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Best Kodi builds – Top 12 Best Kodi Builds 2021

best kodi builds 2021

If you do, then it is for you to best kodi builds 2021.The best kodi builds 2021 is a free app for video streaming that you can use to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, games, etc. best kodi builds 2021was initially launched on XBOX at the beginning and was called XBMC as Xbox Media Center. It soon developed into the Video Streaming App we know today, shortly after it became world popular.

What is given by best kodi builds 2021?

Kodi is the world’s leading app for TV viewing. You can stream anything you want, whatever you like, whatever you like. Being entirely free, Kodi provides you with hundreds of movies and TV shows ready to view, with the latest streaming services.

What are the add-ons to Kodi?

In best kodi builds 2021, add-ons might be the essential element as well. We realize Kodi is a streaming software and media player. But how can you watch your movies if, in the first place, there are no movies? Sure, you can play the content on your device using Kodi, but that can be performed with any media player.

What is unique about Kodi add-ons?

In best kodi builds 2021, add-ons are a rare feature. Add-ons encourage your favourite movies, TV shows, and other types of entertainment to be streamed. Add-ons serve as a buffer between the website for viewing and Kodi itself. It bridges the void between you and hundreds of websites selling your favourite movies for download.

What are the buildings in Kodi?

You are presented with a default Kodi Gui with a bluish backdrop and a Normal Skin when you first update best kodi builds 2021. Now you know that you need to install add-ons after installing Kodi to view your favourite content individually. Now, what if you were to change the look of your gun with Kodi?

1. No Limits Magic Kodi Build

This No Limits Magic Build was lauded by most users on Kodi for loads of capabilities it delivers to its users. No Limits Magic Build stands as one of the most detailed constructions ever to thrive when it comes to online entertainment.

It features an Aeon Flux: Silvo Skin that any time you open best kodi builds 2021 is mesmerizing. If you get your hands on the No Limits Magic Construct, you can only understand what skins can do to your Kodi Gui.

This build obtains consistent upgrades, so this build’s user interface is still up to date. When the old non-working add-ons are disabled, and new ones that function well are added, this is also a positive thing for a build to get regular updates.

Some of the most common add-ons on Kodi are also included in this build, including Neptune Rising, Monster Munch, Yoda, Maverick TV, Uranus, Magic Dragon and many more. The No Limits Magic Build gives you a detailed solution to your daily entertainment and a must-have.

The No Limitations Magic Build Installation Guide

  1. Kodi Configuration > File Manager > Add Source > Add Source Repository
  2. Choose None > Feedback > > OK
  3. Call it Build No Limit > Press OK.
  4. Now go to the main screen > Add-ons > Package Installer > Zip File Download
  5. Choose to Create No Limits and press > OK.
  6. Now, go back to the main screen > Add-ons > Add-ons for Program > No Limits Wizard
  7. Pick No Borders Magic (NO XXX SECTION)
  8. Now, wait until you finish the installation and leave Kodi idle for at least 15 minutes. Restart and enjoy the new building.

2. Titanium Build

While this Titanium build is relatively new to the world of Kodi, it is one of the best forms to date on Kodi. The Titanium Build is fitted with an entertainment kit that makes it stand out from all the other best kodi builds 2021.

You get to enjoy loads of things like Live Sports, Movies, YouTube, Kids Zone, Sports Replays and Highlights and Live TV with the Titanium Design.

Also, regular updates have obtained for this project, meaning that the build is up to date with all new functionality used on Kodi. The titanium structure has also been changed to please the Spanish people. So if you’re Spanish, Kodi’s Titanium.

The build could be just for you.

Titanium Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi > configuration> File Manager.
  2. Please add source > None> Join > OK > Supreme name> OK
  3. Get Home > Add-ons > Load Zip File > Press Supreme > Click .
  4. Install from Registry> Repository Supreme Builds > Add-ons to Software > Wizard Supreme Builds > Install.
  5. Go to Home > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Press Build Supreme Wizard> Build Krypton > Build Titanium.

