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How To Fix Google Chrome High CPU usage Windows 10

Google Chrome, universes most prominent internet browser, as far as highlights, UI and essentially everything with Less blunders. However, Once in a while clients report windows 10 PC/Workstation Stops and ended up inert while open Google Chrome program. Or on the other hand High CPU, memory or 100% Plate use By Google Chrome Program while perusing site pages on PC Workstation. On the off chance that you are additionally battling from chrome high CPU use issue on Windows 10, here certain answers for you.

Why does chrome use so much CPU?

here are different reasons that can cause google chrome high CPU usage, 100% plate or memory uses. for example, Infection malware contamination, pernicious Chrome augmentations, ineffectively planned expansions, or the Program itself get tainted/obsolete and so forth that causes Google Chrome to go through a lot of CPU or memory on your Framework.

Whatever the reason Here apply arrangements underneath to fix Google chrome high CPU usage 100% Circle or memory use material to Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 PC/PCs.

Fix Google Chrome high CPU usage

As discussed Virus malware infection, corrupted Cache, Cookies, Browser history etc cause the chrome Browser unresponsive and start using High System resources such as 100% Disk, Memory or CPU. First, perform a full system scan with latest updated antivirus /antimalware to make sure that Virus/ Malware infection not causing the issue.

Install third-party system optimizer like Ccleaner to clean temporary files, cookies, cache junk data etc to optimize system performance. And fix broken missing registry errors.

Open Google Chrome browser type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar and hit the enter key. Select Advanced tab, Change the time range to all-time now ticking on all the options and click on Clear Data as shown image below.

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Again on chrome browser address bar type chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings?origin=userclick. Then click on Reset button to reset the Google Chrome settings. Now close Google Chrome completely.

Press Windows + R to Open RUN and type this command   %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and then click on OK. It will open a new window. Now, Find the folder “Default”. You can delete it. But, I recommend you to rename it as default.backup or something else. It will allow you to restore your chrome data when you need.

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Make sure chrome browser is updated, To check and install latest updates open chrome browser and type chrome://settings/help on the address bar. This will check and install updates.

Additionally Download and Introduce Chrome Cleanup Instrument on the official site. Snap Sweep and this apparatus will consequently evacuate strange additional items, startup pages, tabs and so on.

Now Restart windows And open Google chrome Program check This time There is no High CPU usage issue.

Chrome Task Manager to find out what causing the issue

Google Chrome browser comes with an inbuilt Task manager which allow monitoring how much CPU and memory web pages, extensions, and Google processes are using while Chrome is running on your computer.

In order to open Google Chrome Task Manager, First open chrome browser then press the combination of Shift + Escape (Shift + Esc) keys together. On the task manager, you will see the resources which a web page is taking. High CPU usage and the resources which are taken by the web pages can lead to Google Chrome high memory usage.

Now, you have to check the webpages which are consuming a lot of RAM or memory. Check and remove the ones which are taking a lot of memory.

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Remove Google Chrome Extensions

If you have installed a lot of Google Chrome extensions, you can disable or delete them one by one and then restart your Chrome browser and see if the chrome high CPU usage is fixed or not.

To Disable or Remove Chrome Extensions Open Chrome Browser and Type chrome://extensions/ hit the enter key. This will display all installed extensions list. Simply turn off the toggle to temporarily disable the Extention or click on Remove option to completely delete the Extensions one by one. Then restart your Chrome browser and see if the chrome high CPU usage is fixed or not.

Re-Install Chrome Browser

If all above failed to fix the problem then simply reinstall the chrome browser to get a fresh start. To do this Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and click ok. This will open programs and features window, Here right click on chrome and select uninstall.

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Presently Restart windows And open Google chrome Program check This time There is no High CPU usage issue.

Tips To Avoid google chrome high CPU usage


Keep less tabs open. In Chrome, each extra tab is another procedure on your framework, which implies that each open tab builds the weight on your CPU. Tabs that are overwhelming on JavaScript and additionally Streak components are especially awful.

Don’t install unnecessary extensions: Dependably keep away from to Introduce superfluous Expansions. Introduce The Chrome Expansion on the off chance that you truly need it. Some of the time ineffectively coded, or it may very well have a bug, on Expansions cause Various issues on chrome program.

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Disable hardware acceleration : The hardware increasing speed setting enables Chrome to share overwhelming handling loads between your CPU and your GPU, yet it doesn’t generally function admirably. Indeed, in some cases it makes Chrome utilize more CPU. Take a stab at handicapping it and checking whether that makes a difference.

That is all, applying these arrangements the majority of the causes fix google chrome high CPU use, 100% circle memory usage and so forth.


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