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Best Password Managers for your Windows And Mac

Best Password Managers

If you are still writing passwords on Post-It notes, envelopes, & napkins, it’s time to using a password manager. Luckily there is no shortage of password managers to select from. They all save your username or password combinations, but some boast highlights make your online life more easy and secure. We will discuss the best and top-rated password managers so you can make an informed decision.

The Problem with Passwords

Passwords are important for managing personal, financial or other identifying info online. But as we manage more & more information, websites, password management becomes more problematic. Especially when all of the password advice out there tells us that you can’t use the same passwords on many sites.

Of course, there is great reason to use a quirky password for each site. In case if someone gets your passwords, they do not gain access to all of your accounts. But using a different password for every account, you can manage quickly. Moreover, the average email address in the U.S. is connected with 130 accounts. Very few could remember that ample different passwords.

So what will be happened? We find ourselves reusing passwords, or using insecure passwords. None of those methods adequately good and secure us. Perhaps you do not want to depend on using Google Chrome to manage passwords.

Password Managers to the help 

By using a password manager application can solve your password game dramatically. Most of the managers work as a browser plug-in. They can insert your usernames & passwords and even store new logins.

If you’ve many logins for one domain, all of your logins will be listed. Just click the appropriate one, and you are in. Most will even recognize when you change your password & prompt you to update the saved credentials. Once your passwords are saving in an application, you can use quirky or complex phrases without committing them to memory. Most password managers will create secure passwords for you.

If you have never used a password manager, that can be a bit difficult, not knowing your passwords. It is also a bit unknown the first few times your password manager automatically logs you. But, you will quickly adapt this & see the advantages.

All password managers are working in similar ways indeed but differ in price & features. Some are best for single users, others are best for families or organizations. This guide gives the key features for the best password managers available today.

Best Password Managers in 2021


Keeper is focused on business users, but they give a personal plan also. Features include instant synchronization with every mobile device & PC that you use. Keeper is among the best password managers for a good reason.

Key features of Using Keeper


LastPass belongs in any list of the top-rated password managers. Keep in mind, the average email address in the U.S. is associated with 130 accounts well.  LastPass vault has 442 entries. You will never fail after utilizing it.

Key features of Using LastPass


RoboForm automatically catches & saves passwords and has a “security center” to evaluate your online security. It even saves notes (you will use this feature more often than you think) & contacts. It’s also used has been all around for a very long time, so you know they have a great track record.

Key features of Using RoboForm


Dashlane gives a simple and secure way to manage your passwords and keep other login information saves. Just for managing passwords, we like it as much as our picks, but the free Dashlane application restrict s you to one device and 50 passwords. The $60 Premium subscription is similar to LastPass. The $120 Premium/ annual subscription add credit and ID-theft monitoring.

Key features of Using Dashlane

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is another best password manager with great features aimed at business users. But it also does the work as a personal password locker. Besides, one feature that great is a password change reminder. You can set reminders to inform your passwords at whatever interval you would like. Most of people do not change passwords often enough, so it is a precious security feature.

Key features of Using Zoho Vault

Password Boss

It is one of the top and easier to use password managers. But it does not mean it skimps on features. Like Zoho Vault & LastPass, it has also a security check feature. You can even designate any person to get access to your passwords in case of an emergency.

Key features of Using Password Boss


It is a password manager that aims to deliver protection not just for personal or organizations, but also gives a shared password protection system for families. 

There are two services provisions, with one being for individuals and their families, permitting either a single user or a family of up to five individuals to use the 1Password service for protected logins. There’s also a business service that provide protection for those people who working from home, as well as teams and enterprises in general. 

Key features of using 1Password

Sticky Password

Sticky Password has a portable password manager who acts from a memory stick in any USB port. It got a small memory usage footprint and one of the more intuitive interfaces. Besides, they also have a discount on students, which none of the other manager’s provide. It is a pretty secure bet that none of the other companies in this list can say that!

Key features of Using Sticky Password


LogMeOnce utilize a quirky photo-based login system. Now you can use a selfie in place of a password. Passwords are still created behind the scenes, but it is a great alternative to the usual password generation tool. LogMeOnce is not only a gimmick; it has the same tools and features as most password manager’s offers.

Key features of Using LogMeOnce

Final Thoughts

Although a password manager needs to provide advanced features, it should remain easy or simple in use and avoid needless complexity. Users who get irritated or baffled by a password manager may well abandon it and go back to using sticky notes to store and share passwords or, worse, applying the same password everyplace.

Sincerely, you cannot go wrong with any of the password managers listed here. If you already use a password manager, perhaps you have found something more interesting here & are ready to make a new change.

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