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Top 10 Best File Copy Utility Software For Windows in 2023

File Copy Utility Software For Windows

Best File copy utility software for windows will be discussed in this post. CUT, COPY, and PAST Drag and drop the files to the desired location. Isn’t this starting to sound familiar?

Copying and transferring files is one of the most typical tasks we conduct on a daily basis. The speed of the copy/move function is determined by the size of the copied or transferred media. However, there are two fundamental downsides to the general data transfer process: (1) Slow file copying speed (2) No possibility to interrupt the procedure in the middle.

Top 10 Best File Copy Utility Software For Windows in 2023

The top 10 best file copy Utility software for windows are explained here.

We’ll talk about the Top 10 Fastest File Copy software in 2022 to fix these issues and make the process of transferring data go faster!

Our Top Three Picks

EASEUS DISK COPY • PC’s Fastest & Safest File Copy Utility • Creates A Clone Of The Entire Drive/Disk

The best option

FASTCOPY • Updates out-of-date, missing, or corrupt drivers • Scans the Windows Registry for incorrect entries • Blocks harmful websites with built-in Web Protection

The best option

TERACOPY • Windows 10 File Copy Utility • Skips Problematic Files During Copying Process • Drag & Drop To Copy/Move Files Best option

Finest File Copy Software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista

When seeking for rapid copy software for your Windows PC, the variety of options can be overwhelming. As a result, below is a handpicked list of the ten quickest file copy software for huge file transfers:

1. EaseUS Disk Copy


Size: 47.5 MB

Free Trial/Prices Begin at $19.90

Windows 10, 8, 7 compatibility

Are you looking for a Windows utility that will copy and paste the entire drive? EaseUS Disk Copy is an excellent option. The Windows application works quickly and accurately to clone a disc. EaseUS Disk Copy is compatible with practically all versions of Windows and can even be used to generate a bootable disc. It also supports hard discs with capacities of up to 16 TB.

Use the button below to download EaseUS Disk Copy.

Pros: • Best-known for its cloning accuracy • Fastest & Safest File Copy Utility • Capable of salvaging damaged hard drives • Assists in partitioning and boot disc creation

Reason to Buy – This tool includes disc cloning software in addition to rapid copy software.

2. FastCopy


Price: Free Size: 1.8 MB

Windows 10, 8, 7 compatibility

This file transfer software may lack an intuitive user interface, but it excels in terms of usability. The data copy software is free and allows you to move files quickly from one network to another. To obtain the best speed during file transfer, the Windows tool uses several threads to read, write, and verify data, as well as overlapped and direct I/O systems. Also check best file converter software

Pros: • Free File Copier for Advanced Users • Numerous buffer options to fine-tune performance • Allows you to create context menu entries • Low system resource usage • Auto-Select settings for copying

Cons: • Complicated and standard interface • Not suitable for beginners

Reason to Buy – The best free and easy-to-use file transfer software for PC.



Size: 17.6 MB

Prices begin at $19.95.

Windows 10, 8, 7 compatibility

TeraCopy is a stunning data copy application for Windows 10 and other operating systems. It offers both free & premium versions and has an interactive user interface. You can get a lot of features and speedier file copying chores from one PC to another if you use the free file copy utility edition.

Pros: • Exclude troublesome files from copying tasks • Drag and drop to avoid transferring large directories • Advanced capabilities for advanced users • Portable version available via Installer

Cons: • Resource consumption

Reason To Purchase – This freeware is the greatest copy software available, and it is ideal for those seeking sophisticated capabilities.

4. Copy Handler


Price: Free Size: 7.73 MB

Windows and Mac compatibility

Need a Windows utility to move a large number of files and data from one system to another? Well, your quest is over; try Copy Handler instead. A dedicated file copy utility for transferring large files quickly and efficiently. It also provides detailed information for assessing the transfer procedure. In contrast to other file copiers, incomplete jobs begin when the PC boots up.

Pros: • Tools for pause, resume, restart, and cancel • Multilingual data copy programme • Transfer files across discs and PCs

Cons: • The tool requires little technical knowledge to operate.

Reason to Buy – If you need to copy files between external storage devices, this is the finest software to use.

5. File Fisher


Size: 511 KB

Free of charge

Windows 10, 8, 7 compatibility

File Fisher is the greatest portable file copy utility for Windows 10. You don’t ought to install the application on your computer; instead, simply drag it to your desktop to begin using it. If you want to install the Windows programme on your PC later, you may simply keep it on an external device. You can halt, resume, or cancel the copying process at any moment with File Fisher.

Cons: • Basic user interface • Java Runtime Environment is required to execute

Reason to Buy – This is the best option for those who require a portable version of fast copy software for their Windows PC.

6. ExtremeCopy


Price: 3.13 MB Size: 3.13 MB 30-Day Free Trial/ $19.95

Windows and Mac compatibility

ExtremeCopy helps users copy data from one PC to another at breakneck speed, as the name implies. But, to be honest, you can only get the fastest speed if your machine is in top shape. Option to skip and pause the copy process for a specific file is included in the super-fast copy software. Also check gmelius alternatives

Pros: • User-friendly interface • Windows Explorer integration • Skip, Pause, and Resume options • Standard and pro versions of Copy Utility

Cons: • Advanced tools are only available with the pro version • Network transfers are terrible • Standard version has no main window

Reason to Buy – If you want the programme to optimise the speed and resources used on your computer, this is the best copy software.

