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How I Shot This With a Cheap and Unimpressive Looking Backdrop

Photography will become laughably costly with gear and props and every one the opposite wants. thus once there’s an opportunity to save lots of, I save!

This shoot was planned extremely instant because the model was in Singapore for less than a brief quantity of your time thus I didn’t extremely have the luxurious to return up with a powerful thought. Deciding to try and do away with my usual plain background, I remembered I had some shiny red paper hold on away that I had bought on a whim for $1 a bit. So, I did a touch arts and crafts and taped all along.

Honestly, it sounded like a child did it, however I knew it absolutely was visiting be adequate for photography with lights and magic to show it into a wonderful background. I taped it up to 2 C-Stands and voila, new backdrop!

Equipment List

Canon 5DS R
Canon 100mm f/2.8
three Profoto B2s
one Profoto A1
semitransparent Umbrella
OCF Beauty Dish
Silver Reflector

Lighting Setup

We didn’t have abundant time to shoot because of supplying problems, thus I used Exlixxier’s new upgraded software package, set.a.light 3D, to set up my lighting additional accurately throughout hair and makeup time.

I completely love this software! It helps Maine include lighting setups most quicker and i am ready to see however sure modifiers would have an effect on the set while not really having to line them up solely to not use them.

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As the paper was created out of reflective material, I knew I required a light-weight shining on that to point out off the feel and shine. I had one light-weight on the left, prime down shining straight onto the background. For main light-weight, I used a beauty dish, as a result of it’s a simple go-to light-weight that’s becoming.

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desperate to push the mood even additional, I had 2 lights from the rear shining on all sides of the model, coated with red plastic wrap paper (I ran out of color gels). For one amongst them, I used a white umbrella facing away for a softer look, whereas on the opposite, I used my Profoto A1 as a result of it absolutely was really easy to line up.

Here’s a BTS for a clearer look. Ignore the shoe I used for model placement.


Even though we have a tendency to solely had Associate in Nursing hour and a [*fr1] to shoot, we have a tendency to managed to play four appearance anyway, and that i like these images! i’m extremely happy I sure my instincts that day and determined to really obtain those papers.


What are your low-cost buys that are helpful in your photoshoots ? place down within the comments and allow us to know!

Photographer: Shavonne Wong
Model: Mia Sabathy
Makeup: Benji Oo and Xuan
Wardrobe: Violet Foo



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