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Senso Headphones Instructions & Troubleshooting

If you are an avid audiophile, you might have used all kinds of headphones in your life and most probably a wide range of famous brands too.

Senso, being the one, famous widely, must not have escaped from your reach. Well, we believe that.

In case, you are yet deprived of its great staging, you are welcome to a bunch of tips to learn before you set to use it.

If you are considering on its range, read here the Senso Bluetooth Headphones Review, one of the best to suit your interest.

Senso Headphones- Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Since every product comes about with a record of its own pros and cons, you can’t be ever sure of something that it is just so perfect to ever get ruined.

While with Senso, there are some frequently occurring issues that we are going to deal with today, for your ease, of course.

Why I experience a disturbing connection everytime I move a bit away?

Now, this is an issue common to most of the users. Just make sure that the maximum drift away is under 30 feet because this is the range you can enjoy with a Bluetooth v4.1 headphones. Therefore, the simple solution to this problem is the Factory reset.

How to Factory reset the Senso headphones?

To do so, pursue the following footsteps:

Put your headphones into Power source.

Press hold the Power button for 7 seconds or more.

Remove them from charging.

Turn the headphones ON.

Switch them into the Pairing mode.


Why only one side of the headphones work and how to fix it?

If your newest headset is working with just one side, you may have received the faulted product from the supplier.

In this case, you need to contact them to replace or fix it for you.

On the other hand, if your well-in-use headset over a period of time is suddenly behaving this weird, just one side in action.

This is because you have been very careless about handling it well.

The wire near the plugin, from where you enter the loop in your device, is actually quite a sensitive area and if you twist it much, it may cause the similar problem you are facing now.

For caution, do not press that part hard against your body while using it.

In many cases, this situation might be temporary that can just be fixed better by turning the headphones OFF and than ON again.

What to do when one side of the headphones is producing loud sounds than the other?

It can be fixed really quick by following the steps below:

Open Playback Devices.

Select Settings.

Then click on Properties.

Select the Levels.

Check if the sound levels of both sides are balanced or not.

Neutralize them if they are not.

Now both will work equally.

Can the battery of the headset be overcharged?

There is no particular concept of overcharging. If you have put your headset on charging and it gets to full but you don’t remove it, there will not happen anything exceptional.

The charged battery cannot be charged more or above it’s justified potential.

It will remain the same even if you remove it just then or maybe after hours.

Moreover, there will be necessarily no harm to the headset even if you leave it on charging after it’s charged.

What to do when the headset does not seem to charge?

To fix this disturbance, click on the Power and Volume button simultaneously for about 10 seconds and more.

By this, you may see an improvement and if not yet, plug into the power source and don’t stop pressing the buttons. It works.

What does red and blue flash mean?

The red light indicates that your headset is just ready to be connected and you may proceed now to make the connection.

The blue light indicates that the connection has been successfully made and now you can listen to whatever you want.


Good headphones live to last, that’s definite, but to help them in their journey, you are bound to contribute too. Be gentle with your product!

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