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Facebook messenger feature update: Five ways your Facebook messenger will get better in 2019

Toward the start of May, Facebook held its yearly F8 conference. This conference is the place Facebook talks about the general eventual fate of the stage and reveals its forthcoming advancements and feature to designers, business visionaries, and different experts.

This year, Facebook declared various upgrades to its Facebook Messenger administration, just as new, smarketing-focused features.

These progressions and additions to the informing stage are critical to inspect, especially with respect to how they’ll affect our current promoting endeavors.

How about we see what’s coming to Facebook messenger feature update and how we can start planning and strategizing for these changes.

Facebook messenger feature update: Five ways your Facebook messenger will get better in 2019

1. Facebook  Messenger Desktop App

2. Lighter, Faster, Leaner

3. Close Friends Groups

4. Better Group Video Viewing

5. Facebook Messenger Lead Ads Templates & Appointment Booking

Facebook messenger feature update 1.

Messenger Desktop App

This is maybe the least significant update, yet at the same time worth referencing. Facebook is making a work area application for Messenger.

The reason I don’t discover this change extraordinary for organizations is on the grounds that you would already be able to utilize Facebook  Messenger on a work area gadget. Basically sign into Facebook and head over to your messages.

Notwithstanding, Facebook mentioned that one of the essential capacities and objectives behind this work area variant of Facebook Messenger would be as a coordinated effort instrument.

The work area Facebook Messenger enables groups to “have video calls, team up on ventures or perform various tasks while talking.”

We could start seeing Facebook  Messenger utilized more with groups to share thoughts and have week after week gatherings.

Facebook messenger feature update 2.

Lighter, Faster, Leaner

Facebook is upgrading its Facebook  Messenger application to be quicker and less strenuous on gadget stockpiling. They’ve named the venture “LightSpeed,” and the objective is a Facebook Messenger application that launches in less than 2 seconds and requires just 30MB to introduce.

To accomplish this, they’ve “remade from the beginning on a completely new code base,” which means we’ll have a Facebook Messenger application that is simply more streamlined for the present requirement for quick stacking and quickness.

While this might not directly affect promoting, we could see more individuals utilizing Facebook Messenger with this lighter, quicker application. Not just on the grounds that the speed will be progressively lined up with what is normal today, particularly in the versatile condition, yet additionally on the grounds that it is 70MB littler than the old Facebook Messenger.

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This makes it simpler for individuals with low stockpiling on their gadgets to discover space to house the application. Also, gives significantly more explanation behind organizations to investigate Facebook Messenger bots and channels.

Facebook messenger feature update 3.

Close Friends Groups

One future component that could be alarming to organizations is dear companions gatherings.

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It’s indistinct what the official name for this element will be, however the center is to help Facebook clients have a “devoted space” to associate and impart substance to their dearest loved ones.

Clients have had the option to assign a dear companions list previously and even observe a feed of just substance posted by individuals from this gathering. The distinction with this new element is security.

Facebook needs its clients to have the option to impart substance to dear companions and without the dread that others will see, or that it could be held against them later on.

In light of early screen captures, it gives the idea that clients can make different gatherings. This is another refinement from the “Dear Friends” highlight of yesterday, where clients had just a solitary rundown.

In this sense, these gatherings feel like a significantly more upgraded gathering talk with a heavier spotlight on substance, over plain content correspondence.

It wasn’t clarified if organizations can be incorporated into these gatherings, or even make their own. I truly trust thus, particularly the last mentioned, in light of the fact that this has a ton of potential as an incredible advertising channel. It would enable a business to speak with an immediate gathering of explicit clients or crowd section.

Another way I see this being extremely significant is for organizations with numerous store areas or branches. Gatherings could be made for every area to enable these individual branches to convey and share content straightforwardly to their neighborhood clients.

