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Cloud-ready software — what are the advantages for you?

We witness a never-before development of businesses. And software development is everywhere these days. In no time little start-ups can scale up to global giants as a result of the power of technology. But a major company has very different needs than a little one. That’s when the management should reflect on various enterprise solutions. And because of its flexibility, the tendency is to decide on cloud-ready application.

As you begin onboarding new workers or clients the need for longer — hardware, more storage, maintenance operation, security — develops. The traditional means of doing business is based on on-site resources. On the other hand, the cloud-ready structure enables a more diverse supply of resources because the hosting is no longer local, it’s virtual. This resource supply is over a WAN (wide-area network). All that is IT outsourcing in a capsule, or may we say cloud?

Cloud-ready application — clarified

Remember when you had a 30 MB memory stick as it was the maximum technology available in the marketplace? You had to keep all of your important data on it. And each time you had some fresh data you needed to delete previous ones to free up any space. You feel that this limit when you have your program running on-premise too.

In fact, you do make use of a cloud. Especially in the event you’ve got an iPhone. Rather than keeping your photographs on your phone you can keep them on the iCloud. The same principle applies when it comes to your organization.

A cloud-ready application means that the resources you use for the everyday existence of your company like, communicational systems, customer management systems, billing systems, marketing systems, etc. are all set to be migrated to a cloud atmosphere. This implies possibly embracing the PaaS (platform-as-a-service) ability of the cloud.

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Do cloud-ready applications enjoy all of the advantages the cloud can provide?

The answer is no. Cloud-ready applications may benefit from a limited number of those advantages the cloud environment can provide. Why? Because the applications that will need to be ready for the cloud were created for the conventional environment. This means the application needs to be examined and understood. You will need to think of an action list that needs to be completed in order to move the product to follow the cloud requirements.

However, there are applications that can benefit from all a cloud can provide — but these were created for the cloud. That’s the reason we call them cloud-native.

It’s a matter of knowing where your product is:

  • for those who have a product that runs in your assumption, then moving into a cloud-ready surroundings is the first logical step
  • If it’s a new program, then the purpose is to produce cloud-native from scratch

Why cloud?

Did you know that in 2020 over 90 percent of organizations are going to be on cloud? Additionally, by 2023 this market will reach over $620 billion (based on stats from Report Linker). We got here because of the wide range of benefits of cloud computing such as:

  • The simple of scalability
  • safety
  • cost-saving (if cloud supplier, services used, etc., are correctly chosen)

Enterprise Solutions at AROBS

With 22 years of experience, one of the best software development company in Romania, AROBS Transilvania Software gained enough specialists to be able to deliver the best cloud applications products.

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Move your company to the cloud for improved efficiency. Our specialists can help you recognize the necessary actions and the TCO for a cloud-ready motion to guarantee a maximized ROI to your enterprise. If you’re seeking cloud-native or customized enterprise solutions, find out more, here.


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