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Top 16 Best Terminal Emulators For Windows 10 In 2024

Terminal Emulators For Windows

Terminal Emulators For Windows terminals, customers are forced to use a third-party Windows 10 terminal emulator. Developers, network administrators, and system administrators require terminals with additional features, which a third-party terminal emulator in Windows may deliver.

Top 16 Most Popular Terminal Emulators For Windows 10 in 2024

In this article, you know about Popular Terminal Emulators here are details below;

PowerShell is now available in Windows for shell scripting and other tasks that Command Prompt couldn’t handle. PowerShell can also scan and repair damaged files in Windows 10 in a quick and easy manner. Tech-savvy users, on the other hand, prefer a third-party terminal emulator for Windows customisation and additional functionality.

What is Terminal Emulator, and how does it work?

A terminal emulator is computer software that allows you to do the actions listed below using a command-line interface and a graphical user interface.

• Access and operate the applications and software on the host computer

• Share files between the host and remote computer

Any Windows 10 terminal emulator can execute these operations with the help of network protocols like Telnet and SSH (Secure Socket Shell). You can perform all of the actions listed above between any two systems, regardless of whether they run the same operating system or not. Some third-party software provides far more than the bare minimum.

16 Best Windows 10 Terminal Emulators

A free and premium terminal emulator for Windows 10 is included in this list. You can browse all of the third-party terminals and select the one that best meets your requirements.

1.  Windows Terminal


Windows Terminal is the first terminal emulator on our list, and it was released by Microsoft for Windows 10. Windows Terminal now has all of the functions that were previously unavailable in the classic Command prompt (cmd) and PowerShell.

Multiple tabs allow you to connect to different shell applications over SSH, such as cmd, PowerShell, Ubuntu on WSL, and the Raspberry Pi. You can change the typeface to improve the terminal’s appearance. Multi-user profiles are supported, allowing each user to customise their font and other settings to their liking. Also check Igtools alternatives

Microsoft has made Windows-Terminal open source, and you may contribute to it on GitHub.


• Tabbed interface

• Support for multiple user profiles

• Font modification

• Free and open-source


Free of charge

2. Cmder: Windows Terminal Emulator (Open-Source)


Cmder is a free and open-source Windows terminal emulator. Cmder was founded out of irritation due to the lack of terminal consoles for Windows, according to its official website. It is available for download in both a portable and full form.

The full version of the Cmder includes Unix support for Windows. PowerShell, MinTTY, msysgit, and Cygwin are all supported by Cmder, which is based on ConEmu. Cmder, together with its settings, history, and aliases, may be carried on a USB stick or stored in the cloud with the portable version.

Cmder provides a Monokai colour scheme, which enhances the aesthetics of the terminal.


• Free and open source

• Monokai colour scheme to make the traditional black and white terminal look nicer

• Unix compatibility in Windows

• Full and portable versions available

• Compatible with PowerShell, MinTTY, msysgit, and Cygwin


• Unix support is only available in the complete version of the software.

(Price: Free)

3. Terminus

Terminus is a modern open-source terminal that runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Terminus is an option for those who require a fully configurable terminal. It has a lot of different themes and colour schemes, as well as split windows.

PowerShell (including PS Core), WSL, Git-Bash, Cygwin, Cmder, and CMD are all supported by Terminus. Its functionality is enhanced by the incorporation of an SSH client and a connection manager. Plugins and themes can be readily installed from the Terminus software’s settings. It comes with a portable Windows version. The complete version is a huge piece of software that takes up a lot of disc space.


• Free and open source

• Cross-platform

• Multiple themes and colour schemes

• Split panes

• PowerShell (including PS Core), WSL, Git-Bash, Cygwin, Cmder, and CMD compatible

• SSH client and connection management integration


• Takes up a lot of hard drive space

Free of charge

You must select the appropriate download file based on your operating system and desired file format.

4. ZOC Terminal


ZOC Terminal is a premium third-party terminal emulator that comes with a long number of capabilities. Its modern user interface lets you connect to hosts and mainframes using Secure Shell (SSH), telnet (rfc854), RS232/serial, and a variety of additional protocols.
It’s simple to manage sessions and hosts with tabbed sessions, an address book with folders, and color-coded hosts. With 200 commands, ZOC supports scripting languages. It is a must-have tool for developers and system administrators because of all of its complex capabilities.

