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CBSE Class 6 Maths Exam: Study Guidance and Tips to Score Above 90%

Middle school is an important part of a child’s educational phase of life. When children enter middle school from the elementary phase, they become independent. Sixth grade is an important phase of acquiring proper knowledge and understanding about important maths topics that are used for higher classes too.  Most topics studied in class 6th maths need a good understanding. There are different topics but more than half of the syllabus is related to the number system. Children have to understand the basic concepts of geometry, algebra, and other such topics.

Tips to score above 90%

Some tips are given here for class 6 students that can help them to score above 90%

  • The first chapter starts with the understanding of the number system. In class 6th students start learning new concepts of the number system and mainly focus on integers and their properties. Students also enhance their knowledge of fractions and decimals.
  • Students also enhance their understanding of geometry. They learn about elementary shapes and learn how to use geometry tools for constructing different figures. Geometry is an interesting topic and children enjoy doing it because it involves learning about different shapes. They also learn how to use geometry tools for making angles, line segments, and other geometrical figures.
  • Students of class 6th should focus on learning new techniques for solving data handling and analyzing different graphs such as histograms, box plots, histograms, etc.
  • Students can understand the concepts easily if they can get the right teachers and technology. Using the right technology helps children to understand the concepts and register them in their mind which help students to solve difficult problems easily. The guidance of a teacher is also important for students to apply the strategies properly for solving a problem.
  • Maths needs practice and children can score above 90% if they practice regularly. Solving questions from different books can enhance confidence and can also help students to enhance their speed of solving sums.
  • When doing statement sums, students should underline the important points in the questions. For example, they should analyze the question. They should underline what is given in the question and what they have to find. This analysis will help students to solve the question easily and quickly. Students should read the question carefully at least 2-3 times for proper understanding.
  • Students should try to relate questions to real-life situations. For example, parents can help their children by sending their children to buy simple things from the market. This will help students in learning about money calculations. They can give a 100 rupee note and a bill to buy some things from the market. Tell children to check the total of the bill before paying and check if the shopkeeper has given the correct balance.
  • Students can use simple techniques for learning big formulas. This will help them in memorizing the formulas easily. Students can also write formulas in a register so that they can revise the formulas easily at the time of the exam.
  • Students should make a timetable and give at least one hour to maths every day. Rather than preparing a few days before the exam, children should practice maths consistently for getting above 90%. Consistent practice and solving questions on different topics will make them confident in exams.
  • Students can refer to help books and extra books for practicing maths. They can refer to Vedantu ncert solutions for class 6 maths for solving NCERT questions. Some help books or extra books for class 6th maths include Top Graders CBSE Class 6 Maths Study Guide, R.S. Aggarwal solutions for class 6, etc.
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Chapters covered in Class 6th maths

Chapters covered in class 6th maths include the following:

Number system

It is the first chapter in class 6th maths. Children will learn different concepts related to the number system such as identifying smaller and larger numbers, estimation of numbers, etc. they will also learn about HCF (Highest common factor) and LCM (Lowest common factor). They will also learn about positive and negative integers. The number system also includes whole numbers and their properties.


Children will learn about different types of fractions, addition, and subtraction of fractions in class 6th maths.


Students will learn about different types of decimals and also how to add and subtract decimals in class 6th.


In grade 6, children will learn about the basics of algebra. They will be introduced to variables and will learn through simple word problems.

Ratio and proportion

Children will learn this topic for the first time when they will enter class 6th. It is a very easy topic and children can learn it quickly by applying it to their real life. Most problems of ratio and proportion are related to real-life problems which makes it easier for students to understand this topic.


Children like doing geometry because it is very easy. It is also introduced in class 6th. Children will learn about different types of angles, triangles, line segments, and how to draw angles using geometry tools.


This is also a new topic for class 6th students. It includes knowledge about calculating the area and perimeter of different shapes. Students will learn to find the area and perimeter of basic shapes such as a square, rectangle, triangle, and circle. It is important to memorize the formulas for finding the area and perimeter of different shapes. Students can write down the formulas in a register and keep on revising them daily.

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Data handling

It is an important topic and children will learn advanced techniques for solving data handling questions in class 6th. Students will also learn how to make bar graphs and interpret bar graphs.

By following the above-given tips class 6th students can score high marks in maths. They can create interest in maths by learning easy and simple strategies for solving math problems. Students can cover each topic separately and practice as many questions as they can from different books to make a good hold in every chapter.

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