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The 9 Best Gmelius Alternatives for Email Collaboration In 2022

Gmelius Alternatives

This post will explain gmelius alternatives. Every tool has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to managing customer care, nurturing customer relationships, or creating revenue.

An email collaboration platform like Gmelius might be a wonderful alternative for teams who need to manage shared emails and streamline communication because it includes a CRM, shared inbox functionality, labelling, and more. Emails can be labelled, chats can be delegated, notes can be left regarding certain contacts and conversations, and so on.

The 9 Best Gmelius Alternatives for Email Collaboration In 2022

In this article, you can know about gmelius alternatives here are the details below;

Gmelius is a fantastic tool for communicating in a shared inbox with your team — but only if your firm uses Google Workspace for communication and file sharing.

Gmelius isn’t likely to be the ideal solution for your team if you have a larger team or need a suite with many features. There are a variety of Gmelius alternatives accessible, whether you’re looking for a tool that works well with your team or you’re unsatisfied with the platform.

Gmelius alternatives: 9 of the best

Let’s take a look at the nine finest Gmelius alternatives to help you select the ideal email collaboration solution for your company.

1. Help Scout

Customer assistance is the best Gmelius alternative.

Help Scout’s email collaboration and shared inbox features are ideal for teams looking to improve customer service by creating and nurturing connections with their customers. Manage customer requests, tag conversations, and include other team members in the dialogue with ease. Also check algolia alternatives

Help Scout also has the following critical features:

Starting at $20 per month per user.

2. Salesforce Service Cloud

For enterprises, Salesforce Service Cloud is the best Gmelius option.

Salesforce is ideal for large enterprises that require sophisticated capabilities to track customer communications. Salesforce offers a comprehensive set of tools for customer care, marketing, sales, and ecommerce, including capabilities such as: • Video support for customers.

Monthly fees start at $25 per user.

3. Google Collaberative Inbox

For Gmail users, the best Gmelius alternative.

Google Collaborative Inbox is an add-on for Google Workspace customers who wish to start managing their inboxes. It’s an excellent alternative for small teams and enterprises with little to no cash for email collaboration tools. The primary drawback is that the interface isn’t identical to conventional Gmail, so there’s a learning curve.

Google Collaborative Inbox includes the following features: • A simple setup that integrates with your Google workspace; • The ability to add, manage, and remove team members from your email group; and • Conversation organisation, which allows team members to assign, unassign, or resolve conversations as well as set Gmail labels.

Gmail teams can use it for free.

4. Outlook Shared Mailbox

For Outlook users, the best Gmelius alternative.

Outlook Shared Mailbox, like Google Collaborative Inbox, is a free solution for small teams that want to cooperate on email management with Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook’s Shared Mailbox function has the following features: • A simple setup that allows Outlook users to access shared mailboxes directly from their email client.

Price: Free for Outlook-using teams.

5. Hiver

For larger brands using Google Workspace, the best Gmelius option.

Hiver is another another email collaboration solution that only works with Gmail users. It’s great for helping teams manage various support staff’s support@ or info@ email addresses.

Hiver charges a small monthly subscription in exchange for access to a variety of functions, including:

Starting at $12 per user per month.

6. Front

The best option to Gmelius for email management.

While many tools on this list are intended to aid with shared inboxes (such as hello@ email addresses), Front is an excellent tool for organising all email conversation in one place, whether shared or personal.

Within the same tool, users can add their shared inbox, social media accounts, and live chat, as well as access their personal inbox.

Tagging allows you to prioritise VIPs and keep conversations structured. Marketing automation authorizes you to set up workflows and improve task management in your inbox. Email notes allow everyone on your team to know where a discussion or support request is at.

Monthly fees start at $19 per person.

7. Mixmax

For sales teams, the best Gmelius alternative.

Mixmax is an excellent email management solution for increasing outbound sales. It simplifies sales email management by including options for engaging recipients and scheduling calls and appointments.

Free plan is available. Paid plans start at $9 per month per user.

8. Saleshandy

Best alternative to Gmelius for email outreach.

Cold email outreach is the devil of every email user’s existence, and Saleshandy is a superb email collaboration solution for it. A solution like Saleshandy can assist improve the cold outreach experience, whether it’s for sales, link building, or influencer outreach.

Free plan is available. Premium plans start at $9 per month per user.

9. is the best Gmelius option for those on a tight budget. focuses on sending out email campaigns and includes a CRM and shared inbox for better project management and collaboration. is the only premium app on our list that charges a flat monthly fee rather than charging per user, making it an excellent choice for small organisations. Also check Toll-Free Number

After a 30 day free trial, prices start at $5 per month.

Find the best Gmelius replacement for you.

Overall, email collaboration solutions are essential for improving the way your team communicates with customers. Your community will notice if your staff struggles to keep up with email.

Invest in a platform that guarantees people get the service they need every day, rather than letting the status of your inbox drive the experience of your business. Your employees will be more optimistic, and so will your customers.

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