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Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. Apple iPhone XR


The iPhone XR and the Galaxy S10e are Apple and Samsung’s option to a problem they created. no longer wealthy sufficient to have the funds for our $one thousand flagships? here’s a cutback alternative for $750 with a comparable call and characteristic set.

but whilst each phones have the same rate tag, they both go about it in different ways. Apple selected to make its inexpensive variation bigger and beefier, with a bigger show and battery. meanwhile, Samsung went the alternative direction, making the S10e the smallest of the 4 new S10 telephones. Then there are a gaggle of different variations as properly, not to mention the most important one, that is the software.

So, if you have $750 clanging around in your pocket and you are not partial to both platform, which one have to you select? We determined to find out.


As mentioned earlier than, the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e are diametrically contrary with regards to design. The XR is the larger and bulkier of the 2, to the factor of feeling a bit too massive and cumbersome, as though Apple wanted it to sense tremendously worse than their thin and light XS flagship telephones. in the meantime, the Galaxy S10e is one of the smallest phones we’ve utilized in years and the closest component we’ve today to a “small telephone” in 2019.

other than the scale and weight, there are also different diffused variations in design. The XR has a notch inside the display at the same time as the S10e has the extra fashionable hollow punch. whilst every person learned to disregard the notch on the iPhone, the community embraced the S10 hollow punch layout with wallpapers that hide the camera in smart approaches. sadly, many of those wallpapers most effective work nicely on the larger S10 and S10+ and no longer so much at the S10e because of the specific show dimensions, but we digress.

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The S10e additionally has a fingerprint sensor at the side placed within the energy button. it is in reality speedy and very reliable, to the factor you wonder why Samsung determined to go together with the sluggish and unreliable ultrasonic sensor on the larger S10 models. there may be also a Bixby button at the side, that can subsequently be remapped to any other app.

The iPhone XR meanwhile doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor of any type as it relies on its terrific Face identification sensor for authentication. The device is fast, cozy and reliable; the whole thing you need from biometric safety. unluckily, the lengthy press to Siri at the power button is still annoying a 12 months and a half after it became introduced on the iPhone X and having to press and keep the energy and extent buttons to show the phone off feels stupid. it’s also very smooth to accidentally take screenshots on this smartphone. however, as reparations, the smartphone does have a mute slider, something every smartphone should have but doesn’t.

other than that, both phones are glass and metallic sandwiches. The S10e does sense truly high-quality in hands, an awful lot more than the relatively ungainly XR, however that comes all the way down to non-public choice and some may additionally prefer the hefty weight and sense of the XR. both are properly built, with solid creation and dirt and water resistance.

however, Samsung is going a step further and gives a case inside the field for those are paranoid. The case looks instead great with a circular hollow sample on the lower back that shall we the colour of the phone shine thru, and reminds a chunk of the iPhone 5c case.

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speakme of colours, the XR and S10e each are available six colorations. but, even as all six of the XR colours are available in all markets where it is available, the S10e shade availability relies upon upon the marketplace, along with your area getting everywhere from 2-five of all of the shades. This fairly defeats the purpose of having a couple of colour editions, especially in areas like India in which you most effective get the black and the white versions.

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