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How to Make Google My Homepage in Windows 10

Google doesn’t should stay free forever. Indirectly Google helps you dead set receive your fantasy job. Or, you suspect you recognize Google. Google could need a pair of passes of your web site to seek out it. Whenever we would like to look something, we’ve to sort within the search bar. thus why don’t we have a tendency to create it default? Well, we can. you’ll be able to create Google Homepage in your browser. Here during this article, we have a tendency to are visiting share

One of absolutely the most complete browsers on the online are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Well, Google Chrome has already had default computer programme Google, however you’ll be able to set your Homepage as Google Search victimisation this the way to create Google My Homepage guide. Mozilla finally joins different school corporations like Google and Facebook in reducing the utilization of Flash on the online. To use its entire potential you wish to create it the default application program. keep in mind there are a decent deal of Google apps to require advantage of and a few properties too.

How to Make Google My Homepage

Whenever you search victimisation Google Chrome, it mechanically searches victimisation Google Browser however after you set Google as your Homepage when you open Browser, it’ll mechanically open homepage. several users have rumored that their homepage was become Yelloader, and that i can’t flip it back to Google. victimisation this guide, you’ll be able to solve this issue.

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Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser and then go to Settings.

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Step 2: Go to Appearance > Enable Show Home Button.

Step 3: Now you will see an option to enter URL. In the second option, type and close it. 

Now whenever you open Google Chrome, it will automatically open Google homepage.


Step 1: Open Firefox browser and open Settings from the right side menu button.

Step 2: Find Homepage option and Enter “” and save.


Step 1: Open Safari browser > Preferences > General.

Step 2: Find homepage section and then type > Enter.

How do I upgrade my browser homepage?

Internet browsers have default Search Engine or Website set as homepage which is frequently or even, that opens up on the launch of the Internet browser. The steps of changing the default homepage vary slightly based upon your browser.

What’s a homepage?

A site is the first page which typically turns up once you start your browser. An online browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is packed with a default homepage, but you can customize this setting.

Could I do have more than 1 homepage?

No, you can have only one homepage for your browser.

Thanks for reading this article regarding How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browser. Comment down for more help.

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