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The most successful role-playing games

What are the best role-playing games online? The boundless world of the web offers a virtually immense set for role-playing games of all kinds. Disconnected from physical reality, online role-playing games have no limits, and in fact there are many and with all kinds of settings. High-speed Internet allows players from around the world to participate in the same game. Through chat, forums, and through the most popular social platforms, you can experience free or paid gaming adventures.

The basis for the success of role-playing games, both online and real, is the degree of player involvement. This is determined by the narrative that characterizes this type of game. In fact, every role-playing game is set in a certain time, in a world, and tells a story. The player will be an integral part  of this story, acting consistently and following the rules of the world in which he finds himself. As we have already said, there are no limits to imagination. You can experience adventures set in fascinating historical periods such as the Middle Ages. You can live in a fantasy world, dominated by semi-mythical figures. You can be part of your favorite superhero group, or the TV series that we are passionate about.

5 online role-playing games not to be missed

But back to the original question. What are the best role-playing games online? Here are my favorites of all times

  1. Neverwinter – Based on the famous board game Dungeons & Dragons, it offers the player plenty of free expansions. Even if you go ahead in levels, playing without spending money will become difficult.
  2. Rift – A game that I recommend to those who want to play exclusively for free. Even the latest Prophecy of Ahnket expansion has no economic barriers.
  3. Blade & Soul – A role-playing game with a very special setting. Korean martial arts are the basis of the battles of this game, which has a graphic inspired by the artist Hyung Tae Kim.
  4. ArcheAge – A role playing game with a very traditional approach, with the usual battles and factions. But the nice thing about this game is the adventure at sea.
  5. Final Fantasy XIV. The umpteenth chapter of a beloved game. For those who are already fans and also for those who don’t know it. This game has beautiful settings, unforgettable scenes. In addition, players have a lot of flexibility in trying and managing various roles.
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Dependence on online role-playing games

Like other types of entertainment, such as classic videogames, role-playing games can also involve the point of being addictive. It often happens that gambling activities begin with short sessions, which quickly begin to dilate. The result is that we tend to increasingly restrict other real-life activities to increase the time we dedicate to gambling. The time in which you do not play is occupied thinking of strategies or actions to be performed once online. So, even if they do not involve real money but online credits as for example wow-gold and you cannot loose it the can create addition problems.

In the most serious cases a progressive replacement of the real world with the virtual one is implemented. To the point that not even the time of sleep is exempt. In fact, it happens that players dream of continuing their adventures in complete sessions, but the result of dream activity only.

It is therefore essential to live the role play, however engaging, for what it is: a form of entertainment. Considering also that many games require paid upgrades, living them lightly is the best choice. Avoiding that role play becomes our life and that life is a series of parentheses between one session and the next.

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