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How to set up a second TV to your cable service

This is how to set up a second TV to your cable service

Adding an additional TV to your existing cable doesn’t mean paying extra for a second box through providers like BT or Virgin Media. If you’re looking to watch TV in more than one room, you can do this with ease and for a relatively low cost with an RF splitter and coaxial cable. These can be picked up from technology and parts providers such as RS Components.

What are RF splitters?

A splitter is a component that splits your cable signal for your TV in multiple ways, and is the most important element if you’re looking to hook up an additional TV to your current incoming service. As it’s such an important part it’s important to make sure you choose the right one, as this will affect the final picture quality. Ideally you’ll need to get one that is not only well-made, but one that is also waterproof and has RFI shielding to protect the signal from noise.

What is a coaxial cable?

A coaxial cable is a type of cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer, surrounded by a conductive shielding. Most coaxial cables also have an insulating outer jacket with the electrical signal flowing through the center conductor.

How can I set up my second TV?

There is a simple, 4 step process to get your second TV hooked up, meaning you can watch all your favourite shows and movies in no time.

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What equipment do I need? You will need 1 x RF splitter and 2 x coaxial cables.

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Step 1: Take the coaxial cable from the back of your first TV and plug it into the “In” port of your RF splitter.

Step 2: Take another coaxial cable and hook one end to the first “Out” port of the splitter while plugging the other end of this cable into your first TV.

Step 3: Plug another coaxial cable into the other “Out” port of the RF splitter and then plug the other end of this cable into your secondary TV.

Step 4: Select the “RF” option from your TV sets’ input menus to view the content from your cable box. You can now watch TV on either of your set ups!

Are there limits to what you can do?

Unfortunately yes. This method only allows you to watch one TV set at a time. If you’re wanting to watch multiple TVs at once, you will need to explore other options to ensure you have a sufficient set up. You may find you will need to contact your cable provider and ask them to send out a second cable box.

It’s important to remember that every time you split a signal, it gets weaker and the picture quality will get poorer. However, to combat this you could always try a signal amplifier. No matter which route you head down to get your multi-room set up, you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows and movies in no time.

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