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Cool and Fresh Short Hairstyles 2020

The Most Flattering Short Hairstyles 2020



If you have short manes, you should consider styling it in one of the most flattering short hairstyles 2020 in order to refresh your looks. This will involve opting for something completely new if you need change.

Sometimes, it is not easy to decide on the right hairstyle to rock, especially if you are opting for something new. That is the reason we decided to show you some of the most flattering short hairstyles 2020 in case you want to gravitate to the short side, according to LoveHairStyles. And if you are looking for inspiration from celebrities, this article also includes some short celebrity hairstyles. Walk with me through these short haircuts for women in 2020 and choose your favourite option. Take a peek.


  • Blunt Bob

Well, it is no news that for the last few decades, bobs have been on-trend, and the reason is apparent-these women hairstyles are ridiculously cute and low maintenance. However, the current bobs we can assure you that they are different from what you are used to, and this is particularly true when it comes to shape.

Today, prim and proper bob is the thing. For instance, this amazing short hairstyle for women is rocked by Zoey Deutch, and as you know, she looks stunning on it. However, to make sure that you get the exact look of this short hairstyle, you would want to carry a picture whenever you go to the salon. This way, your stylist would be able to style it for you easily and customize it for you, depending on your face shape and preferences. Besides, always opt for someone who understands how to style the bob in the right way.

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The bob should be customised depending on your face shape and add texture to come up with the most flattering texture. And if you are not sure of the right bob that suits your face, don’t shy off from asking your stylist to recommend the right one for you.



  • Cropped Pixie

The year now is several months old, and it would be boring if you are still rocking your messy, half-styled pixie haircut when there are so many variations of short hairstyles 2020 to choose from. As such, you should opt for haircuts with super short shape, and one of those styles is a cropped pixie. The cropped pixie rocked women with an oval face, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it if you have a different face shape.

When you opt for a pixie haircut, make sure to visit a salon for regular touch-ups in order to maintain the shape and the entire haircut looking great. However, though it needs regular care, the process is normally effortless and fast. An excellent trade-off if you were to ask me my opinion.



  • Bowl Haircut


It is no news that since Charlize Theron rocked the bowl cut in 2018, this hairstyle has become mainstream, and it is now the talk of the town. If you are keen, the bowl haircut is found everywhere. Even red –carpet regulars like Kendall Jenner and Care Delavigne are embracing it, and the haircut has become the mainstream look for most celebrities.

Two aspects define bowl haircut; edginess and fun. The haircut incorporates strong shape, and that sets it apart from the other short hairstyles 2020. When it comes to styling a bowl haircut, you should choose a perfectionist, especially when it comes to cutting the shape- well, if you let anyone cut it for you, you might end up looking like a kid from the ’70s. Is that what you want? I doubt you do. Again, this is not something you can DIY. To rock this look, bring the picture to your stylist and tell her to give you a look, and then customize it to fit your face shape.

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With short hairstyles 2020, you can experiment with varying styling options to choose the best ones that complement your hair and personality.

Our final thought is, if you need to transform your looks this year, you will not get it wrong if you choose one of the above short hairstyles 2020. While most women prefer blunt bob, try the improved bowl cut, and you will never think about any other type of short haircut, at least for now.

Source: 80 Best Short Hairstyles For 2020

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