While this is possible, with area explicit Facebook pages, it would be a substantially more consistent involvement with this gathering highlight. Besides, we wouldn’t need to fight with the absence of natural posts showing in News Feeds.

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On the other hand, B2B advertisers could utilize these gatherings as an advantageous, devoted space when speaking with every single invested individual at a forthcoming customer’s organization.

Facebook messenger feature update 4.

Better Group Video Viewing

Public video viewing is a developing pattern. The proof is in the accomplishment of spilling stages like Twitch, with 15 million every day dynamic clients, and YouTube’s flourishing network.

Individuals want to watch motion pictures and draw in with the substance maker and different watchers. Facebook additionally has its eyes on improving their clients’ capacity to connect with video content together.

We’ve previously observed this show itself on Facebook through live spilling.

At that point, last July, Facebook made Watch Parties. This element enabled gatherings to have a Watch Get-together, where clients view and talk about site-facilitated recordings all in all and progressively. These gatherings make significantly more commitment, as high as 8x the remarks than an ordinary video presented on Facebook.

For Facebook, the sensible subsequent stage for Watch Party and public video viewing is Facebook Messenger. As per Facebook, clients will, “most likely flawlessly share a video from the Facebook application on Facebook Messenger and welcome others to observe together while informing or on a video talk.”

This will be an extremely integral asset, particularly joined with the Facebook Messenger work area application. One of the fundamental capacities for Facebook Messenger on work area will be bunch video calls.

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The additional advantage of having the option to all in all watch recordings together will be extraordinary for inner business basic leadership, yet in addition showcasing.

Starting at now, you can add six individuals to a courier bunch video visit, yet up to an extra 50 individuals can tune into the talk. While they won’t probably talk, they’ll have the option to ingest the video content with the gathering and see the discussions occurring.

Basically, we’ll have the option to live stream our work area or a bit of video substance to a private crowd and offer extra experiences by means of talk.

This could be another sort of online course stage, one purchasers would be progressively open to signing into.

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Facebook messenger feature update 5.

Facebook Messenger Lead Ads Templates & Appointment Booking

I’ve held back something special for later. This update has the most prompt advertising potential for organizations.

Here is Facebook’s breakdown of this advancement:

“We’re making it considerably simpler for organizations to interface with potential clients by adding lead age formats to Ads Manager. There, organizations can without much of a stretch make a promotion which drives individuals to a straightforward Q&A in Facebook Messenger to get familiar with their clients. What’s more, to make it simpler to book a meeting with organizations like vehicle vendors, beauticians, or cleaning administrations, we’ve made an arrangement experience so individuals can book arrangements inside a Facebook Messenger discussion.”

This implies organizations can without much of a stretch use Facebook and Facebook Messenger to qualify leads through the Q&A, and afterward convert them by means of an arrangement booking.

The procedure is to a great extent robotized and Facebook has added more formats and reactions to help give the figment of a genuine client administration operator.

All things considered, this component isn’t really a chatbot. Along these lines, there could be a few issues with open-finished reactions or longer client inputs. In these cases, the lead can be passed on to a live, human specialist.

Likewise, if a business puts resources into a Facebook Messenger bot with higher capacity, it could open up considerably more chances to exploit this component and to an a lot more prominent impact.

The capacity to flawlessly move clients from their Facebook channel, to a Facebook Messenger visit and book them an arrangement truly conveys on the omnichannel experience that shoppers are progressively anticipating from their preferred brands and organizations.

Facebook is gradually revealing the arrangement booking feature to various business types. Stay tuned for your chance!

Conclusions on the New Facebook Messenger Features

Facebook is putting a ton of spotlight on security here and improving associations between “dearest companions” versus the whole cyber web.

Superficially, this may feel alarming to organizations and make a feeling that they will be let alone for the most significant exercises that Facebook and Facebook Messenger clients are participating in.

In actuality, these Facebook Messenger Features open up new showcasing entryways and even present some new channels with enormous potential effect.

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