3. Kodi World Build


The world of 2Kodi falls under the Luxury Builds category and is also one of the greatest Kodi builds out there. It is about 250 MB in the area, and if you’re a new user on Kodi, it has an easy to understand GUI.

Kodi World Create is the perfect option for you if you have just started using best kodi builds 2021 for regular streaming. Under the One Nation Repo and the Luxury Repo, this build is found and includes

many add-ons and functions such as Movies, TV shows, Live TV and add-ons for sports.

Kodi World Create Installation Guide

  1. Start Kodi > Setup
  2. File Manager > Add Source Press
  3. Choose None > Join HTTP/ > OK
  4. Name it as Luxury > OK > Main Menu Go.
  5. Add-ons> Pick the icon box> Load from the Zip file.
  6. Select Luxury> Repository
  7. When installed, go to the Repository Install page.
  8. Luxury Repository > Add-ons for Applications > Luxury Wizard
  9. Open the Wizard of Luxury
  10. Menu Creates > Kodi Universe.
  11. Pick Build Norm

4. Xontech Light Kodi Build

I recommend using this Xontech Light Build if you’re more drawn to Kodi lightweight builds for you. This is a pretty fresh update from the AJ repository and provides you with all the new IPTV functionality.

The scale of this compilation is around 371 MB. There are various versions of this build packed inside it. You are choosing Xontech Light Build if you want to go with the light build.

Xontech gives the best live TV and sports features. It makes it simple for you to see

TV, sports, and much of the PPV content live.

Xontech Light Build Installation Guide

  1. Go to Setup > File Manager > Add Root File > Pick None
  2. Please enter: > OK
  3. Code it Xontech > Return to the home page > Pick Add-ons
  4. Installer Kit > Install from Zip File.
  5. Click Xontech > Repository .
  6. Download the file. Now press Install from Repository, and then pick
  7. Pick Repository Ajs. > Add-ons for Program > Install It
  8. Now go to the homepage > Add-ons > Add-ons for the software > AJ Wizard > Pauls Construct
  9. Click 17 on Xontech
  10. Restart your Kodi after downloading

5. Diamond Build

Kodi’s Diamond architecture also provides itself with different features that catapult it to the top of Kodi Builds’ competition. This construction bundles up a lot of Kodi’s possible add-ons, including the famous Deathstar add-on.

There are also several other add-ons, including Fairy Dragon, Monster Munch, and Sports Devil. It is also filled with many add-ons to TV Stream, which you can use from around the world to enter US-based networks.

While the Diamond Build is fantastic, it’s not exctly a lightweight construction since it takes 350 MB of your room. It gives smooth and easy navigation around Kodi, despite being a heavy construction. You may suffer from small lags if you have low spec devices. The Kodi Diamond Build is an All in All Kodi building that gives your Kodi the best experience. That is why it deserves to be on the list of the internet’s best kodi builds 2021.

Diamond Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Choose File Manager, click Source Link, and then click.
  5. Enter and then select OK
  6. Give it the name Gem,
  7. Add-ons > Open Box > Kodi Add-on to Update
  8. From the zip file, press Install.
  9. Tap On Diamond
  11. Repository.
  12. Wait until a message with the Diamond Wizard Repo Add-On appears.
  13. Install > Diamond Wizard Repo >Program Add-ons from the repository.
  14. Wizard Diamond Build>Dismiss > Press Proceed.
  15. Click Build Menu > Pick Diamond Dust > Click Install Standard.
  16. Download

6. 1Amazing Kodi Build

1 In the Kodi universe, Awesome Kodi Create provides you with the best kodi builds 2021 Gui Architecture. When it comes to excellent designs and user experience, nothing can beat this construction.
The building layout is exceptional and well-set. It offers detailed and straightforward navigation in Kodi with its user-friendly GUI.
The 1Amazing Build has been structuralized so that your desired movies, TV shows, sports networks, and multiple more can be conveniently operated.
The menu bar has been installed on the left, so you can conveniently pick the movies you like and watch them immediately for half an hour without having to click here and there. Many options, such as movies, TV shows, sports and even on-demand content, have been included in the menu bar.
This compilation was also designed to select and highlight the top featured addons on the home page for movies, TV shows and other streams. This makes streaming movies and TV shows on the go smoother. It also packs many video addons like Exodus Redux, Deathstar and much more common in the Kodi World.
On low-end computers, the 1Amazing Construct could run a little late, but it doesn’t make much difference. Nevertheless, the house is also a fantastic asset to your Kodi. 1Amazing Build is one of the best buildings for your Kodi out there and worth it!

