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How to Use Wondershare’s Recoverit for Data Recovery

Many people wonder if they can ever recover their lost files after they may have deleted it from their computers. These lost files may be holding very important information, but they somehow have no backup for the files. Are you one of them? Ever heard of powerful data recovery tools?

Though there are numerous data recovery software tools out there, how can you tell which one is the best? The ‘best’ here meaning the tool capable of recovering all your files with little to no hiccups along the way and in the fastest possible time frame.

These questions were all answered when I came across Recoverit Data Recovery. In this article, I am going to tell you about my experience using Recoverit Data Recovery to recover my deleted files.


                                                  What is Recoverit Data Recovery?

Recoverit Data Recovery is software that helps you recover your lost data. This may be data that you have deleted, that became corrupted and you can’t access it, or you lost when your computer crashed. The files include word documents, photos, videos, and even emails.

The software is available in affordable versions. We have the free version, which allows you to do basic data recovery, though with a file size limit of 100MB. Meaning you can’t recover larger files with the free version. However, this problem is fixed in the other versions; essential, standard, and advanced.

These are the paid versions with amazing additional features. The paid versions have an annual subscription fee, depending on the one you use. The prices for each can be seen on the Wondershare or Recoverit’s site.

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I almost forgot to mention that this Recoverit is available only for Mac and Windows users. The prices for the paid versions vary, depending on whether you use Mac or Windows.

Okay, having said that, let’s get to how you can use Recoverit Data Recovery.

How to Use Wondershare’s Recoverit Data Recovery

Because I am sharing my experience using Recoverit Data Recovery, I’m going to just talk about how I used it to recover my deleted files. Remember that this is just one scenario. You can use it for other different scenarios to recover your data as I noted earlier.

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The first thing that captured my attention is how user-friendly the interface is. I tell you, you do not need to have the technical knowledge to navigate your way to recover your data. It is as simple as that. The navigation from the home screen is just mind-blowing.

There are no complex steps to recovering your data.

I noticed the preview feature that allowed me to confirm the recovered files before I saved them back to my computer. Let me quickly mention an amazing feature hear. Your files can be backed up using this software! Isn’t that amazing? This is to prevent future loss of your files.

Here are the steps you can follow to recover your deleted files. The steps are the same whether you are a Mac or Windows user.

Step 1. Select the Location

After launching the Recoverit Data Recovery, you will choose the location where you deleted your files. That is the hard disk or drive from which your files were deleted. If the drive is internal, select it. If it’s an external drive, plug it into your system and it’ll appear on Recoverit’s first page. After you have selected the location, click on “Start” to begin the search for your deleted files.

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Step 2. Scan the Location

During this stage, Recoverit Data Recovery will scan through your computer. It might be quick or it might take a while; that all depends on the size of the drive and the amount of files the software gas to go through.

Another thing I found really neat was the fact the software has a feature that allows you to select the type of files you want to recover. Just look to the left of the window you’re on and you’ll see some little check-boxes. Simply tick the ones representing the file types you want to recover. I like this because it speeds up the scanning and even recovery process.


Step 4. Preview and Recover Files

Once the scan ends, you’ll see a list of the files Recoverit found. You can preview them or just recover them if you’re in haste. Here, you can preview and restore the ones you need. Just click the “Recover” button and let the software handle the rest. It’s that simple.

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So, what was my observation when I used Recoverit Data Recovery?

Fast Recovery

The program recovers files fast. This is a plus to Recoverit Data recovery because some recovery tools take a much longer time. Therefore, the program is a time saver.

User-friendly Interface

I loved the fact that I could easily navigate my way through the program. You wouldn’t want to experience more problems of trying to understand how to recover your files to the one you already have; that you lost your files.

Has a Nice Preview

The preview is just wonderful. You can be sure of what you are about to restore so that you don’t have to go through your system deleting again the useless files you deleted.

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There are just two things I noticed that I didn’t like about Wondershare’s Recoverit Data Recovery. The first is that people using Linux systems don’t have access to this program. I think they should make a version for them. Secondly, the free version has a 100 MB file size limit for files that can be recovered. It will be nice if they can expand it to maybe 500 MB or more.

If you want to get better service, pls check:

Apart from these, I love the software for its brilliance and recommend it for you to use. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Try it out yourself!

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