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How to Organize Apps on Your iPad

Apple owns the trademark to “There’s Associate in Nursing app for that” for an honest reason; there looks to be Associate in Nursing app for nearly everything. sadly, there is not Associate in Nursing app for organizing all the apps you transfer from the App Store, and if you’re keen on to require advantage of each download-for-free promotion that comes your method, you may presently have to organize your apps instead of simply material possession every new app move to the rear of the road. There are many ways in which to stay your favorite apps at your fingertips, together with folders, victimization the dock, and sorting apps alphabetically.

Organize Your iPad With Folders


When the iPad was introduced, it did not embrace the way to make folders, however this quickly modified because the variety of apps within the App Store grew. If you have ne’er created a folder on the iPad, don’t be concerned. it’s as easy as moving Associate in Nursing app, however rather than dropping the app on Associate in Nursing open space on the iPad’s Home screen, you drop it onto another app


  • Tap and hold on an app that you want to put in a folder.

  • After it starts to jiggle, drag it over another app you want to put in the same folder but don’t release it.

  • As you continue to hold the app, you zoom into a folder view. Release the app.

  • Add a name to the folder if the generic name the iPad chooses isn’t the one you want to use by tapping in the name area. The iPad recognizes types of apps, so if you create a folder with two weather apps in it, the name will be Weather.

  • Click off the folder and back on the Home screen. Now you can click, hold, and drag additional apps into the folder.


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Make many folders to carry your apps. you’ll desire a folder for games, productivity apps, diversion apps, monetary apps, and so on. If you discover out later you are not employing a specific folder, drag all the apps in it intent on the house screen, and therefore the folder disappears.

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Place Your Most-Used Apps on the Dock

The apps on the dock at the underside of the screen keep the identical irrespective of that Home screen you’re presently on, thus this space is that the best place for your most used apps. several people ne’er modification out the apps on the dock, however you’ll place up to thirteen apps on the dock, thus there is many area for you to alter your dock expertise. once the primary vi, the app icons shrink to form area for added app icons.

The dock displays the 3 last used apps mechanically, thus whether or not you do not have Associate in Nursing app docked, it’s going to be prepared for you to launch from the dock if you’ve got opened it recently.

You place Associate in Nursing app on the dock the identical method you’d move it anyplace.


  • Press and hold on the app until it jiggles.

  • Move your finger and the app to the dock and hold until the other apps on the dock move out of the way.

  • Release your finger.

    If your dock is already full or if you choose you would like one in every of the default apps on the dock, move apps off the dock even as you’d move them from anyplace. after you move the app off the dock, the opposite apps on the dock reposition themselves.

    Place Folders on the Dock


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One of the good ways in which to prepare your iPad is to flip the script. whereas the dock is meant for your most used apps and therefore the Home screen is meant for your folders and therefore the remainder of your apps, you’ll use the house screen for the foremost well-liked apps and therefore the dock for everything else by filling the dock up with folders. putting a folder on the dock could be a good way to access an entire slew of apps from any Home screen.

So, rather than victimization the dock for apps you wish to urge to simply, you allow them on the primary page of your Home screen and place all of your alternative apps in folders on the dock.

Sort the Apps Alphabetically

There is no thanks to keep your apps for good organized alphabetically, however you’ll type them while not moving every app employing a workaround.

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  • Launch the setting app.

  • Go to General on the left-side menu and choose Reset at the bottom of the General settings.

  • Tap Reset Home Screen Layout and confirm your choice on the dialog box that appears by tapping Reset.

This types all the apps you’ve got downloaded in alphabetical order. they seem instantly behind the default apps, that are organized within the same method they were after you got the iPad. Apps you transfer later aren’t alphabetized; they seem at the top of the apps as was common.

Skip Organizing the iPad and Use Spotlight Search or Siri


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If you transfer dozens of recent apps weekly, the fundamental organizing tips for the iPad might not be enough to stay your iPad straightforward to navigate.

That’s OK as a result of you’ll launch any app at any time victimization Spotlight Search, that you discover by swiping right from the primary Home screen. this suggests you do not should seek for Associate in Nursing app Associate in Nursingd is regarding as quick the way to launch an app as you’ll realize. it’s a pursuit field and several other suggestions of recently used apps.

Another straightforward thanks to launch Associate in Nursing app is to use Siri. Press and hold the house button to launch Siri then say Launch Notes or Launch Mail or whichever app you wish to open.


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