, and more can be created and managed in one convenient location. Users may find answers to their problems, explore articles, and get the help they need in your help centre this manner.

4. Zoho Office

With tools that increase agent productivity and analytics and reports that enable managers to find key issues in agent performances so that they can improve their service and make intelligent business decisions, Zoho Desk customer support software helps businesses deliver top-notch customer service to their clients. Customers can get quick and relevant help without having to go too far. Also check Best Antivirus Apps

Zoho Desk, an on-demand, web-based help desk software, enables your agents to communicate with clients and provide pleasure in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Because it’s entirely on the cloud, the cost of installation and maintenance is lower, allowing you to focus on your business rather than the software.

When you join up for a free trial of Zoho Desk, you can quickly study the features in depth.

Take advantage of Zoho Desk’s free trial.

Why Zoho Desk is a better option than

  1. There are no hidden fees. There are no hidden fees when you use Zoho Desk. You can pay monthly or annually, and the pricing is also customizable. You can utilise the entire range of functions after you pay. You can also use its free version forever if you don’t want to pay for a plan.
  2. Maintain various points of contact with your customers. Create support tickets via phone, email, the website, the Help Center, and other methods. The community forums give your consumers a place to talk and the option to turn a forum post into a ticket.
  3. Usability. The Zoho Desk UI is made to be simple to use. From nomenclature to setup, everything about the software is made as clear and straightforward as possible. Zoho Desk is designed to be used by everyone participating in the customer care process.
  4. Excellent customer service. Have you run into an issue? It’s 2:00 a.m. and you have no idea how to do something. That’s fine; Zoho Desk’s virtual assistance will assist you. You won’t have to wait on hold if you phone its 24-hour technical help line. You can also contact agents by chat or email, and they will respond as quickly as possible. Also, because Zoho Desk is based on Zoho Desk, you can trust that they have all the answers.

5. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is a collection of three modules that work together to provide a complete customer service solution. It gives your consumers a variety of ways to reach you.

The modules of the Vision Helpdesk focus on ticket management and centralising client data such as discussions, calls, chats, emails, and social media posts. Individual portals for each brand are possible, but they are all organised in one area. Its Service Desk module acts as an IT service desk for asset management and technical issues. These modules provide you with a comprehensive customer care platform right away.

Why is Vision Helpdesk a better option than

  1. Customer Self-Service Portal Vision Helpdesk makes it simple to provide clients with a seamless self-service experience and reduce support calls. Its Help Center is entirely customisable and includes a number of features, such as an online forum, a knowledge base section, and a self-service portal—all on a single platform. Your users can create new assistance requests, look for answers to common problems, check the status of previously filed work orders, get other information, and change their password.
  2. Multi-channel integration that is seamless. By combining numerous channels into one, Vision Helpdesk may help your customer service team be more efficient. On a single platform, manage communications between staff and consumers via phone, email, chat, website, Twitter, and Facebook.
  3. Automate to save time. Each help desk ticket is instantly classified, prioritised, and allocated to a member of your customer service staff. Tickets can also be assigned to individual agents based on their qualifications. Our help desk software may save your team time and effort by automating the workflow process from the original customer support request to its final response.
  4. Boost Productivity. The private social hub, gamification, and task management capabilities in Vision Helpdesk can help your company become more productive. The private social hub is a place where agents can talk and learn from one another. They can also share company presentations and materials, as well as collaborate on some ticket concerns. All conversations will be kept confidential and secure.

6. LiveChat

LiveChat is a chat and help desk tool for customer service and support teams. It offers solutions for online sales and marketing, web analytics, and live customer care and support. The platform allows you and your staff to communicate with consumers and prospects directly on your websites in real time.

Chat features include ticketing, customer involvement, third-party integration, file sharing, work scheduling, advanced reporting, multiple branding, data protection, geo-tagging, co-browsing, chat polls, and more.

LiveChat also offers website traffic monitoring in real time, dashboards and statistics, efficiency analysis, and custom/standard or interactive reports.

