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The importance of Digital Transformation and New Technologies

Digital transformation, new technologies and innovation are increasingly important factors in companies. Companies call for professionals who know how to operate in these new areas
Big Data, User Experience, SEO, SEM or IoT are terms that are increasingly used in business management. And it is that digital transformation and the use of new technologies are already a necessary reality in companies. In a society where technological innovation and digitization prevail, businesses have to adapt to new trends, otherwise they will be “outdated”.
The way of communication has changed. Therefore, from a business point of view, actions to reach customers as well. This leads to more and more companies starting this transformation process. A development in which education and training in the digital area is essential.
Digital transformation is becoming increasingly relevant in the business world. But what does it consist of?
When we talk about digital transformation, we refer to the business process of adaptation to digital processes and new technologies. These adaptations can be very revolutionary, perhaps requiring a fair amount of hard work and learning.

A period in which it is not enough to know how to deal with digital tools; rather, it is necessary to know how to combine this knowledge with the transformation processes that must be applied in companies. In order to adapt to the changes that have been imposed on society.

The use of digital technologies and changes in habits have led to a new disruptive era
For this change to be successful it is essential to have the appropriate tools and knowledge for himself. In short, a series of skills for which the expert in digital transformation, new technologies and innovation is increasingly in demand in companies.

The demand for professionals in digital transformation, new technologies and innovation is increasing. This is because companies are aware of the need for change and to have the right personnel to carry out this transformation to the digital world. In recent years, more and more businesses have changed their vision to adapt.
In this field, the need arises for a professional figure: the expert in digital transformation, new technologies and innovations. A person who knows how this process has to be carried out in a business model and society.
Perfectial provides professionals with a global and transversal strategic vision of all transformation processes and current disruptive technologies. Covering fields that go from the analysis of business models; technological innovation; social media and content or user experience and data value; among others. A complete learning provided by digital transformation consultants that allows to acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to take this change from analog to digital; not only of the company but also on a personal level.

Digital transformation is inevitable. This is a necessity and every company must go through this to continue to be competitive. We have all entered a new era, a digital era that affects almost all aspects of our lives.

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