ZOC Terminal is available for Mac & Windows, and it works with the most latest versions of both operating systems, including Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina 10.15. ZOC is available for a free 30-day trial. After the thirty day free trial period, you must pay USD 79.99.


• 200 commands supported by a scripting language

• Tabbed sessions

• Modern user interface

• User-defined buttons

• Highly customizable choices

• Secure Shell (SSH), telnet (rfc854), & RS232/serial are all supported.

• Paid and Expensive

Price: USD 79.99 for a 30-day trial.

5. FireCMD is a paid Windows terminal emulator.


FireCMD is a Windows terminal emulator that costs money. Using FireCMD, you can execute numerous command line and console applications at the same time, such as CMD.exe (Command Prompt), Bash, PowerShell, Cygwin, and Oracle SQL*Plus.

You can edit scripting and programming language in one tab and compile it in another tab thanks to the tabbed design. Session management, command substitution via files, and HTML and CSS support are among the additional capabilities. FireCMD is available for USD 39.


• Supports numerous programming and scripting languages

• Tabbed interface

• Session management

• HTML and CSS support

• Supports multiple command-line applications

• The cost of PuTTY is USD 39.6.

6. PuTTY

PuTTY is a terminal emulator for Windows that is quite old. It is a free and open-source utility that lacks notable features such as a tabbed UI or plugin support.

PuTTY is a Telnet and SSH client. PuTTY should be a choice for you if you only need a network client or a basic emulator.


• It’s free and open source

• It’s an SSH and Telnet client

• It’s simple to set up and use


• No tabbed UI

• No support for plugins

7. ConEmu 


ConEmu is a free & open-source Windows terminal emulator that can run console programmes such as WinAPI, Cmd, PowerShell, and Far, as well as Unix PTY, Cygwin, MSYS, and WSL bash.

ConEmu features a simple user interface, similar to PuTTY, but it also has a tabbed interface. ConEmu’s disadvantage is that it lacks Shell capabilities such as command history, tab completion, and remote access. You can run any shell from its advanced console window.


• Tabbed interface

• Free and open-source

• Runs any shell

• Can host WinAPI and Unix PTY console programmes


• Shell functionalities aren’t supported;

• User interface customization isn’t possible.

Free of charge


XSHELL 6 is a premium Windows 10 terminal emulator that is regarded as the most powerful SSH client in the industry. It comes with a tabbed UI and better session management. It’s a great tool for developers and other techies because it has a lot of security and customization possibilities. Also check elvish translator

SSH, Telnet, and Serial protocols are supported, as well as multi-user settings and VB, Jscript, and Python programming. FTP and SFTP protocols can be used to deliver and receive files. XSHELL 6 has a 30-day trial period after which you must pay USD 99 per year.


• Tabbed interface

• Session management

• Extensive security

• Support for SSH, Telnet, and Serial protocols

• Multi-user settings

• Support for VB, Jscript, and Python scripting


• Expensive and paid

• Trial time is limited

Price: Free for 30 days, then $99 a year

9. MobaXterm


One of the greatest terminals for Windows 10 is MobaXterm. It is a feature-rich terminal window with a tabbed UI, embedded X server, remote Windows desktop (RDP), and remote Unix desktop (XDMCP).

You can use MobaXterm to perform the same command on several servers at once. Plugins and add-ons can be used to enhance the capabilities of the terminal emulator for Windows. The tool’s size is not increased by the inclusion of so many features; it is lightweight and small.

MobaXterm comes in two flavours: Home and Professional. The Professional version costs USD 69 per user, while the Home version is free to use. We recommend the Professional version if you want to use MobaXterm for commercial purposes. The Home edition has less features than the Professional version.


• Embedded X server

• Tabbed UI

• RDP and XDMCP support

• Run the same command on numerous servers at the same time

• Supports plugins

• Lightweight and compact


For a single user, the Home version is free, and the Professional version costs USD 69 per year.

10. Babun


Babun is a free Cygwin-based terminal emulator for Windows 10. It simplifies the use of Cygwin and includes packages that improve functionality and efficiency. To manage Cygwin packages, Babun provides a command pact.

In Babun, you can utilise a pre-configured shell like bash or zsh. The tool’s auto-update feature makes it simple to use. It has consoles that are xTerm-256 compatible.


