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The beginner’s guide to attract first 500 followers on Instagram account

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms today. With a population of more than 500 million users, it makes for an incredible space to promote businesses and become famous. But how many of us know exactly how to leverage this space? Well, quite a few!

A massive number of us attempt to become famous here each day but only some of us reach the goal safely. HOW? -Due to a smart guide that helps us gain insane followers in no time. 

If you are just as inquisitive to know about this as I am, here’s a quick beginner’s guide to help you attract the first 500 followers on your Instagram account now or for

  1. Kickstart with an impeccable bio

Your Instagram bio is meant for people to know you as much as you want. If you are here to be famous or stand out, why not use it to your advantage? Always fill up the bio space on your profile. Use short, crisp yet comprehensive ways to interact with people as much as you can. Make sure it is interesting enough to bring you maximum attention. 

If you are using your Instagram for business purposes, make sure the bio contains relevant information about it that attracts the buyers immediately. 

  1. Create a fantastic theme

How do these influencers keep gaining such massive following on Instagram? -Because they use a theme to create a vibe. A well-set theme that suits your posts will enhance the engagement on your page and successfully allure followers for you.

Since “The first impression is the last impression”, an eye-catching profile is sure to work wonders in creating a colossal following. Apply unique filters or simply follow a scheme and stick to it. Once your profile develops a theme, you are sure to drive in great traffic. 

  1. Consistency is key
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Everyone knows the importance of consistency but people are rarely able to maintain it. The problem is, without consistency, you cannot develop a successful following. Consistency allows audiences to keep visiting you and knowing you better.

It helps you to stay relevant and the more your profile meets with the eyes of your audience, the more likely they are to follow you. So, whether it is regular photo posting or maintaining a theme, consistency is the ultimate key to unlock a large following! 

  1. Focus on the content

 It has been recently estimated that 60% of marketers create at least one content every day. Since so many people come up with at least one content each day, there is only one way to stand out among your competitors- Give them something unique.

Audiences aren’t interested in reading the same, age-old content that they’ve already read before. They are always looking for more, something new and different. Make sure your content is capable enough of attracting audiences immediately. As long as you promise to give them something different every day, they aren’t going to leave your side. Try it!

  1. Let hashtags do the talking

Relevant Hashtags are a great source of increasing Instagram followers. Since hashtags attract suitable audiences, it can be your ultimate means to gain followers. Keep in mind to use relevant hashtags for each post. Instagram allows maximum of 30 hashtags on each post – if not all, make the most of the number that you decide to use.

Make sure to use a different set of hashtags each time you upload pictures or post something. If you aren’t sure about the best hashtags to post, take a peek into competing profiles that use hashtags to increase followers. You can also check out the pages of famous celebrities who use relevant hashtags. This will surely make a difference!  

  1. Buy real followers
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If you choose to buy followers to increase your Instagram visibility, make sure you buy from a site that provides only organic followers. Several websites may promise to offer followers, but most of them can only provide you with fake ones. This will affect your engagement negatively and thus reduce your probability to gain an organic following in the future. Genuine following will also help to ensure that your profile has some authority.   

These steps are sure to help you ace your follower building if you wish to establish a name in less time. Don’t forget to use these tricks and see the difference for yourself. Good luck! 

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