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Different Ways To Pick Color From An Image

Web and graphic designers use different tools to pick up color from an image. These tools help the designers to get the exact HTML, HEX, and RGB code of the color from any image. By knowing the RGB and HEX color code one can use the exact same color in their web designing projects.

However, you need not be an experienced designer to be able to do that. As here in this article, we will show you different ways to pick a color from the image.

Ways to Pick Color Code From An Image

1: Using Free Online Tools

You can use free online tools like ImageLR to pick RGB or HEX color code from an image. The best thing about online tools is that you don’t have to install any program or extension on your computer or browser. You just have to visit the online tool site and upload your image to it and then you can easily get the color codes from it.

The other benefit of using an online tool is that you can pick color from an image using the image URL as well i.e you don’t have to upload the image, just paste the image URL in the tool and it will show you the image then you can simply pick a color code from it.

2: Using Paid Or Free Softwares

If you are someone who frequently needs to pick a color from an image then you can invest in a paid software like Photoshop and illustrator. However, if you are out of budget and can not invest in paid software then you can also go with a free photo editor software like the GIMP and Inkscape.

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The free Softwares also work perfectly fine to pick or match color from an image. You can simply upload an image from your computer to these Softwares and pick a color from it. However, if you want to pick a color from a webpage then you can take a screenshot of the page and then upload it to the software to pick colors.

3: Using Browser Extension

Now the other feasible way to pick a color from a website other than taking a screenshot of it would be using a browser extension. You can get a free color picking tool extension from the web store of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Once you have installed the extension on your browser you can then browse any website and pick a color form it anytime you want with the help of the extension. Although it’s very easy to get color codes from a website using an extension, but you can not use it to pick a color from an image stored on your computer. And that’s the only downside of using an extension that it can only be used for websites and not images.

4: Using Paint

Most would not know but you can actually pick a color code from an image using Microsoft Paint on your Windows PC. It’s totally free and the best part is that you don’t even need an active internet connection to get color codes using Paint.

The color picker tool on MS Paint is very easy to use and anyone can use it to pick a color from an image.


So these were some of the ways you can use to get color code from images and websites. All the methods shown above are very easy to use and even a beginner can use them. So, if you liked this article then don’t forget to share it further and help others to know different ways to pick colors from an image.

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