How To Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Easy Guide

Discord overlay not working

This post will explain Discord overlay not working. Discord is a terrific interaction tool for gamers and students alike, however even the very best applications sometimes come across problems.

How To Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Easy Guide

In this article, you can know about Discord overlay not working here are the details below;

You might be ready to start a group study session or an awaited match in CS: GO, however you can’t appear to hear anybody. This is a major problem and one that requires to be solved as soon as possible. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too made complex to correct.

Here are a couple of repairs you can attempt to get your Discord audio back!

 Fix 1– Check Windows Volume Mixer

If you’ve just logged into your computer system and Discord, among the first things you should check is the Volume Mixer in Windows to guarantee the application isn’t silenced. Here is how to do that:

 Method 1

On the right of your screen, right-click the volume icon. If you can’t see it, press the little upward-pointing arrow. This will open a little pop-up window, including the volume icon.

A little window will open, showing a number of volume bars. You might need to adjust the one for the Discord application. Make certain it isn’t too low or soft at 0%. If you still can’t find the volume icon on the taskbar, usage Technique 2.

 Method 2.

If the Discord app was silenced in the Volume Mixer, you shouldn’t come across any additional concerns. However, if this was not the case, move on to the other repairs. Also check Discord audio cutting out

Fix 2– Server Deafened.

Discord servers may have an automatic mute/deafen designated by admins for new members, as suggested in Discord’s official troubleshooting guide.

To fix this concern, you will require to ask among the admins to remove the mute, or you require to follow the server’s procedure to end up being approved.

 Fix 3– Turn Off Deafen.

If this is among the very first times that you have used the Discord application, we suggest acquainting yourself with the various commands and functions. Among the most beneficial tools is the universal Mute and Deafen button.


By making it possible for Deafen, you will immediately “mute” everybody else in the channel, suggesting you won’t have the ability to hear any of them.

To disable this option, look at the bottom left of Discord while in a server. You will see an earphone icon with a red line across it, showing that Deafen is made it possible for. Click the icon to disable it.

 Fix 4– Inspect Discord Audio Settings.

If the Deafen function is turned off and you still can’t hear anyone in the voice channel, you must inspect the application’s Audio Settings. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do.

Also, check that the volume bar under Output Device is set to a minimum of 50%.

 Fix 5– Try Web Version.

If none of the above fixes work for you, consider trying the web variation of Discord to guarantee the issue isn’t with your computer system or the application itself.

To utilize the web version of Discord, open your internet browser and paste into the address bar. Log in and sign up with a voice channel to discover whether you can hear your good friends.

If everything is working properly while utilizing the web app, the problem is most likely with the desktop application. To repair this, you may need to reinstall it.

Fix 6– Reinstall Discord.

If the web variation of Discord works however the desktop application does not, it is time to reinstall the app.

After re-installing Discord, whatever should be working effectively, and you will be able to hear your friends once again while sharing a voice channel.

 Fix 7– Change the Server Region.

The reason that you are unable to hear anyone might not be because of your computer or the application itself. It could also be brought on by the server area, which sometimes occurs when Discord’s servers are under maintenance. Also check discord red dot icon

To make sure that this is not the cause, you might need to change the server area. Here’s how:.

 Method 1.

 Method 2.

Areas are slowly being devoted to voice channels instead of the entire server, which means changing areas for a voice channel requires a different procedure. Follow these steps to resolve this:.

After you have actually effectively switched your region, rejoin a voice channel and learn whether you can hear your pals.

These are the most typical repairs for this kind of audio issue. If you attempt each of them, you must have the ability to deal with the problem, and you can lastly hear your buddies once again while playing video games together.

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