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Leading Social Media Tools For Successful Marketing in 2020

As a business owner, succeeding in marketing is one of the critical strategies that will help your business to grow. However, you cannot achieve significant success in the modern business environment without social media marketing. You might already have it in your marketing strategies, but it has not been helping you to overcome the current business competition. Here are some simple social media tools that will help you to have the edge over your competitors in the industry.


Biteable is one of the social media tools that is playing a central role in helping social media marketers to create engaging content. It has already been found that visual content such as videos and images is creating more engagement than other forms of contents in social platforms than traditional marketing content. Biteable will help you to create small videos about your products and services, which will generate significant engagement in social media. This will help you to attract more customers than your counterparts.


If you talk with many social media marketers out there in the industry, you will find that all of them find it hard to create content. Sometimes it could be a smooth ride while other times it feels like pulling out your teeth. You might be struggling to generate the right ideas for your marketing content. Buzzsumo is an innovative social media tool that helps you to understand what most of the people in social media are sharing and reading. This is the content you will replicate so that you can get similar engagements.

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Social media marketing is turning out to be a chaotic world. With tens of social platforms being created every day, no doubt managing all of them using different interfaces is becoming a problem. Hootsuite is making social media management a feasible activity. It enables social media marketers to access all the social platforms that a company is using under a single interface. Through a single login, a social media marketer can easily make adjustments where necessary and monitor progress without moving from one interface to another.


If you are struggling to get followers in your Instagram account, SocialDrift is a tool that can help you to automate the entire process. It is tailor-made to help social media marketers to get as many followers in their social platforms as possible. The only thing that you have to do is make sure that the social media tool is aware of what types of followers you need in your account. The device will use machine learning to attract them through location services or purchasing behavior.


In social media marketing, you need to know where you stand in comparison to your competitors. This is the only way you will be able to formulate innovative strategies that will outperform them in social media marketing. Socialinsider is one of the social media tools that play a central role in helping you to benchmark your social media marketing activities. If you are lagging, you have to develop the necessary strategies to compete effectively.


In most cases, some businesses are engaging in B2B business activities, which mean that they market their services to other companies. This is not a very competitive industry, but you need to make sure that you sell and audit your social media services as well. Oktopost allows you to select the right keywords and to use them in your content so that they can have maximum impact.

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Business competition is getting rife every day. Using social media tools alone may not be the only solution that one needs to succeed. However, incorporating NetBase in the social media marketing activities of the organization will yield much-desired results. This is a company that understands social media tools and could give a hint about the best tools.

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