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How can you Make Money with a Mobile App?

While browsing the designated app stores on both Android and iOS platforms, one might’ve seen that free applications exist in a greater chunk than paid ones. Be it an app that makes the most complex of life problems easy, it might be free of cost. But one must’ve also noticed that on the same grounds, some of the most simple mobile apps come with a price tag.

No App making company would put in hours of time, money and other resources without doing a litmus test on its viability. That is why when it comes to making free apps, their utility factor is considered in the first place. If that is confirmed and the green signal is shown, then the app is developed in accordance to the client’s need.

Of course, those apps come with a price tag earn money directly from the users who choose it to download and install on their devices. But, have you ever thought, how do free apps churn out revenue? Well, there are many ways these apps use to earn money, be it advertising, offering premium features, or other ways. We are going to take a glimpse of all these in this blog. 

How Mobile Apps Make Money

There are plenty of ways for mobile app owners to make money from their apps. Let’ s talk about the most prevalent ones, for these three ways bring out the greatest of returns for developers and app managers alike. The best part? They don’t bring a lot of headaches along.

Advertising: Advertising can be done in many forms and all of them take up different parts, sizes, and animation on the screen.

The most used form of mobile app advertising is a banner ad, where the ad is displayed in a banner that’s on top or bottom of the screen. Interstitial ads are pretty common too and they take the whole screen on. Then, of course, there are incentivized ads, which give user perks for watching an ad in the form of credits, in-game money or ad-free service for the next few minutes.

Email Marketing: No matter what form of communication comes into this world, it would take something otherworldly to knock email marketing off its perch. At this moment, people have literally developed apps to collect a user database of emails (although that shouldn’t be the approach).

Most of the apps ask you for your email or the user has an option to sign up through Facebook, who again offers an SDK to grasp the user email and put it on the newsletter list.

Freemium: Freemium apps are ones that are absolutely free to download and peruse. But to unlock the premium features, one has to make in-app purchases. This is trending in the mobile app market more than any other monetizing technique.

Now that you know how mobile apps make money and you are aware of the top 3 ways free mobile apps can earn money, now’s the time to get your app made and earn good money by the side. And remember: it’s not about the money!

Author: I’m  Jaylin: SEO Expert of Leelija Web Solutions. I am a content manager, and the author of webtechhelp.org and a full time blogger. Favorite things include my camera, travelling, caring my fitness, food and my fashion. Email id: [email protected]

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