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Shopify vs Squarespace: Quick Comparison Between These Platforms

Selecting a website builder has been a matter of confusion for people as every website builder has their pros and cons and every builder seems suitable for building the site. Squarespace and Shopify are the popular ones that are used widely.

Today, we will have a look at the comparison between these two popular platforms based on certain parameters.  Let us go ahead and see Shopify vs Squarespace comparison.

Ease of Use


It is obvious that you will go for the platform that is easy to use for a novice and which lets you build your website quickly and seamlessly. So, let’s check it out which platform is easy to use and which one is not.

Shopify is no doubt the number one eCommerce builder available currently but is it easy to use? The answer to this question is yes. There are numerous features provided by this platform to build the site very easily and comfortably. If you are not knowing how to program then also it is fine as it has the drag-and-drop facility. The store is quite user-friendly too in Shopify.

As compared to Shopify, Squarespace was not found that much easy to use. People found it tricky and took more time to learn it.


Design is the most crucial aspect of any website. Your store has to look beautiful to attract customers. Nobody likes to shop in a store which doesn’t have an elegant layout and which don’t have user-friendly navigation.

It is good if you go for a theme-based solution for your store as a custom-based solution will be a lengthy process. Now, the question is which store provides the best themes to choose from?

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Shopify has a lot of different themes catering to different industries. There are both free and paid ones. You can choose from the 10 free ones or go for the paid ones which cost you around $140-180. Go for the theme according to your industry to give a perfect look and feel to your store.

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Squarespace is also having rich themes that are modern, elegant and also mobile responsive. It is also having themes for every industry so no need to worry here as well.

Can You Customize the Theme?

The question of customizing the theme appears when you want some specific feature that the theme is not offering or when you want to change the font color, size, style, etc.

Both platforms let you do this. So now let’s talk about which platform to choose as per the design perspective. After reviewing many people and as per our opinion, we can say that Squarespace offers a much attractive and elegant theme as compared to Shopify so it wins the game here. Shopify is also having good themes but it lacks the attractiveness that the Squarespace themes possess.

Payment Options


Payment is another important criteria for which you need to remain alert and get the best options available. It is very crucial to see that the users have a comfortable experience in doing the payments and none of them have a bad experience as it might result in losing one prospective customer.

Now, let’s see which platform offers the best payment options. If we talk about the conclusion first then Shopify wins the game here as Squarespace offers very fewer payment options and Shopify, on the other hand, provides numerous options to choose from.

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PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay are the only payment gateway options provided by Squarespace whereas there are 100 of options available with Shopify. You don’t have to provide all of the payment options to your users but yes, offer them a range of 5-6 options so that they have flexibility in selecting any payment option they want.

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In Shopify, if you are using its own gateway, Shopify Payments, then you don’t have to pay for the transaction fees otherwise you have to pay a transaction fee of 2%.

Shipping Options


Shopify is ahead of Squarespace in providing good shipping options.

You will get all the shipping components with this platform that you will

require for shipping your products such as printable shipping labels,

dropshipping, etc. Squarespace is not that good when talked about shipping


Inventory Management

Inventory management must be smooth and comfortable. This is the area where you are going to operate and manage the back-end of your store so it has to be easy-to-use.

In this domain, both the platforms are at par. You can add a number of products as you want, check the revenue reports and get emails for low stock in both the platforms.

So, here was a detailed description of Shopify vs Squarespace. Select the right platform as per your business needs and start building your website. For more updates on technology, don’t forget to follow Technographx!

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