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11 Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android in 2024

Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android

Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android will be discussed in this article. Now, let’s talk about QuickPic. It is a user-friendly picture gallery app. It gives the gallery a variety of features and possibilities. The application is popular among users since it enhances the appearance of your gallery. The app, however, was abruptly withdrawn from the Play Store due to some scam in which it was involved.

Cheetah Mobile owns the QuickPic and has generated advertisements for customers to insert between services. Now that it has been withdrawn, we have studied and discovered alternatives to QuickPic app to assist all of you. So we’ve compiled a list of gallery apps that are similar to QuickPic.

11 Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android in 2024

In this article, you can know about Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android here are the details below;

1. Memoria

This app’s most appealing feature is its great user interface, which attracts the majority of users. It is comparable to and even offers the same functions as Google Photos. The QuickPic alternatives applications are updated on a regular basis to guarantee that their customers get the best possible experience. The finest feature is the recycle bin, which will also keep your deleted photos.

2. LeafPic

It is similar to QuickPic in that it uses the same user interface but has less functionality. It is intended for those with less requirements. The finest feature is the ability to secure any folder by entering a pin/password. It also has a movie player and supports all picture formats. The images may be simply edited and saved here.

3. QuickPic Revived

If you are a QuickPic aficionado, this app is for you. The app is a clone or a copy. It supports the most of QuickPic’s functionality but lacks a few.

You can’t make a backup to the cloud from here. You may also experience latency from time to time. The primary functionality, such as a slide presentation, managing offline data, and picture conversion, operate effectively.

4. Camera Roll – Gallery

The application is useful since it has several functions that will benefit the user. The greatest feature of this tool is that it creates video players and supports all picture formats. Any image format, such as jpg to png, may be converted. It aids in the presentation of any photographs stored on external devices.

5. Gallery – Picture Gallery

It is a basic gallery applications designed for Samsung smartphones. If you possess a Samsung smartphone and are dissatisfied with the existing gallery experience, this app is a must-have. It is the best QuickPic alternative for Android.

6. Piktures

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about storage. Everyone desires additional storage space for their images and movies. Because it offers cloud service, this app solves the issue. You may simply keep your data online without using up all of your storage space.

This app’s user interface is simple and quick, using numerous motions for greater interaction with the user. You may also connect your Google Drive and Dropbox to get more storage space. It is the best QuickPic alternative app.

7. Simple Gallery Pro

The app is now popular due to its beneficial features, which quickly attract users. The slideshow is the nicest element, and everything is well-organized and constructed. You may secure your album by giving it a password.

This application has an in-app editor that allows you to effortlessly alter and save your photographs. The recycle bin option is also available to recover accidentally deleted images. It is the best QuickPic alternative for Android.

8. Google Photos

Most users will be acquainted with this application since it comes standard with Google phones. This app’s characteristics are and it is advantageous to the ordinary user. It generated an album based on location, place, and other criteria. The finest feature of the app is the ability to adjust the image’s size and quality.

9. F-Stop Gallery

The app has the same features as QuickPic. This app’s UI is considerably superior than QuickPic, and it has more functionality. The app is designed for power users to acquire all of the features they need.

It includes all services such as cloud storage, a slideshow, an in-built editor, Google Drive, and Dropbox connection. The app also has a menu option in the upper right-hand corner for fast and easy access to everything. It is one of the top QuickPic app options for Android.

10. A+ Gallery

The app gives you the choice of viewing your photographs individually or as an album. You may add several collections to your chosen one, which is conveniently accessible. The app’s main feature is that it offers a variety of themes to choose from.

The app also has a secret function that allows you to secure your album while remaining anonymous. The premium edition includes a recycling bin and other professional themes.

11. Simple Gallery

As the name implies, it is straightforward. The app is easy to use and well-organized. It is not intended for power users; yet, you may simply manage your photographs here. The greatest part is that you may filter your albums by many different criteria, such as name, time, and place. The app is compact. That is why you do not need a lot of storage space on your phone.

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