• Makes Cygwin simple to use

• Free to use • Supports plugins

• Pre-configured shell (bash and zsh)

• Auto-update functionality

• Compatible with xTerm-256 consoles

• There is no tabbed interface.

Price: Free

11. z/Scope

Z/Scope is a multi-protocol, multi-host terminal emulator for today’s computers. A tabbed interface, remote desktop, keyboard customisation, and security are among the features of z/Scope.

With the help of z/Scope, the best terminal emulator for Windows, you can effortlessly access IBM Mainframe, iSeries, and Unix hosts from Windows. It comes with a 30-day free trial & prices start at USD 69.

• Supports a variety of protocols

• Allows Windows PC users to connect to mainframes, iSeries servers, and Unix hosts.


• Remote desktop

• Tabbed interface

• Customizable keyboard


• Paid

Price: USD 69 for a 30-day trial.

12. Emulation of the Rocket BlueZone Terminal


For commercial use, Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation is an alternative. The Windows terminal emulator is compatible with any enterprise-class web server, making it ready to use for your business without the need to install a separate web server.

SSL, TLS, SHA-2, and FIPS-certified encryption are among the many security measures available. Multiple hosts are supported by Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation, including IBM systems, Unix, X Windows System X11, and ANSI.

Another usefulness of this tool is that it is lightweight and simple to use. The cost of purchasing is determined by your business needs; therefore, you should request quotes from their official website.


• Comprehensive security features

• Multiple host support

• Lightweight

• Simple to deploy


• It’s expensive

• It’s not for personal use

Payment was made.

13. Fluent Terminal


Fluent Terminal is a free terminal emulator for Windows 10 that supports PowerShell, CMD, WSL, and custom shells. Built-in support for SSH and Mosh connections, customising shell profiles, a tabbed interface, and importing and exporting themes are among the features.
If you like iTerm themes, you’ll be pleased to learn that Fluent Terminal allows you to import iTerm themes. You can also customise the key bindings to meet your own requirements.


• Customizable key bindings

• Free

• Import/export themes

• SSH and Mosh connections built-in

• Split windows and plugins are not supported.

14. Hyper: Electron-based Terminal Emulator is available for free.


Hyper is a terminal emulator for Windows, Linux, and Mac that runs on electrons. It’s built with HTML/CSS to ensure speed and stability. You can personalise your terminal by choosing from a variety of Hyper themes.

Plugins can be used to increase the tool’s functionality. Hyper is available for download and use on all platforms.


• Plugin support

• Customization options

• Free and open source

• cross-platform


• Due to the use of electrons, there is a high resource consumption.

Price: Free

15. Mintty


Mintty is a Cygwin (set of open source technologies that provide functionality similar to Linux on Windows) Windows 10 terminal emulator that is free and open-source. Image, sixel (six pixel) graphics, emoji, and various typefaces are all supported.

Its interoperability with Xterm, in addition to the capabilities described above, adds to its advantage. Mintty also supports drag-and-drop, copy-paste, and Unicode support, among other features.


• Xterm compatibility

• Drag and drop support

• Image, sixel graphics, and emoji support

• Allows for a variety of typefaces

• Unicode support


• The interactive Windows software occasionally fails.

16. Alacrity

Alacrity is a word that has a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask.
Alacritty is a free, cross-platform terminal emulator that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With GPU rendering, it is one of the fastest terminal emulators. Also check Best penetration testing tools

Alacrity does not provide nearly as many emulator as the other Windows 10 terminal emulators on this list. It functions similarly to a standard terminal emulator, with the creator emphasising simplicity and speed. A tabbed interface, split panes, and other complex customisation are among the features that are missing.


\s• Free\s• Cross-platform\s

• Fast\s


• It lacks fancy features like as a tabbed UI and split panels.

Free of charge

The Windows 10 Terminal Emulator is getting a makeover.

Working with the black and white Windows 10 terminal emulator can be tedious for some individuals. If you fall into this category, we have some suggestions for changing the appearance of your terminal emulator.

To modify the shell of your choice, you can utilise ConsoleZ, a free and open-source application. It serves as a skin for your console app. Console Z is a re-imagining of Console


A third-party terminal emulator for Windows is required to access professional-level functionality. Any of the 16 terminal emulators listed above can be used. The option you choose is determined by your needs and budget. If this is your 1st time using a terminal emulator for Windows, we recommend that you start with the free version and later upgrade.

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