Best Kahoot Alternatives in 2021

Kahoot Alternative

Kahoot is a game-based learning network that uses inventive technologies in classrooms and different organizations. This game encourages you to rapidly make your quizzes and play with friends anywhere on the planet. 

What happened to Kahoot? For students, teachers, and lovers of trivia, kahoot alternatives unleash a marvel of learning. The software fits best in student’s assignments and can even be a hit in parties if your friends need to be fooled. Probably the best thing about this application is that you can find quizzes from a huge number of games on their platform on each subject. You ought compete for friendly tournaments with your friends or question them kahoot alternatives. Rather than paper assignments, teachers will utilize homework assignments to built excellent homework, spare time, and screen learning development. Games like kahoot functionality additionally incorporate a bunch of great features that support it.

Best Kahoot Alternatives in 2020

Here is the list of best kahoot alternatives. Avail these games similar to kahoot for free


Seesaw is the great learning portal powered by students. This is one of kahoot alternative because it saves time and lets you create the best works. Seesaw has various games and platforms to give new knowledge of playing and teaching.

The visual and audiovisual student awareness evaluation helps to check the success of each pupil: Seesaw, a Kahoot alternative, immersive instruction with open classroom events, games with friends.


Socrative is a free, web-based, kahoot alternative. Teachers and students can fastly understand and use it. Evaluations are carried out efficiently and in a highly attractive, enjoyable, and efficient fashion.

It has many instruments and functionality to automate and speed up development. Socrative is an alternative to Kahoot that permits students with questionnaires, polling, space contests, exit passes, etc. to express their knowledge. 


Acadly is the excellent alternative of Kahoot offering the best management tools for quizzes, live in-class surveying, question-answers, investigation, and attendances and so forth it has a good and special course structure that encourages different procedures of education. 

Normally, teachers utilize this alternative of Kahoot for active learning, flipped classrooms, collaborative teaching, BYOD educating, and mixed learning. Alongside various learning devices, it likewise has an in- built chat feature. You should simply install it and make your profile to get boundless access to its features.


Quizlet is one of the great Kahoot alternatives because it is an easy study application based on games. It full’s with compelling learning tools and games that students can practice and can improve in the learning materials.

You can either choose or make study materials like quizzes and flashcards. This Kahoot alternative for business has over 30 million users taking benefit of various tools and features. And students can learn the right pronunciation of a word in 18 different languages. 

Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is a powerful alternative to Kahoot. It has an extremely easy interface and free mobile application. Here, the students can get choices for resources, quizzes, educational games, and e-books. The great alternative makes learning fun.

With this free alternative to Kahoot, you can select professional tools to create personalized learning. Students can also take many resources that are developmentally suitable. And it also sends automatic reports to the teachers of students.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard learns is a Kahoot alternative, uses a reliable foundation to give a world-class learning experience. It gives a flexible learning platform to extend online learning, optimize the outcome of learning’s, and enhance the engagement of students.

Its fully responsive, advance and intuitive interface delivers a more powerful yet simpler learning and teaching experience that is beyond the traditional techniques. This free alternative of Kahoot is efficient and gets things done easily and faster with simple yet great tools.


Quizalize is a simple to understand platform based on mobile and web. With its help, teachers can deliver a fun-filled teaching effortlessly. You can turn a boring test into fun classroom games and know the performance of each student.

Also, this Kahoot alternative permits you to collect feedback from students to know their area of problem. It is a free Kahoot alternative and it gives over 120K self-quizzes. It assists in imparting information with fun and has over 2 million users worldwide.


mindTickle is the Kahoot alternative for business. It powers the most customer-centric organizations of the world with the capabilities to enhance brand and increase revenue. It has a blueprint that mails every stage of your sales event along with keeping the employees connected, on message, and engaged.

This Kahoot alternative leverages the most comprehensive data-driven platform where you can make, train, and improve the sales performance irrespective of the location. 


It is one of the best Kahoot alternatives and student engagement platforms where you can have them learning irrespective of their area. It mixes with active media and formative assessment to give a collaborative learning experience.

This free Kahoot alternative has over 7,500 pre-made lessons that are standards-aligned for you to upload. Students can complete assignments without the help of anybody and allow teachers to get insights into their understanding. 


Brainscape with its world’s smartest flashcards permits its users to learn quickly, almost twice and it stays on their mind longer. The flashcards of this alternative of Kahoot have decades of work in cognitive science put in them for creating studying as efficient as it can be.

Kahoot alternative Brainscape also has a flashcard maker based on the browser where you can quickly create flashcards, upload them, and sync it with all your mobile devices. This Kahoot alternative has over 800 academic studies that are personalized for excellent results.


It is one of those Kahoot alternatives that are made for meetings, events, and other audience interactions. Organizers can crowdsource top questions for extracting meaningful conversations and use its live polling option to engage participants and collect data.

The main focus of this Kahoot alternative is simplicity. You can create an event in under a second with Slido and participants can join it for free from any device. A thing which is need is a code from you. In very short time, Slido has made quite a name for itself. 


LearnZillion is counted among the best Kahoot alternatives due to its seamless integration for strategic instructions district-wide. You can customize it as per the needs and it is affordable.

LearnZillion is flexible and you can access the full curriculum from anyplace. This Kahoot alternative gives a variety of plans to pick from. You can choose one as per the number of students you will require to reach.


It is a good alternative of Kahoot, is an instructional management suite and it includes Dashboard, workspace, and highlight. All these tools make teachers to manage and track the assignments for their students along with their progress.

And you can actively personalize the instructions. You can send a request for free demo for this Kahoot alternative. Hapara gives easy availability to everything and individualized learning along with empowering students to control their digital learning.


It is also a good Kahoot alternative, permits you to bring the family in your classroom. You can sign up as a parent, a teacher, or as a student With ClassDojo, it gets easy for teachers to motivate students for any skills.

Also, with this free alternative of Kahoot, students get to share what they have learned. For that, they will have to add pictures and different videos to their portfolio. And you can also sharing classroom moments with parents through photos and videos. 


With this, you can test your trivia skills by competing with friends and strangers at anyplace. This Kahoot alternative is also accessible for mobile platforms.

QuizUp has over 1000 categories of games from where you can select one to start the game. After selecting a topic, you can challenge anyone you want. And you can sign up for this free alternative of Kahoot through Google+, Facebook or Twitter. 

Last words

These are the best 15 Kahoot alternatives we have mentioned above for you after doing exhaustive online research. All of these social games like Kahoot are active, tested and easily accessible to use. Also, students will mention and share what they have found by using this free alternative of Kahoot. You have to add different pictures and videos to your portfolio to do this. And by posting pictures and videos with your parents in the classroom, you can also involve them.

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