Guide to the installation of 1Amazing Build

  1. Go to Kodi Homepage > Configuration > Add Source > File Manager
  2. Click Add source > Zero and then pick > OK.
  3. Call it 1Amazing to Begin Clicking.
  4. Go to Kodi Home Screen again > addons> Package Installer Icon > Zip File Installation
  5. Click 1Amazing >”” Note that the version
  6. number is referred to by x.x.x.
  7. There will be a few popups, and press Continue.
  8. Go to Kodi Homescreen > Add-ons > Add-ons for Program > Pick OneAlliance Reborn Wizard
  9. Choose Builds > Press 1 Amazing Build for Kodi 18 Leia.
  10. Click Installation New > Push Begin.
  11. Wait before you install it and restart it.

7. BK Links Kodi Build

BK Links Build a relatively recent but popular creation. It contains many popular addons such as Nymeria, Monster Munch, Dominance, Rising Tides, and many more. But what makes it popular in the Kodi world is that it provides the users with a seamless and simplified user experience. I recommend you go for the BK Links Construct if you’re not space-crunched and have a medium-end computer.
This Build is 315 MB in size and is known to be one of the most stunning online builds. This build layout is better organized, though its user interface is very user-friendly.

For someone who tends to go for a seamless user interface, it is an overall excellent build. Also, for all users, including your tablet, computer or Smart TV, the construction itself has been optimized.

Although the building is not an official Kodi Build, the developers are great and
motivating to build them, and on any social media site, you can quickly contact them.
As I said, I recommend you go for this fantastic Kodi build if you have a lot of space available on your computer!

The BK Ties Build Installation Guide

  1. Begin Kodi > Setup > File Manager > Add a Source > Press None
  2. Click OK to join >
  3. Name it as a connection to BK and return To Kodi Homescreen.
  4. Go to Add-ons > Package Installer > Zip File Download >
  5. Click Menu Builds > BK Connections > Pick New Or Normal Installation > Yes Click Yes.
  6. Restart Kodi after that.

8. XENON Kodi Build

The Xenon Build is the perfect Kodi Build for those users, including Firestick Devices and Android TV boxes, who choose to use this Build on their TVs. To secure that you don’t have to go out of the way to learn how to work in a Kodi Build, it provides a simple to use GUI.
It also features popular Android APKs that you can download and shows many games you can play if you feel bored. It comes with a selection of categories from which you can pick and enjoy various movies, television shows, and more.
Xenon Build comes with various parts or categories that make sure people of all tastes and kinds can use this Build to find the material they enjoy.
Depending on your mood, the TV shows segment has various categories that you can select. You will access material focused on romantic TV shows that you will enjoy if you love romance TV shows.
Xenon Create has many action TV shows you can pick from if you’re more of an action TV man. Xenon Create is an all-in-one home theatre for you in a nutshell, where you can watch anything you want, anytime you want!

But it isn’t that. There are also other parts of the house, such as athletics, music and movies.
These sections have also been broken into sub-sections, equivalent to TV shows.
In this way, you can choose based on what you want from some categories. This makes it easy for consumers to access the content they love, all in the same segment! The Xenon Create also features famous add-ons such as Yoda, Monster Munch, Rising Tides and more!