7. UltraCopier


Price: Free Size: 9.9 MB

Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility

UltraCopier is an open-source file copy utility that works quickly to copy files from one location to another. UltraCopier, like several other choices discussed here, allows users to Start, Stop, and Resume the copying operation. It also has an error management capability that allows you to manage difficulties or corrupted files to some extent.

Pros: • Best for beginners • Runs in the background, consuming fewer resources • Copy files from one server to another • Open-source file copy software with a user-friendly interface • Copy queue tray to monitor copy progress

Cons: • Some users have trouble adding copy jobs.

Reason to Buy – This one is for individuals who want sophisticated features like themes and multi-language support.

8. MiniCopier


Price: Free Size: 20 MB

Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility

MiniCopier is one of the greatest interactive Windows copy software available. To use this lightning-fast file copier, simply drag and drop files or folders into the red basket in the program’s window, and the procedure will begin automatically. The regular Pause and Skip buttons are also present. Also check free content optimization tools

Pros: • Add multiple files/folders to basket • Pause/Resume process as needed • Allows you to skip current transfer and move on to the next • Allows you to overwrite files • Keep track of failed transfers

Pros: • Simple user interface

Reason to Buy – Compatible with previous versions of Windows and features a user-friendly interface.

9. FF Copy


Free Price Size: 437.11 KB

Windows 10, 7, and 8 compatibility

It is widely assumed as one of the best Windows file copy programmes, and there are numerous reasons for this. You can add the file to a transfer queue that you want to copy to ensure that it is downloaded in the correct sequence. Because of the divergent transfers, push parallel transfers, and ability to allot disc space and minimise disc fragmentation, it is known as super-fast copy software.

Pros: • Shows complete status progress • Pause and continue copying buttons • Significantly improves overall process performance • Super-fast file copier and mover for Windows 10 • Pre-allocation of disc space to reduce fragmentation

Cons: • The dashboard is basic.

Reason to Buy – To boost the speed of file transfers, this copy software uses the basic file queue approach.

10. SuperCopier 4


Size: 14.3 MB

Price: $14.99

Windows 10, 8, 7 (64-bit/32-bit), and Mac are all compatible.

Another open-source file copier application that resembles UltraCopier in appearance and functionality. The main difference is that SuperCopier is easier to use. Most actions are only accessible through the system tray. You can create a new copy task from the tray and control the copying process with the Pause, Resume, and Skip buttons.

Pros: • Small tray for starting, pausing, and skipping the copy process; • Tools for dealing with issues or file collisions; • Multilingual Data Copy Software

If you want more options to categorise your copies, this is the best copy software for Windows 10.

Is Moving or Copying Files Faster?

Moving data is always faster than copying files, albeit it depends on the situation and the amount of data being copied or moved. If you choose one of the finest copy software for Windows 10, the transfer speed will undoubtedly improve.

Moving files and folders inside the same drive will likely take less time than copying them. Because moving data just re-indexes the files and reallocates the pointer to a new position, but the data remains in the old places. While copying the data, it removes the reference and rewrites the files to signal that the data has been locomoted to a new location, which takes a little longer. Though there isn’t much of a dissimilarity in the time between the two activities!

2022 Best File Copy Software (Compared)

Here is a short rundown of the Top 5 Windows file transfer programmes that can help you copy files quickly from one location to another.

How Can I Speed Up A File Copy?

Copying files from the external storage to local storage is a common occurrence, and users sometimes complain that the operation takes all day, whether from external media or between multiple discs or partitions. There are multiple of reasons why the process of copying files can become slower. So, without employing third-party File Copy Software, we’ve attempted to provide particular strategies to speed up your system while it’s copying files slowly.

  1. Examine the HDD for corruption.
  2. Switch to a different USB port
  3. Turn off Antivirus
  4. Verify USB Drivers
  5. Utilize the Disk Cleanup Utility
  6. Format the USB flash drive with the NTFS file system.
  7. Modify the drive’s removal policy.

You’ll notice a slight improvement in copying files and folders from one location to another once you’ve tried all of these ways. Some users may find that trying all of these ways one by one is too time consuming, in which case the Top File Copy Utility becomes the ideal option!

Questions Frequently Asked –

Q1. What is the best file copying software?

The finest copy software is EaseUS Disk Copy. If you routinely copy several files, this is a must-have utility for your PC. You may also use it to make a clone of your hard drive. This one is at the top of the list of rapid copy software for Windows.

Q2. Why is my computer copy files so slowly?

Because computers slow down with time, the fragmented disc processes the copy function slowly. If you’re concerned about losing time, simply download one of the top file transfer software for Windows 10.

Q3. What can I do to boost the disc transfer rate?

You can buy one of the top copy software for Windows 10 to boost the disc transfer rate. It will work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. For further functionality, we recommend EaseUS Disk Copy.

Q4. Does more RAM help with file transfer speed?

Yes, adding RAM speeds up file transfers. However, having more RAM on your computer does not guarantee fast transfers because the drive may be full, affecting the performance. As a result, one of the aforementioned rapid copy software is recommended.

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