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How to Get Ebay Money Back Guarantee Reddit

ebay money back guarantee reddit

This post will explain ebay money back guarantee reddit. If you are searching for frauds against online purchasers on Google, you will see outcomes associated with eBay control the search results page. It is not by chance that the majority of those links cause short articles on how to prevent getting scammed by eBay.

How to Get Ebay Money Back Guarantee Reddit

In this article, you can know about ebay money back guarantee reddit here are the details below;

Honestly I liked shopping on eBay since everything is more affordable than other online retailers like Amazon, Walmart or Target. However, this is a center for scammers and you are taking a huge risk buying product here. I’ve come across a great deal of fraudsters in the last 3 years and I managed to get my money back all the time. Unfortunately, this time I lost $370 and here is the story. Also check StumbleUpon alternatives 2021.

 How I Lost Money to an eBay Seller?

I bought a $370 set of headphones from an eBay seller with more than 99% positive feedback from 2,000 purchasers. I was quite confident at that time because this seems to be a legitimate seller and as the product was priced $60 less than the very same one on Amazon, I believed this is a good deal. Whatever went smoothly and I was not familiar with the fraud at all. The seller sent me a tracking number 2 days later and the bundle got here after a week. I left the box in a corner for 10 days and when I unpacked it, I could not be more stunned as this was the very first time I got only the packaging of the item without any content inside. I got in touch with the seller called as9342 right away and as I anticipated, he wouldn’t take any duty. Here is his response:

In between me and you, there were many people who managed it. UPS, and every employee that managed it throughout transit. Probably dozens. Next, the guy (probably your employee) who got the item. Likewise, perhaps other people in your organization who had access to the bundle, while it remained in storage for over 2 weeks. Any of these people might have taken the product out. My point is, that there were a great deal of people involved in the chain of custody of the product. And yet, you single out one person– the carrier. The supreme duty lies with you, to make a prompt problem and report if something is not right. Which report ought to have been made upon invoice to UPS, within their timespan. You received the item, you or your agent got it and did not report anything wrong to UPS, and you alone are accountable. Also check animeflix alternatives.

I contacted eBay and was informed to open a case for items not as described. Notice that if you open a case for items not received, you will lose the case instantly when the seller supplies tracking number. I asked eBay to action in and anticipated they might assist get my money back because their eBay Money Back Guarantee program conserve me long times in the past.

A day later, I got a message from eBay that the case is placed on hold and I need to offer them some more documents, here are the details:

” I’m sorry to hear there was a problem with the product. I understand that the bundle showed up however it was empty. When a package arrives empty or with an entirely various item, it can be the result of theft, a shipping problem, or an oversight. We need your assistance to fix this case. Please submit an incident report with your local law enforcement agency (cops department). Filing an incident report is usually free of charge and is easy to do. The report documents that there’s been an issue.

 Here are the details that must be included in the report:

— Description of the item received

— Name of the officer submitting the report

— Officer’s badge number

— Station location (city and state).

— Station telephone number.

 We’ve put this case on hold for 10 days to allow you to get an incident report.

Please fax the event report to (303) 395-2829. Please include your user ID (techwalls) and case number (5 …) and send out the fax to the attention of eBay Money Back Guarantee Dept– Case ID: 5 … After we receive and verify the incident report, we’ll close the case in your favor. We’ll ask the seller to send you a refund in the quantity of $365.90 that will be credited to your original payment account. You need to receive the refund within 3-5 days of faxing the occurrence report.

If we don’t hear from you within 10 days, we’ll close the case and you will not have the ability to get a refund. If you require more time, only let us understand by responding to this message.”.

I followed their directions and brought the eBay e-mail and evidence of transaction to the cops department. Unfortunately, the law enforcement officer told me that they could not submit an event report in this case because I in fact received the package. For that reason, they just kept a record that I reported an uncommon case and of course, they didn’t offer the officer name or badge number. I sent out the record to eBay and they had all the reasons to reject it. And after just a few hours, the case was closed in the seller’s favor. Also check FastPeopleSearch alternative.

Update: I felt hopeless and practically ignored the case up until I remember that the payment used my bank account as a financing source since I had no money in my Paypal account at that time. Therefore, I went on and filed a chargeback with my bank, I simply needed to fill in a kind to explain my scenario. After simply a couple of days, I received the refund directly my savings account and the payment in my Paypal account was likewise remedied. Sadly, my Paypal account was permanently restricted.

 How to Avoid the Empty Box Scam.

What an embarassment that both eBay and Paypal could not protect their users. After the occurrence, I’ve learned a couple of lessons that I want to show you guys:.

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