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Pull Off EC-Council CEH Exam at Once with Handbook, Training Courses, and Practice Tests

Be an expert in ethical hacking with EC-Council CEH Certification. Ethical hacking is considered one of the best and exciting cybersecurity roles. Because of this, many IT professionals are drawn to pursuing this field. But aside from its popularity, ethical hacking is definitely vital in today’s IT organizations and businesses, most especially with the influx of security threats and breaches.

With the growing demand of ethical hackers, make sure that you stand out above the rest with your very own CEH certification from the ever-reliable EC-Council.

EC-Council: An acclaimed cybersecurity organization

In terms of ethical hacking, nothing comes close to EC-Council, a renowned name offering a variety of cybersecurity certification programs. Their members are from all over the world, even from top-rated organizations like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, CEH Certification and Accenture.

EC-Council is much better from other organizations because of their advanced and more relevant courses. Their certifications are regularly revised to mirror the recent updates of significant security features and technologies. As a result, their line-up of certifications is always in-demand among security professionals, industry practitioners, and even academicians. And one of their top-ranking certifications is no other than Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential.

An introduction to CEH Certification

The CEH certification is an internationally recognized validation of your skills in ethical hacking. With its standardized features, it provides a great foundation for security specialists. This certification establishes your proficiency in dealing with various cybersecurity issues, both basic and complex ones. With your certification, this means that you have authenticated your skills and have met those minimum standards set by EC-Council.

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CEH or 312-50v10 exam is composed of 125 questions to be accomplished with the 4-hour time limit. It’s the only test you need to pass to get the credential. The format of the questions in the exam is multiple-choice, with test delivery via ECC Exam and VUE.

Though EC-Council does not provide the exact passing score for the exam, they brief examinees ahead that they follow cut scores, which can range between 60% and 85%.

Once you succeed in your CEH certification exam, you’ll become a cybersecurity expert who can easily and effectively determine threats and vulnerabilities in a system. With your gained skills, you can assess these possible security breaches and counterpart the moves of a malicious hacker. Technically, an ethical hacker thinks like any other hacker―but acts in a lawful manner and follows all the legitimate standards.

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A well-thought-out exam preparation guide

Here’s something that you can follow throughout your preparation stage.


  • Start with the blueprint.


The blueprint of the CEH exam shows every important topic needed by an ethical hacker. It starts with a concise background of ethical hacking, along with network technologies and security features. Then, it discusses further some crucial topics such as security assessment, analysis, controls, systems, tools, and procedures.


  • Spend time comprehending the CEH brochure.


The CEH brochure is an instrumental reference that begins with a course description and ends with a systematic learning track. This material helps you familiarize yourself with the skills measured in the exam, together with other substantial security information. Here, you’ll also meet the 20 exam modules, which include but not limited to ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, SQL injection, and cryptography. These are just some of the most common attack features used by malicious hackers at present.

  • Learn more about the topics with the official handbook.

If you think the CEH brochure is not enough, you can always utilize the CEH Handbook v1.7 1, which offers a more comprehensive lecture on the topics. Aside from a thorough discussion of the exam content, this material provides extra facts about the certification exam, which include CEH testimonials, career paths, and a code of ethics.

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  • Acquire insights from various EC-Council training options.


Whether you prefer a self-paced study or in-person training, you have something to choose from EC-Council’s extensive range of training options. They have online videos, instructor-led courses, and more! All their materials deliver excellent references for the exam topics so you’ll gain the right and effective ethical hacking skills in no time.


  • Beef up your study with practice tests.


Practice tests are created to practice not just your skills but also exam readiness. As you continuously answer mock exams, you get to be more familiar with the topics and even the questions. And if you want to evaluate your exam proficiency, you can visit ExamSnap. Offering an exceptional range of practice tests, this top-rated site is a go-to provider of the most updated exam questions. Such files are constructive tools that feature real exam questions and answers. ExamSnap offers both free files and paid premium files. Their premium bundle has two options – 312-50 and 312-50v10. Both bundles are supplied with premium and updated practice tests (614 or 324 questions), a study guide (545 pages), and a training course (182 lectures). It’s recommended that you choose the most updated one or the EC-Council premium bundle for 312-50v10. Note, that all the files are provided in the vce format, and can be opened with the VCE Exam Simulator – a modern educational tool that creates the same environment that of the real exam.

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Something to ponder on…

Though it’s highly advisable to avail of the formal training, you can opt for self-study as long as you can prove 2 years working background in the security field. Also, you will be required to complete the exam eligibility application and secure an authorization from the EC-Council for the acceptance of your self-study request before you take the exam.

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The security community is always changing. And because of this altering IT field, there’s a greater chance for risks and threats entering a system. But there’s nothing to worry about if you’re a Certified Ethical Hacker. Whatever changes and security issues, you are ready to embrace them all with the help of your top-rated EC-Council credential by taking the CEH exam first. The most valid and updated practice tests will be your great helpers.

So, invest your time, effort, and money with the CEH certification and transform into a cybersecurity specialist to earn annually about $79,256.

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