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Home Tips & Tricks How to Make a Gutter Cleaner from a Leaf Blower?

How to Make a Gutter Cleaner from a Leaf Blower?

With a little ingenuity, you can, on the whole, use your Best Cordless Leaf Blower to help you clear your gutters earlier than they strengthen severe clogs. Gutters can be convenient to take for granted. Their only actual function is to divert rainwater from your roof away from necessary components of your home. Gutter troubles are regularly the result of historical leaves, twigs, and other debris getting trapped in the system. As time goes on, sections could hence start to pull away from the roofline, and extra water can begin to affect your foundation.

Gutter preservation for Makita Leaf Blower Reviews is a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of best repair. The fall season is generally the time when gutters are most likely to accumulate debris. It is additionally the time of year when you are most possibly to be cleansing up the yard with a leaf blower.

Overview On How to Make a Gutter Cleaner From a Leaf Blower:

With some essential hardware devices and a little mechanical skill, you can transform your leaf blower into a gutter cleaner. There are a couple of approaches to do it depending on your side of the leaf blower, the size of its nozzle, and the height of your roofline. Gas, as well as backpack leaf blowers, are usually the best to modify. They also somehow tend to be the most powerful. If your roofline is not too high, they would possibly even have sufficient energy to spare you having to climb a ladder. Most corded electric and battery-powered leaf blowers additionally have adequate power to manage the job.

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There are two exceptional configurations to consider. The first is the setting of PVC attachment. The second is about flexible hose like you find on a save vac. If your roofline is more significant than one story, you probably lean towards the PVC version.


Essential Types of Equipment Needed:

  • The inner diameter of your leaf blower nozzle system
  • The external set of the diameter of your leaf blower nozzle system
  • The top of your roofline/gutters
  • Enough size of 2” PVC pipe sufficient to reach the gutters
  • A more 6” length of PVC
  • A 2” compatible PVC U-Joint
  • Duct tape
  • PVC cement and primer (Optional)
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Tips For Using Duct Tape:


Duct tape for Makita xbu02pt1 blower is one of those elements that invite you to use it haphazardly. There are some matters where you can keep the attachment looking easy while ensuring a tight fit, and making it convenient to take apart later. When you all the more wrap the duct tape, make sure to go at least one full pass by around the circumference at the joint.


Then flip the next strip at a roughly 30-degree perspective and make two diagonal passes with the tape. The intention is to create an X pattern proper over the joint line. When you get to the cease of your wrap, you choose to fold over the last inch or two. This will go away in the back of a short tag which will be handy to grip when you need to unwrap all the duct tape hence later on.

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How to Use PVC Primer And Cement?

You will ultimately need PVC primer and cement if you prefer the gutter cleaner attachment to be wholly affixed. It is necessary to use both, and not merely the cement if you prefer a company preserve besides any air leaks. The PVC primer begins a complex chemical process on the floor of the PVC which genuinely softens the surface.

To use it you wipe an inch-wide strip around both PVC surfaces mated. Then provide it with a strong 10-second for the chemical method to start. At that point, you wipe with the small amount of PVC cement on one surface and then set the two together. Hold it firmly for at least the duration of 30-seconds. Then set it down where it won’t be disturbed. The cement will need at least two hours to entirely treatment and seal.

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Can you use a Shop-Vac Hose as a Gutter Cleaner?

If you have a range of low level of the roofline, or you are relaxed mountain climbing up on a ladder, you would possibly be capable to multi-task your shop vac’s flexible hose as a gutter cleaning attachment. If the blower nozzle and the keep vac hose connection are quite like-minded in size, it is merely the more cost-effective option.

You have just to make sure that there is a genuine air seal for Makita xbu02pt1 blower. This usually requires copious quantities of duct tape. If possible, you prefer the throat of the keep vac hose to fit over the blower nozzle. If the external range of diameter of the shop vac hose is smaller than the inner diameter of the blower nozzle, you might have to reduce some portions of the couple. This would then make it not possible for use on the shop vac. We would only recommend taking this route if you have a spare hose!

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