Why LiveChat is a better option than

  1. Team leadership. LiveChat provides a variety of chat and ticket data that can be used to identify areas that can be improved and optimised. Chat duration, first response times, and queued visitors can all be tracked. These reports, combined with staffing forecasts, can assist you in adjusting the number of agents to cover all chats.
  2. Designed for e-commerce and client service. LiveChat provides you with not just an effective and dependable customer communication platform, but also a goal and sales tracking system. With just a few lines of code embedded on your websites, you may use a real-time tool to engage and interact with your visitors or customers, as well as track the effects of such interactions.
  3. Ticketing mechanism that is integrated. While most similar systems simply provide basic live chat with a few frills, Live Chat includes a ticketing system that enables full help desk capabilities. You gain a significant benefit over your competition just because of this, allowing you to promptly fix consumer difficulties.
  4. Flexible customization options Two types of chat windows (pop-up or embedded) are available with LiveChat, as are six pre-made styles for minimised or maximised chat windows, a custom chat window logo, and customisable chat buttons. It also includes its own unique CSS editor, which allows you even more freedom and control, such as the ability to change the appearance and behaviour of any area of the chat window.

7. xSellco

xSellco Helpdesk is a popular help desk system for ecommerce firms of all sizes, and it’s part of a well-known productivity suite. It has numerous internet methods for managing contacts and resolving tickets. The technology streamlines customer service by funnelling requests from all accessible channels into a single dashboard where all clients can be managed and allocated at the same time. Also check Alternatives to Docebo

You can direct a specific request to a team member or distribute support across the team so that an agent is allocated quickly and the customer is not kept waiting. In our xSellco Helpdesk reviews, we found that it enables you to provide correct responses by storing information such as product orders, delivery and shipping processes, and past communications.

Why xSellco is a better option than

  1. Handle all tickets quickly. The ticket can be allocated to a specific team member or dispersed among them and resolved by the first available agent once it arrives. Agents find it tremendously easy to provide rapid and trustworthy service because the dashboard contains vital consumer information. It doesn’t matter how many tickets you receive every day; every client can typically be treated promptly and on schedule.
  2. A collection of useful tools It includes features such as collision detection, internal notes, priority, and external communication, as well as the option to customise your own messages, tag users, and choose support channels. You’ll be able to track delivery status, use smart tags and auto responders, and, most importantly, contact your customers in real time with the Contact Us widget.
  3. Comprehensive reporting capabilities. Simply activate the system’s ability to generate team performance reports whenever you need them to turn customer service into actionable business intelligence. You can configure the reports to summarise information about ticket volume, heatmaps, response times, and other key indicators that define and portray the quality of your customer service.
  4. Flexible integrations and a unified dashboard Because all support channels (including social networks) will be accessible from a single dashboard, you won’t have to worry about where your enquiries are coming from. Even better, you can use this system to connect to any marketplace you use, like Amazon, Magento, Shopify, eBay, and others. You’ll find easy connections to prominent eCommerce, accounting, and shopping cart online systems among the connectors.

8. LivePerson

One of the most popular real-time intelligent customer engagement technologies is LivePerson. Its goal is to assist businesses in forging meaningful and relevant relationships with their customers. Real-time data, analytics, and a top-notch hosted platform make this vision a reality at scale with LivePerson support products. The programme has improved order values, decreased maintenance costs, and raised sales conversions by up to three times over a regular website for everyone from the world’s largest corporations to small one-person businesses.

LivePerson is well-known in the industry as the creator of LiveEngage, a popular messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with website visitors in real time via websites, mobile devices, and social media.

