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Home Business How the medical industry is changing due to the micro-coils?

How the medical industry is changing due to the micro-coils?

If you have been wondering about the recent shift in medical technology to miniaturization, this article will help you to understand it in detail. The following details shall be covered:

  • What is micro coil and its use?
  • Why is the micro-coil important?
  • What are the challenges faced in micro-coil technology?

An electromagnetic coil is wound around a core iron that produces a magnetic effect every time the electric current is passed through the wire. But, the major problem with the electromagnetic coil is that it cannot be used for miniature devices.

The shifting trend towards the micro-devices and sensors have increased the use of the micro-coil windings. The manufacturing of the micro-coil faces a number of challenges.

Let us explore a few of those challenges:

The thickness of the wire of the micro-coil is lesser than that of the human hair. The lack of modern machinery that can handle such thin wires is a concern.

The issue regarding the connectivity of the thin wires have also been raised by the manufacturers alike.

The solution to the problem of connectivity was found to be the thermo-pressure bonding, a technology that uses high thermal pressure to attach two similar wires. The wires can be either similar in diameter or material.

Ultra-thin wires become an integral part of the micro-sensor devices. Thus, developing a corrosion-free, high quality, the ultra-thin wire is a necessity. Through the process of thermo-pressure bonding, this has been made possible.

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Since technology is new, there needs to be the development of the new machinery too for developing the micro-coils. Ultra-thin wires can often be difficult to manufacture, yet, they have a wider application, that we shall cover in the following section.

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In the domain of therapeutics and orthopedics, the micro-coil windings leave a lasting impact. In the domain of sensory implants and targeted drug treatment, they are highly effective. Monitoring of the internal vital signs, including the brain simulations and neural treatments, they have been highly beneficial.

Some of the revolutionary applications include the positioning of the stent, cardiac surgeries, and radiation catheters, that have made the medical industry more dynamic. The failure to access the inaccessible areas has now been conquered, thus the treatments have become more robust. This is why the miniaturization of medical devices is a need.

New requirements lead to greater innovations. With the relentless innovations and the changes in technology, the medical industry is shaping up into something more challenging. The major criteria of reliability, energy consumption, and implanted devices have to be met.

This is why we are seeing a shift in the domain of medical science. Reducing interference with day-to-day body activities is why miniaturization has become a vital component in the medical field. Be it as the navigation component in the cardiac surgeries or the catheterization, the increasing need for small medical devices ensures a reduction in manufacturing cost. Reasonable price and excellent medical standards should be your first priority while selecting the vendor for micro-coil windings.

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