Xenon Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Choose File Manager, click Source Link, and then click.
  5. Please join OK.
  6. Specify it as Xenon
  7. Add-ons > Installer Icon for Kit
  8. From the zip file, press Install.
  9. Xenon Click
  10. INSTALL REPO is pressed.
  11. repository (x.x is version Number)
  12. Wait for a popup to appear and begin to press
  13. Install > Diggz Folder >Program Addons from the repository.
  14. Select Wizard Chef
  15. On the next page, press Update and select Fresh or Regular Install, or
  16. Wait until the installation finishes. Restart Kodi and use the new building

9. Streamline Kodi Build

Another flawlessly functional, lightweight design that fits well on all platforms is Streamline Build. A part of the Whiz Kid Wizard, the create itself provides you with a set of video add-ons that you can use to watch film, TV shows or some other form of video flawlessly.
Using this construction, you can play your favourite movies, TV shows, your favourite sports, and more. Some of the most common video add-ons on its interface are given by Streamline Create, namely Exodus Redux, Magic Dragon, Mancave, Supremacy and much more. The Streamline Build is easy to use and lightweight, and a winner for sure.
The most significant appeal of this structure is its relatively small footprint. Its small size gives us the efficiency of light speed on any computer, including those devices that have comparatively less RAM.
The Streamline Build features a neat construction that is very quick to navigate. This ensures that your favourite movies, TV shows and sports can be conveniently viewed on the go, without any hassle. The Streamline Construct has such an easy to use GUI that you won’t have any problems working around it, even though it’s your first time using Kodi.
The building layout is rather simplistic and popular. For quick and straightforward navigation, it sets out essential elements of the building itself, and you will be able to get used to it quickly in no time at all.
The Streamline Build doesn’t lose out on a single feature, considering its limited scale. If you’re in for little but overwhelmingly good results, your option is Streamline Build.

Streamline Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Choose File Manager, click Source Link, and then click.
  5. Enter > Press OK to do this.
  6. Name it like Whiz best kodi builds 2021
  7. Add-ons > Installer Icon for Kit
  8. From the zip file, press Install.
  9. Select On Whiz
  10. is clicked.
  11. Wait until the popup appears, and then press Proceed.
  12. Now, from Whiz Kid Wizard’s Builds menu, press Streamline.
  13. Select Build Fresh
  14. Wait until the installation finishes. Restart Kodi and use the new building

10. Duggz Kodi Build

Duggz Build is the perfect option for you if you choose to watch Kodi on larger screens like your Smart TV’s. The Duggz Build features larger fonts that have been spaced to accommodate broader TV screen specifications. You can conveniently stream your favourite movies, TV shows, sports, and much more with its continuous collection of add-ons.
Death Sources, Real Movies, Sports Center, Bennu, At the Flix and some more are among the most useful add-ons in the Duggz Build. The building itself provides consistent alerts from the developers. This suggests that with each upgrade, you get to experience more add-ons and also get rid of the non-working add-ons that are only lying there, totally worthless in the building vacuum.
This construction was developed by the creators of this Build, taking into account that users want to access content on the go. Therefore, the Duggz Build has a relatively user-friendly GUI that allows movies, TV shows, and other entertainment types to be streamed on the go.
The movie segment has been fully classified, and any single movie you like quickly checked. You will also stream the new releases of movies and watch them in 4K or 1080p. It has also been well optimized and provides a children’s segment for your kids.
The Duggz Build is one of the best kodi builds 2021 out there, an All-in-All, and is certainly worth a try!

Guide to downloading Duggz Build

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Click Add Source, pick File Manager, and then click <None>.
  5. Introduce> Select OK
  6. Call it Duggz as Duggzz.
  7. Add-ons > Installer Icon for Kit
  8. From the zip file, press Install.
  9. Select Duggz
  10. Click the Duggz Wizard tab.
  11. Click, and then click.
  12. Wait for a popup and press the Proceed button.
  13. Pick (Duggz Builds)> Duggz, All in One Krypton from the Duggz Pro Media Wizard, Builds Menu.
  14. Select Install New.
  15. Wait until the installation finishes. Restart best kodi builds 2021and use the latest edition.

