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Home Gadgets Cross Peerless Tracker Ballpoint Pen. World’s first track able ink pen.

Cross Peerless Tracker Ballpoint Pen. World’s first track able ink pen.


A whole that has been innovating fine writing instruments since its beginning in 1846.  CROSS company make world first SMART TRACK ABLE PEN. Its standard and most Beautiful writing instrument with hunter powerful pursuit capabilities to develop the Cross one and only hunter.


The CROSS one and only hunter works once paired with a progressive app. SMART TRACK ABLE PEN has Bluetooth and Crowd find technology to stay individuals to bear. Their devoted writing tools whereas on the move. If the pen falls from the pocket of a suit of clothes or is left in an exceedingly meeting on the opposite facet of the globe, the device will alert the owner to its last renowned location exploitation the hunter app. once the pen’s Bluetooth affiliation is disconnected from its paired itinerant. hunter Crowd find community can mechanically begin looking for your pen.

If one among the uncountable hunter app users walks by your missing pen whereas running the app. you will receive a confidential update along with your pen’s last location. hunter users facilitate one another notice over 1,000,000 things a day worldwide. moreover, the pen will even facilitate individuals notice their misplaced mobile phones. Following an easy button endure the cap. the pen can alert people to their device’s whereabouts. Even when left in silent mode.

This Article is about the SMART TRACK ABLE PEN. Cross Peerless Tracker Ballpoint Pen can track any time with its tracking app. it also has bluetooth and Camera.

Main Features:

* Pen Finder: Find your Peerless Tracker pen using Tracker’s simple smartphone app. App tracks last seen date and location on a map
* Separation Alerts: Pen will ring if you lost it.
* Phone Finder: Tap button on pen and ring your lost phone even on silent mode
* Crowd GPS: Tracker network helps you recover your pen. When the person who is using tracking app Tracker walk near his/her pen a private update is received on your device with  location on a map
* Range: Up to 100ft wireless range.

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Available in two colors carbon black and blue. The Peerless Tracker pen has the latest Bluetooth technology and is powered by two replaceable CR1220 batteries.


We understand that for many people, the barrier to purchasing a fine writing pen is a fear of losing it. Beautifully designed and Elegant writing instruments have become a highly personal and important style accessory for many. This development the Peerless Tracker to answer this clear consumer need. We believe it is the most successful innovation now days.

CROSS has also unveiled an accompanying pen pouch that features a Tracker bravo device. It is for to keep valuables and stationery essentials at hand. The stylish pen, which is detailed with an instantly recognizable yellow zip, houses the Tracker bravo device inside an integrated pocket.

The Tracker bravo can ring your phone just like the Peerless Tracker. Making it a fashionable yet functional accessory on the go or at your desk.

Cross Company Peerless Tracker Pen is another leap forward in effortless tracking. It gives the people a free mind with trust on technology to remember that Cross Company important items are made for us.

This Article is about the SMART TRACK ABLE PEN. Cross Peerless Tracker Ballpoint Pen can track any time with its tracking app. it also has bluetooth and Camera.


SMART TRACK ABLE PEN Is very unique and amazing Technology. Many People afraid of losing their pen but this Technology is just for them. if you lose this Pen this it is easily track able.

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