Why LivePerson is a better option than

  1. A variety of automation options LiveEngage is one of the first in the industry to offer an open platform with AI and built-in automation. This way, you can choose to use the software’s built-in automation interface, link it with third-party bots, or design your own.
  2. Capabilities for advanced routing and scaling. While most platforms direct chats to the nearest available agent, LiveEngage’s Smart Capacity function considers the frequency of exchanges before sending them. An algorithm with this improved routing and scaling capability prioritises consumers who respond fast over those who let discussions linger. With this functionality, you can make the most of each agent’s time and improve the efficiency of your chat operations.
  3. Geographically Distributed Connections With the use of geo-distributed connections that effectively connect them to the closest data centre, the solution allows you to have super-fast interactions with consumers. Because the tool’s tag is asynchronous, it does not conflict with or confuse the rest of your page.
  4. Security. LiveEngage conducts vulnerability assessments and proactive monitoring to ensure that their client data is kept safe from prying eyes. At rest and in transit, the platform can identify and conceal important data.

9. JitBit HelpDesk

Jitbit HelpDesk is a web-based help-desk solution with a ticketing system for small businesses, freelancers, startups, and major corporations. It allows you to handle and track incoming support request emails and the tickets that go with them. It also sorts tickets into categories and automates tasks. It is hosted by Amazon’s servers, which provide daily backups and round-the-clock monitoring.

Jitbit’s web-based helpdesk application seamlessly interacts with your company’s email and Active Directory, providing you with a detailed picture of your requests and clients. The tickets can then be organised by tags and categories, and specific tickets can be seen using filters. Filters can also be used to perform specific actions, route tickets, and define priorities. Tickets can be used to build a knowledge base and analyse your company’s performance.

When you sign up for a Jitbit HelpDesk free trial, you may take a look at all of the software’s capabilities.

With their free trial, you may try out JitBit HelpDesk.

Why JitBit Helpdesk is a good substitute:

  1. Assist users in assisting themselves. In the knowledge base, you can save FAQs, tutorials, and other materials. It’s simple to use, and we even offer knowledge base articles to users as they type their ticket. User issues are resolved faster, and you receive fewer tickets.
  2. Supports several products with separate teams. Even if a company has five products to support and each technician is responsible for a separate product, Jitbit Helpdesk may divide technicians into teams so that they only see tickets related to their product.
  3. Routine automation Depending on numerous ticket properties, you can change categories, assign technicians, set priorities, send a scripted response to a user, and much more (subject, body, submitters, email, etc.)
  4. Email integration (POP3/IMAP/EXCHANGE/SMTP) is seamless. The two-way email ticketing system from Jitbit automatically converts incoming emails into trouble tickets and sends out automatic email notifications to both users and engineers.

10. Cayzu

Cayzu’s customer support platform lets you manage all of your support requests from a single cloud-based portal. It can handle requests from a variety of sources, including phone, email, mobile, and social media, using a simple ticket processing structure that allows for team cooperation when providing customer service.

The system has a number of powerful features that can help you automate your help desk, improve efficiency, and increase productivity through workflows. It enables seamless cooperation between support teams across your organisation, removing the element of guesswork from customer service. It also has real-time reporting tools for support representatives and managers, giving them a clear picture of how their help desk efforts are going.

The Cayzu can manage multiple goods, languages, and time zones because to its global support capability.

You can stretch out all of the features for free to see if the software meets your requirements. Simply up for a free Cayzu trial.

Why Cayzu is a good substitute:

  1. A customised self-service site. With a self-service portal customised to your business, complete with your logo, colours, and even URL, you can provide your clients with the ability to receive help anytime, anywhere. Customers can submit and track tickets from their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices at any time.
  2. Supports a variety of items and channels. Cayzu interfaces effortlessly with your email, websites, and social media networks, allowing you to respond to customer issues and questions regardless of how they communicate. You can even create various brands and items that appear to the consumer to be different, yet all flow into your own customised help desk dashboard.
  3. Reasonable pricing Subscription options are cost-effective, with free setup, onboarding assistance, training and support, and updates included at no further cost or commitment.
  4. Rules and workflows that are automated. Customer support is faster and more efficient because to the platform’s automatic assignment rules. You can have refund requests sent to your finance department, product queries sent to your sales department, and so on. When a problem is rectified, the system can even close the ticket automatically. This functionality maintains your support ticket queue effectively and efficiently.
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