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Best Roll20 Alternatives in 2021 for Tabletop Gaming

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Roll20 is one of the most -playing games on the internet that gives the player ease of playing the game from anywhere and anytime. You can play different games that come preinstalled. It gives an amazing tabletop experience but if you have been looking for roll20 alternatives, you have landed upon the correct page.

In this article, we will be mention down the best  Roll20 alternatives, so without wasting time let us arrive into the list!!

Best Roll20 Alternatives

 Dungeon Painter

As one of the best Roll20 alternatives, Dungeon Painter is used as a tool to make RPG map designs. It has a 5 tools set to help you design your map, and it also gives you accessibility to a great interface so that you can interact with your dashboard in a great way. Dungeon Painter will help you improve your map-making, and it is very easy for you to build your map too.

Main Features of Dungeon Painter:

Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop is well known for its smoothness and how it offers one of the easiest ways to build your Dungeon map, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Roll20. This alternative of roll20 has a lot of highlights that assist you to build a map even if you have not much idea about how to use it. This is a web-based service, and available without any charge. So, you can download and begin using it right away.

Main Features of Astral Tabletop:


Battleground as one of the well known map-making app-based services, which makes it one of the best roll20 alternatives. This is not a free, but if you think on buying its subscription, it will offer you a gaming experience that you might have never experienced in any other free service. The visual and sound effects that you can add in the game are original and improves your gaming experience.

Main Features of Battleground


Mipui is also one of the Roll20 best alternatives, useful for build up multiple maps and playing with your friend. This is a web-based service that lets you build your map using various tools and visual effects. With an excellent easy interface and responsive tools, using Mipui gets very easy. You can invite your friends and start playing games with them.

Main Features of Mipui:


PlanarAlly is also one of the best alternatives of roll20, which helps you in making dungeon maps and discover multiple fictional worlds. Its easy interface also makes it very easy to use. This alternative to roll20 is accessible in both formats, as a website, and as an application too. You can select to download its application, or you can play it online as well. Both services are the same and don’t have much difference.

Main Features of PlanarAlly:


Inkarnate, just like other alternatives of roll 20 is used to design maps and play games with your friends. It brings the advancement from the digital world to our original world.  With its advanced visual and sound effects, it makes the game more realistic and enjoyable.  The easy interface and tools are very helpful and can be used to make maps more efficiently.

Main Features of Inkarnate:


By using this role20 alternative you can start making your map. You can collaborate with many friends or designers to make your maps and worlds. This is also one of the alternative of roll20, which can also be used instead of roll20 for building maps and your world of Dungeons and Dragons play with your friends.

Main Features of MapTool:

Campaign Cartographer

This alternative of role20 also lets you build maps and your world to play with your friends. It has various tools and effects, which has visual effects and sound effects to be used for free. This is an application -based system, which comes with need of Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000 in your PC. it’s an application -based platform. It is accessible for free and can be used to play a Dungeons’ games with friends for free without any interruption.

Main Features of Campaign Cartographer

GM Forge

GM Forge is one of the best RPG game makers provided with many tools and facilities for you to make maps and worlds. Tabletop gaming more realistic by using its visual and sound effects and the functionalities offers in the game is standard.  One can customize its design according to their needs. You can also share your designs with your friends to come up with something new.

Main Features of GM Forge

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds have a lot of to offer when it comes to RPG structures in your tabletop game. Its tools and a separate module for getting fantasy ground already loaded, make it very simple for you to build up your maps. The tools are highly customizable, which lets you use them as per you needs. All these features of Fantasy Grounds make it more worthy alternative of roll20.

Main Features of Fantasy Grounds


Rolisteam has enhanced the gaming experience of role-playing. As one of the roll20 best alternatives, Rolisteam also gives some easy to use tools and visuals. These tools are easy, and the visuals offered by Rolisteam are realistic. It has other various sets of packages, which help to enhance your gaming experience to next level.

Main Features of Rolisteam:


EpicTable is also one of the roll20 alternatives to offer RPG tabletop gaming. Just like others, it also has easy to use tool and a user-friendly interface. It has multiple panels, which makes it simple to navigate from one section to another. It also contains a feature that informs you about new game-related updates.

Main Features of EpicTable

Adventurer’s Codex

Adventurer’s Codex is a 5e gaming Dungeon and Dragons system that has a package of system operations for all the characters in it. As one of the best roll20 alternatives, it supports almost all the functions in roll20 and has some extra features of itself as well.

Main Features of Adventure’s Codex


The features of Dundjinni are mostly similar to roll20, which makes it one of the best roll20 alternatives. It is considered as one of the most advanced and full-featured maps making alternatives. The interface is easy to understand, and it also lets you build gliding places and embed text in the game, which is not provided by many of the roll20 alternatives.

Main Features of Dundjinni

Beyond Tabletop

The last in the list of roll20 alternatives is Beyond Tabletop, which gives a subscription-free web-based service for you to build up your maps and enjoy RPG games with your friends. Its guided-structure enhances your role-playing experience in Dungeons and Dragons. Its functions are just as similar as roll20, which makes it one of the worthy roll20 alternatives.

Main Features of Beyond Tabletop

Final Words

Roll20 is a very good web-based virtual table that permits you to play your RPGs in a very immersive way. However, you can search other great alternatives that will also offer you the same features that Roll20 can offer you. Some might even provide you more features that will increase your gaming experience. With the help of these Roll20 best alternatives, you will be able to play your favorite games without any problem.

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