How to setup privacy setting on your Facebook account


Facebook is known as the largest Social Media channel where individuals are interacted at very large.When you are at public and social place you need to set privacy settings & safety changes so as to protect your account.  Privacy issue in Facebook has improved because of malicious hackers and malicious applications.  Facebook team has improved a lot in this issue by supplying some facilities to all customers.  They’ve made such options & settings with which each individual is allowed to customize his/her account to provide security to consumer’s account.  Unfortunately most of the people don’t know the correct method to setup privacy settings on Facebook. You can read about privacy settings in more details by clicking on the link.

So, Let’s discuss few tips to set up the best privacy settings for your Facebook account.

Setting up your photos on Facebook as private

Are you afraid about getting disturbing comments  in your own Facebook Photo Albums?
Or. Would you wish to maintain your photo albums  with you but at a private & safer location? You don’t have to be worried about this, because Facebook gives you the support at which it is possible to save your unforgettable photos without needing interruption by other people. You may undoubtedly set privacy setting in accordance with your requirement on your photo albums on facebook.

Setting privacy on your status

Certainly you wish to share imaginative and amazing thinking in form of status along with your friends, family members, coworkers, community, relatives, etc.. So, why strange men and women are commenting in your status? Yes, Off course. You don’t want it. It’s possible to protect your status from such malicious comments through applying the privacy from your profile settings. Facebook permits you to personalize your accounts on your own personal way and states.

Blocking the people from finding you.

You may block random people by doing some changes in privacy settings from preventing people to finding you on Facebook. From the titile of “How You Connect” it’s possible to change privacy settings such as:

These settings will let you protect your account from receiving junk in your Facebook account and to have a protected and much better account.

Making your Facebook friends list private:

Everyone have friends, Some friends are close or special to you. When you add friends on Facebook. By default, It is set to public. Means, Everyone using the facebook is able to see who is your friend on facebook. In case, You don’t want anybody to know who is added to you as a friend or you want to remain your friend list as private. You can simple do this by making some changes in your privacy settings. You can set the Who can see your friends list? To only me to prevent the people to see your friends.

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