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EmailChecker Review: An Accurate And Finest Tool To Verify Emails In 2020

With the growth of technology in the whole world, everything is going online. From shops to supermarkets, you can access everything on online platforms. While getting everything and every service has benefits, sometimes it can be annoying too.
For instance, whenever you go online, you notice that there are websites that require you to fill your email id. After the work is done, these websites use your email address to send you spam messages.
Another different situation is when you try to send someone a mail. A simple thing such as sending a mail cannot be error-free, due to which our time is wasted. To get rid of these situations, there are online tools available. Today in this article, we are going to talk about one such tool known as EmailChecker.


The market is flooded with different service providers, and that makes it even more economical for you to buy these types of services. Having a larger number of different companies in the market means aggressive competition. Furthermore, this ultimately results in very reasonable pricing. Some companies charge you only 14 dollars for the service, and you get every service they offer.
This pack can be useful for those individuals who need to send and receive a lot of e-mails and can’t afford to waste their time in errors and spam. Things get even more interesting in this segment because you can also buy this service on per email basis.
In this type, you only pay for a specific number of emails that you want to verify. This pack is better for those individuals who are not that active on emails.

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EmailChecker has a long list of features and solutions to offer. Let’s take a look at different solutions that EmailChecker has to offer.

  • Catch-all email verification service: The solution comes in handy in cases where traditional methods don’t work. This feature is an amalgamation of traditional verification and email technologies. Also, these CAV services are made by keeping the current market in mind, which means that the service users industry-leading B2B batch API to. So that you get better results.
  • Real-time email verification API: In case you find it difficult to follow Email list verification, or you don’t want to do it because of any other reasons, this is the solution for you. With real-time email verification API, you get the option to verify your mails at the time you are trying to access them or sending them.
  • Email list verification: Email verification has been made extremely simple. Through this solution, you can categorize emails without reading each of them. Now, you can do this whole process in just three steps. Firstly you need to upload the file with emails, then you have to wait, and you are ready to go. Also, your files are secured for 60 days, so you don’t have to worry in case you need to access a certain file if it got deleted.
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EmailChecker Features

EmailChecker offers various features that elevate the whole user experience. Some of these features are:

  • Domain checking: This feature checks the domain before sending so that it doesn’t get sent to a wrong or invalid email address. This ensures the safety of your content and privacy, along with saving you a lot of time.
  • Syntax check: Technically, this is the first step that is involved in the verification process. Companies consider this as the very first step because it reduces the chances of further errors. This feature makes you check spelling in the mail before sending you. It also makes sure that the domain extension is at the correct place.
  • Email ping: This is a service that most E-commerce websites use on a large basis. What they do is that they send a reply to the first email address. This is there to make sure that the email address you are interacting with is a real one.
  • Feature-rich email checking: All these services, when combined, give you an unmatched result for your work. EmailChecker is known within the industry for one of the most advanced features that it uses to get the work done.
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Good aspects of EmailChecker

As far as the good aspects of the EmailChecker go, the list is quite long. There are other reasons as well what makes people choose EmailChecker, and this is because of the ability to handle risks and thereby saving data. Some other benefits that you get with EmailChecker are:

  • User-friendly dashboard: With this feature, managing becomes quite easier as you get all those things that you need at a single page. You can monitor and manage stuff from one place.
  • Flexible payment options: This is very important for some individuals and acts as a deciding factor. You get a wide range of options to pay from.
  • Fast services: You wouldn’t want to waste your money by buying a service that works like a tortoise. Time is money, and EmailChecker seems to understand this fact.
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Bad aspects of EmailChecker

Irrespective of having a wide variety of features, there are some disadvantages that you may have while using EmailChecker. Let’s get to know these:
Spam traps: This is a service that I faced a problem with because there are times when it fails to detect spams, and you waste your time in going through that.
Profanity detection: Like the spam traps, it doesn’t work well all the time. Sometimes this built-in feature fails to detect what it is meant for.
Validation checks: This is not exactly a disadvantage, and it depends more on you, but you shouldn’t depend on the validation checks for the long run.

Final words

If you are looking for the best in class, all-around email checking service that can provide you what you want at a fairly reasonable price, you should go for EmailChecker.

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