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The three ways of using QuickBooks on the cloud

If you are currently looking for the best accounting solution then you need to look no further as the very advanced and user-friendly QuickBooks accounting software is surely the best in the industry. There is no denial in the fact that the market is full of different types of accounting software promising many features and tools but nothing can beat the advanced QB accounting software. Developed and marketed by Intuit, this powerful accounting software is mainly used by SMEs and accounting professionals but it also the best solution for large firms as well.

Choosing QB over all other accounting software solutions is surely a great decision but using it by installing it on your desktop is surely not the right idea. We are currently living in a technologically advanced era and the best way to use QuickBooks is to shift it on the cloud rather than installing it on your desktop.

When you will begin your hunt for finding the options of using this advanced accounting software on the cloud then you will find these three options:

  • QBO (QuickBooks Online)
  • In-house QuickBooks servers, and
  • QuickBooks hosting

All of the above mentioned ways of using the accounting software on the cloud have their own advantages and disadvantages and in this blog post, we are going to discuss all the three options in a detailed manner and know which one is the best option. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the explanation.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is more famously known as QBO. You should know that QBO is one of the most popular ways of using your accounting software on the cloud rather than installing the software on your desktop. In this solution, you will be provided with a user id and password which you can later change. After getting the login credential, you will just have to open any browser (but make sure it is updated) and then you will have to open the URL of the QBO. After that a login screen will appear in front of you and just after entering the login credential and hitting enter, your accounting software along with all the data will appear on the screen.

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There are many advantages of using QBO like you will not have to install the software on your desktop and you will not have to build an IT infrastructure but there are many disadvantages of this cloud solution as well. You should know that you will never get round the clock customer support in this system and even the security of your data is less in comparison to the other two solutions.

In-house QuickBooks servers

In-house QuickBooks servers is another way of using your accounting software on the cloud. In this solution, you will have to first build an IT infrastructure in your premise and install multiple servers in that IT infrastructure. After that, you will have to install the accounting software on the desktop or laptop on which you are planning to use the software. You should know that you will have to hire, manage and train an IT team that will make sure the cloud infrastructure is always up and running.

There is no doubt about the security of the in-house server solution but this solution brings along many disadvantages as well. First of all, you will have to invest huge amount of money in building an updated and high-tech IT infrastructure. Then you will have to bear the expense of an expert and skilled IT team. Even after pouring in lots of money, the security and the uptime of the cloud solution will be dependant upon you. This makes in-house QuickBooks servers an impractical solution for SMEs and accounting professionals.

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QuickBooks hosting

QuickBooks hosting or cloud based QuickBooks is surely one of the best ways of using advanced and robust accounting software on the cloud. In this solution, you will first have to purchase the license of the accounting software and then find the best cloud vendor in the market. After finalizing the cloud vendor, your accounting software will be shifted on the cloud platform and you will be provided with an RDP. By using this RDP, you will be able to access your accounting software from any corner of the world and by using any device that has internet access. There is a very pocket-friendly and fixed monthly payment of the cloud vendors and it basically depends on the number of users.

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The list of advantages that you will get from QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting is very long. From being able to access the software from anywhere, you will also be able to thrive on heightened security, high uptime, scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, multi-user access, round the clock customer support, and seamless add-on integration. All these things make QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting the best solution.

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