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How to Find the Best SAT Prep Website

The New SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam that American high school students and foreign students take to enter an American college or university. This exam is designed to test critical thinking skills. American colleges, universities, as well as scholarship funds and grant programs, use the results of the SAT exam to understand how well you are prepared for study and to evaluate your academic achievements compared to all other applicants. 

Therefore, in order to demonstrate to the American university that you are a worthy candidate for admission, it is very important to pass the SAT well. So, how to find the most suitable site for preparation? Use only trusted and the best SAT prep courses to be sure you won’t use your time looking for unneeded information.

1: Exam structure

It is very important to pay attention to the fact that since 2016 the format of the SAT exam has completely changed. Be careful when preparing – you must use only new textbooks released after 2015 for The New SAT.

Of course, it is best to find official sites for preparation. In order to know what to pay attention to, you need to know what is waiting for you on the exam. There will be a section for reading, Writing and Language Tests, mathematics without a calculator, mathematics with a calculator, and essay writing. You can use collegeboard.org – the official site for passing and preparing for the SAT exam, there are a test schedule and sample tasks. Also, do not be afraid to surprise your brain with gaming, because there are a lot of educational benefits of video games too.

2: SAT Preparation Sites for Content and Strategy

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There are several important questions for which you should know the answers: what skills do you need in order to pass the written and reading parts? What is the strategy for this exam? And what tricks can you use in order not to waste time during the exam itself?

Strategy is one of the most important parts of your preparation for SAT and this is the part that you will not find on official sites. It is in the interest of the board to confuse you and check your attention by artificially creating the wrong answers that are designed to distract you from the correct ones. To do this, there are standard templates that no one talks about. Thus, you spend time studying the question in search of the correct answer and do not have time to answer other questions. This is especially true for heavy mathematical equations.

So what resources should you use instead? Use technology tools for students where you may find helpful resources no matter what abilities you have. Also, look for information about what they usually ask at CAT exams, what tasks other students had, and what kind of curious questions they came across. It is unlikely that these questions will be repeated, but at least you will be prepared for the fact that this can wait for you and leave tricky questions at the end so as not to waste time during the exam.

3: Look for additional information

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Do not forget that in our time modern technologies do not ignore social networks and blogs. For example, you can follow the pages of the creators of the exam, the official site of SAT and find out all updates.

It is worth paying attention to Erica Meltzer’s blog thecriticalreader.com. Thanks to her, you can better prepare for the part of the exam that relates to reading and writing essays. Her blog will help you not only solve problems related to testing but also deal with many other issues related to students. You may find a lot of information from useful playground activities to SAT preparations, so look carefully, because there is a lot of information there.

Questions in the written SAT require awareness of specific topics; unofficial training tests either do not contain questions on these topics or contain questions on topics that are not in the SAT. Even if there are no such excesses and omissions, questions in unofficial tests are usually framed in a different, disorienting manner. 


The most important thing in finding sites for preparing for the SAT is to be as attentive as during the exam itself. You will need to filter out unnecessary information and concentrate on the necessary while saving time for the most important.


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