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Mobile Marketing Tips that drive Sales for your Business

No business can become a success without proper marketing and the online marketing attempts must include mobile marketing strategies. In this the marketers try to reach customers through mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices. In today’s age it is a necessity because mobile phones have become the key communication tool for most of the consumers worldwide.

The research forecasts that by 2020, there would be 2.8 billion mobile users worldwide. The digital media usage time is also growing and the statistics state that 70% of mobile searches trigger action within an hour. We are living in an era where almost 9 new mobile phone users are added every second. Therefore, marketers can’t deny the importance of mobile marketing and it is must for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

We have brought to your notice few mobile marketing tips that can drive sales for your business.

  • Develop a mobile-friendly site

First you’ll need to build a mobile responsive site. Google states that the users are five times more likely to leave a website if it’s not mobile-friendly. Google rolls out its mobile-first index so it’s crucial for every business to prioritize mobile-responsiveness and mobile engagement. Mobile-friendly websites are shown first in results when searches are done on mobile devices.

  • Develop content which is mobile-optimized

Your content should be such that it looks good on mobile and is easily readable. While writing separate your content into paragraphs, keep sentences short, use right fonts and include visual elements to keep the users engaged.

  • Use of mobile friendly layout for email marketing
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The design and content of the emails should be simple and short so that it is clearly displayed on the small screen. You can use email templates which are already crafted with the mobile user’s experience in mind. Balance your text and visual’s size and positions.

  • Promote your brand through mobile ads
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We all are aware of the power of the social media networks. Optimize your campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat based on demographics, phone screens, and locations and so on.

  • Give mobile customer service

Customer service is the key for any business and if you are into mobile marketing then you should provide mobile customer service. You can use text messaging to manage service issues. For example an appointment based business can send reminders by text, a home service business can inform customer via text message when the company person will arrive and so on.

  • Use of “Google My Business” for local businesses

With “Google My Business” feature your business is integrated into the Google network. You can use the location information of the customers from their smart phones and deliver targeted messages when they are physically nearby. Try “geo-fencing” which sends messages to shoppers within a specific radius of your location or “geo-conquesting” which sends messages to customers within a certain radius of your competitor’s location.

  • Try SMS/MMS marketing campaigns

SMSs are still relevant if you want to advertise your products/services to thousands of potentially interested customers and there are companies who are particularly into this business. You can use a business texting app to handle your SMS campaigns.

  • Always ask for customer feedback
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Feedback can be really helpful for your business’s growth. You can ask customer’s for their reviews through a pop-up, live message or through an email. Create tidy and simple-to-use forms for mobile and ensure that your surveys or inquiries don’t require too much time. Very few want to commit to more than 5 minutes of surveying.

  • Quick access through QR codes

Quick Response (QR) codes store a lot of information and you can incorporate this to the mobile marketing strategy also. Kaywa is one such platform that helps to create and personalize QR codes for your business.

  • Create a mobile app
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You can serve your customers in a better way if you develop a useful mobile app. The example of Uber is before us which is a success because of the mobile app.


You can reach to billions of your potential customers via mobile marketing. Mobile engagement starts as soon as the user downloads the mobile app. Engagement simply means that you attract the customer through the available messaging channels available inside and outside of your app. If you are able to connect with your customer and stimulate their interest at precise moments and locations, the conversion rates will be quite higher. Try to create fun and alluring interactions so that the users advocate their experiences with you. Once you become successful in establishing a connection you ought to ensure customer loyalty.

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