11. Nova Kodi Build

If you’re into a simple style and easy to use GUI in Minimal Builds, then you’ll certainly like this NOVA Project. This design has a very minimal and basic plan that provides you with an interface that is most convenient to use and use.
It also comes with a decent range of video add-ons, some of which are very common in the Kodi World. With this Build, add-ons such as Neptune Rising, Kratos, and The Magic Dragon can watch your favourite movies and TV shows conveniently. You will also use the Live.
TV add-ons to stream live TV.

While the architecture at 320 MB is not the lightest of all, it does not match the larger builds. The construction itself provides much of the instruments with adequate performance.
In comparison, if you keep up with the upgrade of builds, you will frankly find that as opposed to before, the GUI appears to get much smoother and quicker. This house is the best choice
for you, if you’re a minimalist.

Nova Build’s Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Choose File Manager, click Source Link, and then click.
  5. Join the> command and select OK
  6. Name it as Tiny
  7. Add-ons > Installer Icon for Kit
  8. From the zip file, press Install.
  9. Choose Tiny
  10. press the icon
  11. Wait for a popup and press the Proceed button.
  12. From the Little Guy Wizard Builds Menu, select Rohas Builds > Nova Build.
  13. Select Build Fresh
  14. Wait until the installation finishes. Restart best kodi builds 2021and use the new building

12. Duff Light Kodi Build

Duff light Build is also a Kodi strictly light construction that gives the highest results on your computers. It will run flawlessly on any platform with its lightweight construction, even low-end devices such as Firestick and TV boxes.
Duff light has a flawless and minimal style. To make it simpler and quicker for advanced results, this project’s developments have agreed to delete all non-essential elements from the Build.
This is why, in the Duff Light Build, you won’t find a massive set of add-ons. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have useful add-ons. Any of the best video add-ons you use to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, sports and many more are included in The Duff Light Build.
Kratos, Deception, Loki and some others are used with these add-ons. Although this construction is not part of the Official Kodi Repositories, it’s still a nice build.
At 195 MB, for anyone who wants to use a minimalist build with better performance, the Duff light build is available. This architecture fits well from low to high-end devices and is an impressive addition to the Kodi Platform.

Duff Light Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and click on Setup.
  2. Device Setup > Add-ons > Scan for Unknown Sources
  3. Only head to the homepage.
  4. Click Add Source, pick File Manager, and then click <None>.
  5. Select OK. Join>
  6. Name it as the light of Duff.
  7. Add-ons > Installer Icon for Kit
  8. From the zip file, press Install. Select Duff Light
  9. Click the Duggz Wizard tab.
  10. Please click on
  11. Wait for a popup and press the Proceed button.
  12. Choose Digital Stream Now from the Build menu of Stream Digital Wizard.
  13. Open Builds > Select Duff Light now.
  14. Select Fresh Update > Wait for the completion of installation and restart Kodi.

Cinemax Kodi Construction-Closed!

Kodi Build is a beautiful and straightforward Kodi Build Cinemax. It gives off a Cinema-Look that offers Insight to its consumers, making them feel like they are in a cinema space.
It includes all the features of a Cinema Hall, and if you’re a lover of watching movies, it’s an outstanding addition to your Kodi. In the Cinemax Kodi house, the image quality is top-notch. It has an interface that is entirely connected with a video, hence the term “Cinemax.”
The Cinemax Build provides Kodi users with several features to rest, relax and enjoy HD output while sitting on their sofa. It has a lot of tools and add-ons you can use to enhance your Kodi enjoyment.

Cinemax Build Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi > Setup
  2. File Manager > Add Source from Source.
  3. Tap Zero in the Windows box
  4. Enter > OK >UKodi1 Name > OK
  5. Go to Main Menu> Add-ons> Choose Box Icon> Select Install From Zip File and choose Ukodi111.
  6. Tap on for
  7. Choose Registry Install> UKodi1 Repo > Software Add-ons > Ukodi1 > Repository Install
  8. If a box appears after this, pick Continue > Builds Menu.
  9. Go to Krypton Construction > Pick Cinemax Construction.
  10. Pick Fresh Install, then wait before you install it.
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