How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart in 2022

Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart

Just like most of you, I have hundreds of restore google chrome tabs after restart open all the time. Blame it on laziness. I barely closed them in the hope of reading them later. The only answer is to put my PC on hibernation, which slows it down over time. Recently, however, new Chrome settings “on the start-up” that not only open past sessions and tabs but also provide a few other handy choices, have lately been discovered by me. So, here’s how to restore google chrome tabs after the restart and other solutions you might wish to try.

How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Restart in 2022

If you use the Google Chrome browser, sadly, it shuts down with more critical tabs. Everyone is angry about it. But don’t worry, Chrome includes numerous methods to Restore Google Chrome Tabs previously closed tabs. In this article, I’ll teach you how to get your Restore Google Chrome Tabs back after a restart. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser.

If you shut down your Chrome browser unexpectedly due to an error, power outage, or other reasons, a few critical Restore Google Chrome Tabs will remain open. Then you need to reopen the most recent closed tab in Chrome. So let’s start to address this problem.

Continue where you Left Off

This is the option I personally use. It restarts the whole Chrome session as it is after you launch Chrome. It’s excellent if you’ve got hundreds of tabs open and all of them provide important material. In this manner, you not only store the data but also make time to evaluate them one by one later.

To activate it, run Chrome and enter settings from the upper right corner of the page.

This will open settings in a new tab. Either from the left sidebar or by scrolling down the page, you can access the “On Start-up” options.

By default, you would have the New Tab page selected. To allow recovery of closed tabs, merely pick the “Continue where you left off” option. Try it out by opening a few tabs, shutting, and reopening Chrome again.

Open Specific Pages

When Chrome launches, this option should be enabled if you have particular websites open automatically. For example, I use WordPress and Slack primarily, and this opens both the tabs on start-up. It’s easy and just saves a lot of time. Select the “Open a specific page or collection of pages” option.

which provides you with two additional options: “Add a new page” and “Use current pages”. To add a new page, click on the “Add a new page” option.

Now input the URL you wish to open and press Add. Similarly, you may add as many pages as you like, using the same option.

Next is the “Use current pages” option. I don’t particularly prefer using this.

As it merely launches the tabs that are currently open in the browser, For example, if I’ve got Google and YouTube open and I allow this. It’ll open them every time I run Chrome. It doesn’t matter if I close these tabs or create new ones.

So, you’ll have to manually select “Use existing pages” again and over again, which negates the entire point.

A Quick Way to Restore the Chrome Tab from the Title Bar

This solution allows Chrome users to quickly restore the previous session.

Shortcut to Chrome to restore the previous session

When you first launch Chrome, a new tab will be shown. Right-click up to the New Tab and pick “Reopen closed tab” to restore the Chrome tab.

The History of Chrome Tabs Can Be Used to Restore Deleted Documents.

Restore Tabs to Chrome Mobile Phone

Touch upon the webpage name to reopen it.

Final Words

So here is how you set up a start-up page on Google Chrome. My favorite option, as I stated, is “Continue where you left off” as it keeps all the Restore Google Chrome Tabs every time I start Chrome. I don’t see any point in adding an extension as this functionality is adjustable enough to meet everyone’s needs. With any luck, you now know how to get your Restore Google Chrome Tabs back after a restart. If you have any queries, please leave a comment!

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