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Best Video Calling Apps for Desktop, Mobile and Web

Video Calling is quickly replacing the social impact. Video calls are ideal for connection with everybody. While there are so many applications for settling on video calls, it’s very difficult to pick one that meets your necessities. If you need to have a video meeting for a large, yet restricted, crowd, at that point wait the options appropriately. Obviously, you need to consider everybody’s accessibility and not restrict yourself by utilizing FaceTime. 

In this post, we will cover the main best video conferencing applications to connect with friends, family, and office people so none of them are restricted by a stage. 


Billions of individuals are utilizing it presently, so it would not be a very remarkable issue to give it a shot. Obviously, the most essential requirement understands the individual you wish to call the phone number. 

Among the strategies to begin a Group Video Call is to call a single person, and after, add different contacts to exactly the same request. Furthermore, you can hit the video call button symbol in the group chat and afterward pick the individuals you wish to add to the video call, WhatsApp allows just up to 4 individuals on a video call. Additionally, it uses the least conceivable amount of data. 

WhatsApp is good. However, don’t think about using this to give some content or something that needs great quality. 


Zoom is among the quickest developing applications for video calls and facilitating video conference calls. This application had around 10 million clients in November 2019, and the number rose to 200 million clients before the finish of March 2020. 

In opposition to regular conviction, Zoom is also has a complimentary level for everyone. Whether you wish to have an online class or a Group Video Call, Zoom conveys superior quality. If you think about utilize the free layer for a limited time, you may not think about reading all the points you get with the other paid strategies.

You get as long as 40 minutes for a video call, including around 25 individuals. That restriction can terminate quick, and all the individuals would value the quickness of the gathering. you can also share software, desktop , screens, pictures, and different records over a video call.


There’s zero chance to miss out on the veteran application like Skype. It has been thinking about that 2003 and keeps on being one of the most solid voice calling and Video Calling. Skype offered missteps to rather a great deal of users initially. However, the service works good on every platform.

Out of a few highlights, one of the highlights that we use the most is the Screen Share. That makes things smoother and substantially more sensible while communicate with a private or a group of people. 

Google Duo

Google Duo comes pre-installed on a ton of Android telephones. Setting it up is only a question of seconds once you include your Google account. It offers a superior video quality contrasted with WhatsApp. 

You can even create custom made group for making video calls. Presently, Google Duo can uphold up to 12 individuals in a Group Video Call. One of the most wonderful parts is that the Duo gives a clear and straightforward interface. 


Houseparty is new participant among the video calls applications. The name is sufficiently clear to inform you that it is a pleasant application and totally appropriate for calling your loved ones. 

The best part about this application is that you can drop into a current video call with others. That is the reason it works incredible for a group of good friends who need to hang out over a video call. 

Final words

Group videos calls is very important thing at any occasion in which you want to call and meet up with your friends, family and loves ones. It’s the better way to connect professionally with your office and personally with your friends and family. Security is main thing that we should consider firstly before choosing group video call option sing group video call app. Hope this article will help you in choosing the right one option for you. 

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