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How to Speed Up Microsoft Store Downloads In 2022

The Microsoft Store is quickly becoming the go-to destination for all things Windows 10. Buying movies and TV shows, books, and hardware straight from Microsoft are all possible through the service. While Speed Up Microsoft Store downloading is normally smooth, if you are encountering sluggish Speed Up Microsoft Store download, we recommend following our recommendations to see if it improves it for you.

How to Speed Up Microsoft Store Downloads In 2022

Windows 10, a huge overhaul for Microsoft, introduced a lot of improvements. One of them is the Microsoft Store. Being able to access all Windows applications from one location is rather convenient. It makes it easier to search for both free and paid apps. The installation method is straightforward, and you can quickly update them. How to Speed Up Microsoft Store Downloads?

It’s understandable if an app or game is taking an excessive amount of time to Speed Up Microsoft Store download, but what if it fails to download at all? What’s going on here, as that’s what typically happens? Even if it’s inconvenient, it won’t last forever. Here are several reasons why this happens and how you might Speed Up Microsoft Store.

How long has it been since Microsoft’s systems were unreachable?


Speed Up Microsoft Store

It’s possible you didn’t consider this, but it’s worth looking into. In order for the Microsoft Store to function, users must have access to the Azure Cloud platform. You may use a Down Detector site to check if there’s an outage for different sorts of providers and sites, including Microsoft. If a problem arises, you’ll have to wait until it’s resolved. It’s ready to move on to the next solution if the report indicates that everything is operating as it should be.

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Check your internet speed

If you’re having trouble downloading a file, it’s likely because your internet connection is too slow or unstable. Even if you’re at home, it’s possible that your Wi-Fi speed is too slow for you to purchase something from the Microsoft Store. Or, maybe your home network is encountering some trouble. Checking your internet speed should be your first priority. Continue with the following recommendation if everything is in order. Reboot your router or contact your internet service provider if you’re having problems.

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Leave the Microsoft Store by signing out

Let’s stick to the basics before moving on to more intricate solutions.

  • Open the Microsoft Store by selecting it from the Windows menu and then signing out.
  • You’ll notice your profile in the upper right corner of the screen. It’s a good idea to restart your computer after performing this action.
  • Launch the Microsoft Store once more and re-enter your credentials. This strategy works for a number of programs that have downloading troubles, and it’s conceivable that it will assist you with the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store DownloadsMicrosoft Store Could Be Overcrowded

Before you become too upset with how sluggish the downloads are running and lose patience, know that there’s an order to download programs from the Microsoft Store. This implies that just a few programs will begin downloading simultaneously if you attempt to download several. The remainder of them is gathered in a line. Downloads from the Microsoft Store take too long to complete.

Check for updates

There may be an issue in the Microsoft Store if downloads are taking an unreasonable amount of time. The best course of action is to go and see if Microsoft has already addressed the issue and issued a remedy in the form of an update.

  • Go to Windows Settings (Windows key + I) and pick Update & Security to see whether there are any new Windows updates. The Windows Control Panel
  • If there are, download and install them. Restart your computer and then sign into the Microsoft Store again to check if there are any more download troubles.
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The Microsoft Store has to be reset

You may also reset the Microsoft Store by re-registering it with your Microsoft account. This doesn’t imply that you need to erase it from your computer. At worst, this action will delete your settings, but you may put them back again.

  • Select apps from the Windows Settings menu.
  • Find the Microsoft Store and then click “Advanced options” beneath.
  • To start over, select “Reset” at the bottom of the page. That’s all there is to it. Hopefully, this will help speed up the download of your programs.
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Removing Microsoft Windows System Cache

However, maybe the latest Windows upgrade was what screwed up the Windows Store speeds. It’s worth looking into if everything was OK before the upgrade and now it’s not. You can eliminate the possibility that this is the root of the problem by deleting any linked cache files.

  • Open the Command Prompt program from the Start menu and enter the “was reset” command.
  • When the system is done clearing the cache, recheck if the Microsoft Store is downloading programs properly.

Delivery Optimization Settings

It’s likely that your Windows settings set the restriction for the download speeds at too low a percentage. The maximum speed for downloading might be what’s keeping you from downloading the apps in question. But you can simply remedy this. Start by typing “Delivery Optimization advanced options” into the search box.

The Start Menu in Windows

The percentage slider may be adjusted in the Advanced settings by dragging the slider. Increase the bandwidth limit for background and foreground downloads of updates. Advanced Download Options in Windows.

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Downloading with speed-Quick Rates

Whether you’re attempting to download Netflix, games, or messaging applications, you need the Microsoft Store to deliver swiftly. After all, it’s a product from a tech behemoth, and expectations are high. In some cases, though, Microsoft is not to blame.

Moreover, even if a few options aren’t set correctly, you may quickly correct them. The main culprits are frequently your Wi-Fi or that you’re trying to download too many apps at once. Whatever the matter may be, there’s always a solution.

Final Words

Have you ever encountered any trouble with Speed Up Microsoft Store downloading from the Microsoft Store? Were you able to repair it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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