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How to Create Strong Passwords for Your Computer

Data protection should be a prime concern for individuals and businesses alike. With cases of data breaches being reported each day, there’s no better time to safeguard your information. While there are numerous ways of securing your data, the first step would be generating strong passwords. Hackers employ various tactics to hack your password, hence the need for a solid password.

Here are password ideas to try out:

1: The passphrase method

The passphrase method uses multiple word phrases and spins them to form uncommon words. These can be names of famous sites, historical figures and many other bizarre words. They can also be words or phrases from a song, film, or play. Avoid using personal information or real words; this will make it for hackers or guess your password.

What are the characteristics of a strong password? The best password for your device should be at least characters long and should contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. It should also contain numerics and shouldn’t use meaningful words o numbers. It should be random and as complex as possible.

2. Muscle memory method

The method uses the fingers and not the brain! Sounds funny? Yes, it is. And it doesn’t work for everyone. Start by using any password generator tool to generate as many passwords as possible. Pick one that is easy memorize, and type it severally until you can remember it with ease. Some of the best password generator tools to try out are;

3: The sentence method

The strategy involves forming sentences randomly and converting them into a password. Take some letters from each word, and make the sentence personal and highly unguessable. For example; My favorite fruit is an apple. From this sentence, your password would be, myfafrisanap. Although this may not make sense to others, it’ll secure the information on your computer.

How can you secure your password?

 Once you choose a strong password for your computer, the next step would be to keep it secure. Besides, having a strong password is of no essence if you don’t keep it safe. This can easily compromise your data. Some of the ways to safeguard your password are;

A password manager will master your password and will remember your computer password and others used on all your accounts. It will also help you generate the most complex passwords for your device.

Two-factor authentication is a security process that will protect your credentials and any other resources that you access. It will add a layer of protection in case your computer gets hacked. It’s an effective tool to enhance the security of your information.

You cannot trust others with your password and expect to be safe. Giving out passwords to others will compromise your information no matter how much you trust them.

Final thoughts

The type of password you use on your computer defines the safety of your data. There are many hackers out there, and you can easily lose your data. Be creative and use a complex password that can’t get hacked easily. Moreover, use any other tools that can enhance the security of your passwords.

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