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“He’s A 10 But” Game Questions List You Can Try

“He’s A 10 But” Game Questions List You Can Try

This article will discuss the “He’s a 10 But” Game Questions List You Can Try. You’ve surely noticed a TikTok trend titled “He’s 10 but.” This game entails offering someone an opinion on their habits or conduct. For example, stating “He’s a 10 but has anger issues” implies that he is attractive but has difficulty managing his wrath.

If you often go out with friends or travel with them, you may play this game with them. Or if you want to make a video to follow the trend or just play it low, we have a list of many options that you can use for your films or enjoy with your friends.

Below is a choice of the best ‘He’s a 10 But’ questions for the game that you will undoubtedly find inventive and will make you seem clever in front of your friends.

What is “He’s a 10 But”?

The “He’s 10 But” challenge is a game in which you identify someone as attractive but missing certain traits, such as intellect, smoking, being impolite, and so on.

How to Play “He’s a 10 But”

Before we continue the list, let’s go over how to play the game. If you already know, skip this step and go to the list.

You just have to accept that if the number is low, you must complement it with a positive aspect, and if the number is high, you must complement it with something negative.

“He’s a 10 But” Questions List


What is the meaning of “He’s a 10 But”?

The “He’s 10 But” challenge is a game in which you describe someone as attractive but lacking specific attributes, such as intelligence, smoking, impoliteness, and so on.

Is the term “He’s a 10 But” degrading?

No, it’s just a game, but some people may see it as degrading since it spotlights bad aspects of their physical appearance and personality. Also Read 10 Best Fake ID Websites in 2024

Can the bad qualities listed in the challenge be serious or offensive?

It varies from person to person, and it is critical to explain the challenge to people before to playing so that they understand it.


That’s everything for this article. I hope you can discover the perfect lines to utilize. If you’re playing with a female, just replace “he” with “she” in these lines and you’re ready to go. If you have any more subjects relating to this post, please share them in the comments area, and we will certainly address them.

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