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How to Delete Your Skype Account

Skype may be a nice communication tool for touching base with a loved one, friend or business associate through text, voice, and even video chat. because of its ease-of-use and widespread adoption, several everyday people, in addition as giant firms, utilize the Skype application to attach with others each across the road and across the world.

With that same, Skype is not for everybody and you’ll reach a degree wherever you would like to delete your account altogether. maybe you’ve got found a superior service otherwise you merely not would like what Skype offers. irrespective of your reason for jumping ship, deleting your Skype account may be a multi-step method that may be a touch tough betting on your explicit profile details. luckily, we have you coated for these situations.


Since your Skype account is tied to your Microsoft account, you can not delete it utterly while not additionally disabling the latter, that means you may not access Windows, Xbox Live,, and alternative Microsoft services. For the needs of this tutorial, we tend to assume this can be not a viable possibility and can instead show you ways to prevent your Skype account from being beaked, in addition as the way to take away your personal data from the Skype info.

If neither possibility is appropriate, and you are certain you would like to utterly pack up your Microsoft account, visit the account closure page and thoroughly follow the prompts till the ultimate step wherever you may choose Mark account for closure. bear in mind this deletion method sometimes takes sixty days to be totally completed.

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Disabling Paid Skype Subscriptions

Although many of its features are free to use, there are also people who purchase Skype credits or subscriptions  in order to utilize advanced functionality and services. If you fall into this category and no longer plan to use Skype, take the following steps to ensure you’re not billed in the future:

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  1. Open your web browser and sign into Skype via the following URL:
  2. After being authenticated you should be taken to the My account screen. Scroll down to the Account details section and select Auto-recharge, located under Billing and payments.
  3. If you see a message stating Auto-recharge is not enabled, select your browser’s Back button to return to the previous screen. If auto-recharge is currently active, take the appropriate steps to disable it before returning to the previous screen.
  4. Check the contents of the left-menu pane to confirm whether or not you have any active Skype subscriptions. If you do, follow the prompts to cancel them accordingly.
  5. As a final and optional precaution, you can choose to remove any payment methods you have on file, such as credit cards or checking accounts, by selecting Billing information (also found in the left-menu pane) and deleting any details that may be stored there.


Deleting Your Account Details From the Skype Database


  1. Open a web browser and sign into Skype via the following URL:
  2. After being authenticated you should be taken to the My account screen. Scroll down and select Edit profile, found in both the left-menu pane as well as in the Settings and preferences section.
  3. The Profile interface should now be displayed. From here it’s recommended you add or modify any and all personal information that may be tied to your account, as well as removing your profile picture. These values can be modified or cleared by first selecting Edit profile, then Save once you’re satisfied with your changes.
  4. Scroll down to the Contact details section and do the same, getting rid of any addresses or phone numbers that could be traced back to you.
  5. Finally, scroll down to the Profile setting section. Remove the checkmarks next to Appear in search results and Appear in suggestions by selecting each of them once.
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Note: Despite taking the actions above, you will never be totally hidden; users who have previously contacted you will still be able to by selecting on your name within their Skype application. Nevertheless, taking these steps will keep you somewhat off the grid.


Deleting a Skype for Business Account


Skype for Business accounts are handled much differently than the everyday, personal Skype accounts referenced in the tutorials above. If you have a Skype for Business account you wish to delete, you’ll most likely need to reach out to the account administrator. Since these accounts are usually handled server-side via the Office 365 administrator portal, the person or team in charge of Skype within your organization would most likely have to handle the deletion process.

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